Is Aradune worth playing on?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Skales, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Healiez Augur

    Im curious what you are camping or what you are doing.

    I have yet to encounter this on Rizlona, people have always been considerate of camps when their team rolls up on me camping a mob.

    Having played on both, Rizlona is far, far less toxic then Aradune was.

    Also to everyone saying, "If you see a 2 box camping a mob just bring a group and push them out". You are suggesting the very thing that he wants to leave rizlona for.
  2. Imdead Augur

    If you want to argue semantics. Yes, it's the worst kept secret because you won't find a single post anywhere from DPG saying that Rizlona is an anything goes server. There was a Discord Q&A I believe that said/confirmed this but there is nothing officially posted so yes, it's a "secret". Furthermore, many "secrets" are planned but not talked about/discussed openly/officially, that's the nature of secrets.
  3. Thewiz Augur

    My experience on Rizlona has been quite civil.
  4. Tinthalas Tigris New Member

    Reason to play on Aradune:

    1) Oggwhomp
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  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    Aradune appears to be way worse than any previous TLP. I say appears to be because I can only judge by the posts made here. You are going to give me the "what you see here doesn't represent what happens in-game" argument but I'll suggest we agree to disagree.
  6. ForumNugget Journeyman

    My argument would be a quick Google search of the Agnarr Flames subreddit. Now that's some toxicity.
  7. Until We Felt Red Elder

    I was thinking just this as I read this thread. I have no experience with Aradune, so I cannot comment on the climate there, but Rizlona is easily the best TLP experience I've had as far as player/community interaction. I only 2-box and always prefer grouping to playing alone and I've had almost universally positive interactions here. It's not trivial to get a group when leveling, but my experience has been that more often than not, people are willing to let someone join their PL session or box group. It's been a great experience overall.
  8. Godsanvil New Member

    I will say you aren't going to log on tomorrow and go farm yourself up good gear then go raid next month. If you dont want to spend real cash on krono and buy items from the farmers. You are going to have to grind a lot of plat to buy gear from them. This game has always needed instances and always will.
  9. Ezra Journeyman

    I play Aradune, and I'm on the west coast. After 11 PM, four people are in Unrest--the same in S Ro. I went to Crushbone last week around midnight, and I was the only one there. Play late shift and you'll have no problem finding camps.
  10. Wazzat New Member

    Yes play Aradune! The primary benefit has already been stated.. you will largely be behind the XP curve so most camps will be open. I found the community friendly.
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  11. Redgnome1 Lorekeeper

    go spend a week on AC island and watch the bots come to life and rush AC when it spawns and tell me theres less bots on aradune
  12. Zinkeh Augur

    I'd say if you can get into a guild, or make friends quick, then yes. If not, no. LFG is a barren wasteland.

    As for the comments about bots and whatnot. Absolutely there are botters all over the place, along with folks in various zones warping right to named w/no "way" of knowing those named are even there.

    The gm's would rather tackle the big threats to the server like bards working up an instrument skill or a monk working his FD skils.
  13. Weebles101 Journeyman

    I don't think I've seen anyone boxing 40 characters. Most people play 2-6, with the occasional player running 2-3 groups, but that's the exception, not the norm.

    I have literally not had a single occurrence of someone taking my camp. This includes contested spots
    like betrayer/pawbuster shortly after Kunark release, as well as crypt. I'm sure it happens, but I haven't observed it yet.
  14. Lacka Journeyman

    The biggest difference for you - instead of getting your names ganked by 1 dude with 10 toons on Riz - your named will be ganked by 2 dudes with 5 toons each..

    Sooo much more heartwarming
  15. Duality Augur

    My experience with Aradune hasn't been too hot. Classic was ok, as there were plenty of groups even though the "illegal" boxers were rampant. I logged on the other day and put LFG up. I got an offer pretty quick, and he said there were two people that still needed a seb key.. So as they were on the way I started pulling the key mobs. Nearly seconds after the others started zoning into Trak there was ooc accusations of my group warping and they had it ALL on film!!!! They even talked about getting their druid killed! Actually that was me after 4x snare resists, but i'm sure he recorded that too.. I started moving along towards seb and ignoring it, except my map seemed to be glitchy as 2 different 2 pairs starting moving in the exact same pattern and at one point i thought they jumped. I ended up saying F it and logged off. Sick of the fact that every time I play that server, I'm either surrounded by 4-6 boxers, duo necros that are 99% afk, or accused of being one of them just for joining a dang group.
  16. Thewiz Augur

    Come to Rizlona sir. It is a great place to play EQ.
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  17. Maze Elder

    Except on Rizlona you won't even see the mob spawn because it'll be warp killed, along with half the zone before your screen even updates.

  18. Boneytooth New Member

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  19. Foaming Augur

    Please play on Aradune if you even need to ask the question. Rizlona doesn't want people who don't want to play on Rizlona. We have a nice quiet server of like-minded individuals. We like our armies. We understand some people don't. That's fine. You can play on Aradune. Please.
  20. Ezra Journeyman

    I've played on Aradune for the past month, and I've encountered many nice players. I've yet to have a problem getting a group, and today I received an unsolicited invitation to a group in Unrest.

    I think it's the best server for a new player who wants to experience the classic content.

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