Is Aradune worth playing on?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Skales, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Skales New Member

    Been playing on Riz due to the original Queue issues. But seriously getting fed up with the Bot armys over running everything. Is Aradune actually worth playing on or is it the same way with the botters just taking over everything? I really have very little faith in DBG policing there own policy so figured I would ask the populous. Just want to be able to play casually with out everytime I get a camp of any value a bot army walking in and just taking it over with nothing to be done about it.
  2. Mrjon3s Augur

    Instead of bots it’s just gonna be people.
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  3. Tinthalas Tigris New Member

    you will see machined characters and player experiences. You'll see people pressing well thought macros in places that they work in order to make tough jobs easier. You might see some bots here and there, and you might see people playing in such a way that they appear to be bots. But you won't see truly classic EQ.

    If you want to play a new TLP, Aradune might be your best bet. Or there might be another TLP again on the horizon in a couple months.
  4. MMOer Augur

    DBG did a good job and killing off the six boxers on Aradune. I do need to give credit for that.

    Are there still boxers? Sure... but they only show two at a time.

    So you will see two boxes at the camps farming. Much easier to deal with IMO.

    My biggest grip with Aradune is much more Toxic players than previous TLP's... but I think that's what filters down as the TLP's go by year by year.
  5. Aekold Augur

    It never was.

    We're going to assume you meant 'ask the populace' and provide you with the realest answer possible based on the information you've provided:

    TLP life isn't for you.

    That's not a personal attack, but you'll likely take it as one. The 'bots' you claim walk all over you on Riz will be the exact same on Ara but with maybe 1 extra person at the wheel. These servers are intended to simulate 'classic' or early expansion EQ plus or minus some quality of life changes. AoCs help, pickzones help, but the fact of the matter is that 'casual' play will not result in you getting what you want in a game where dungeons are not instanced and competition for open world spawns exist. Every time you get a 'camp of any value' you're putting yourself in competition for that item/mob and need to accept that other people will take it from you. The following is taken directly from the EQ rules of conduct located on the DBG/DPG website:
    1.1 Play Nice Policies - Activity within EverQuest

    In addition to the Rules of Conduct listed in section 1.0, players are also subject to these supplementary guidelines while playing EverQuest. While by no means an all-inclusive list of the do's and don'ts in EverQuest, it provides a suitable foundation by which the player can determine what activities are appropriate:
    There will be no first in force or engage rules arbitrated or enforced by a Game Master or Guide on any server. We believe players can resolve disputes about camps and raid bosses between each other. Game Masters and Guides will not help negotiate these disputes between players and guilds.
  6. Maze Elder

    Nah, it's dead bro.

  7. ForumNugget New Member

    I'm going to disagree with you strongly on this one. The botting is not the same between Riz and Aradune. Even comparing Mangler to Aradune, DPG has done a much better job enforcing some policies on Aradune. Is it perfect? No, of course not. You will still see bots of two necros sitting on cash camps such as heirophant, but you don't see the 24/7 blatant and rampant 6 group botting farming Seb or SG that you saw on Mangler. Mangler there were blatant bots of raids farming raid items for krono. You don't see that on Aradune.

    So, yes, you will have to compete with two necros for some cash camps, but bring 3 people and its much easier to deal with. There are no "bot armies" (at least I haven't seen any) like there are on Riz or there were on Mangler.
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  8. Skales New Member

    Cool, appreciate the info. an no worries Aekold you would have to matter to me for your opinion to be a personal attack. Camping and fighting for spawns has always existed my issue was with 20 bots just taking over every instance of a camp, but sounds like they are trying to control this on aradune at least some what. Sounds like It is better then the blatantly macro questing armys everywhere I play for the social aspect of the game. Been there done that on every raid mob for 15+ years and just looking for a good time.
  9. Dragnet Sleuth Elder

    It's a good server to join now. There are still a lot of XP groups available. Just keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more those groups disappear and the more you'll have to solo.

    There is a ton of toxicity for anything really coveted that will sell for good plat or krono (or is a key piece), but if you can avoid them you will have a good time. You have a slight advantage in being behind the curve in that most of the camps you might want will be open.
  10. nagash101 Augur

    No can't even play.
  11. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    When you are casually camping something, are you letting the ph or named stay up forever while you afk? Are you claiming camps you are not at and taking forever to get to them? Or are you saying your camp is clear and a bunch of toons plop down next to you?
  12. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Aradune has a much higher population and a widespread toxicity issue. You will likely find your camps jumped and stolen more frequently there than on Rizlona.
  13. Arrk Augur

    Rizlona is always trying to put down Aradune because they are a mostly a bunch of 3rd party software users boxing 40+ characters. They need to increase their population because they need more people to sell their wares so that they can make more Krono.

    It is easier for a boxer on Rizlona to steal your camp because they roll in with 6+ boxes.... while on Aradune you are restricted to two total characters.

    Yes, the raid camps are contested, usually by guilds that have members working together to accomplish stuff. Overall, though, the server is not nearly as bad as the minority of the forums would leave you to believe.
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  14. Imdead Augur

    First of all, to have toxicity/drama you have to have people. Considering Rizlona is all automated boxes of course there isn't drama.

    The only time I've lost a camp playing since launch of EQ was when my group got pushed out of an xp camp on day 2 of launch and that was mostly because we were ahead of the curve and instances weren't popping for higher zones like guk severely limiting the ability for people at the top of the curve to xp. I suspect that the people that mostly experience these issues at people farming high end items that ultimately just get pushed out by others farming those high end items. The nice thing about Aradune is that usually the farmers are just a 2 box pair and you can bring a group and easily run them out.
  15. Imdead Augur

    I think you'll find/enjoy Aradune much better. It's the worst kept secret that Rizlona is just the wild west anything goes for that server. Have as many boxes or whatever else you wanna do on Rizlona is just fine and the people there with their box armies enjoy it that way.

    Aradune is nothing like Rizlona. Aradune is heavily policed for violations of the 2 box policy and automated gameplay. While it's not perfect, it would probably only take you 5 minutes on Aradune to realize the huge difference in experiences you'd see on Aradune vs. Rizlona. Many item camps are contested but that's to be expect with Aradune possessing the highest TLP population we've ever seen (basing this on the progress websites). The fortunate thing about Aradune is you won't see 6/12/18/24 boxers sitting on camps, you'll see 2 boxers (probably 2 FD'd necro's) and you can almost always successful take the camp with a group if wanted/needed (I did this for my GEB's, the boxers just camped till we were done and came back when we were done, didn't even try to dps race).
  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    Or maybe it's because Aradune is a cesspool. It's been proven here over and over.
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  17. Accipiter Old Timer

    Here's a hint: It's not a secret. It was planned that way.
  18. ForumNugget New Member

    A cesspool of what? Maybe you are forgetting some of the posts of toxicity of past TLPs. I played on Agnarr, Mangler, and Aradune, and Agnarr was far worse as far as toxicity in the same era. In my opinion, Mangler and Aradune were about equal in toxicity, but Aradune has less of a bot problem than Mangler had.
  19. Goburs Augur

    As you can tell, these forums are the perfect place to ask questions of that sort OP.
  20. sauron69 Lorekeeper

    Every other thread created here is about how toxic Aradune is lol.

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