Is anything ever gonna be done breaking truebox?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Magician9001, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Magician9001 Augur

    You guys have any plans to actually punish blatant cheaters this time or should i stop playing again?

    There is a group of 18 randomly generated named toons fully automated using KissAssist, Warping, Stick, far taunting ancient cyclops to elite gobo isle.

    How does a player like that get petitioned and isn't perma banned?
  2. theonetheonly New Member

    AC to goblin islets? If only far taunt worked like that...

    Posts like this make it clear people have no idea what is actually cheating and what isn't. They see something they don't understand and immediately jump to conclusions.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Get video and report. As long as they aren't in the illuminati then they should be taken care of.
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  4. Magician9001 Augur

    Accept you can.
    Is it you?
  5. Gnothappening Augur

    I fully support you quit playing again, only really show them and make it permanent this time. Maybe even delete your forum account too. That will show them.
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  6. Hythos Augur

    Well, EQ seems to have illuminati within the members.
    Create video -> File report -> "we've completed our investigation" -> Players still going at it.
    And what I had submitted is WHORABLY obvious.
  7. Elabone Augur

    I was accused of being a bot while sitting st the ruins in qeynos hills. I imagine because I would stand up. Cast undead nuke. And sit down.

    Doesn't matter that I replied as soon as the guy asked me what I was doing. Or explained to him the quest I was doing it for.

    Some people are truly dumb, and do not understand how the game works.

    With that being said, there are alot of players who are using active hacks on this server, and seemingly nothing happening to them.
  8. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Getting around Truebox, and pulling off in-game hacks are two different issues that are handled differently. Truebox limitations are there to stop the average person from boxing on the same PC. To go further than that they have to do manual stuff with a GM. This is either ineffective, or the people who do it are better at getting around GM checks. That's why people boxing 6 or less usually get caught and people boxing dozens somehow pass both the smell test and whatever manual checks the GM's do. At least that's the appearance of things.

    Hacking is another story, let's be honest, if they have anything detecting this it doesn't work. It's more likely they don't have anything detecting this. Maybe the risk of false positives is really high, maybe the code they need to mess with is too old and spaghetti to add this kind of stuff. Nobody should be able to port to PoK before PoP comes out without getting immediately suspended or marked as suspect on the server side. Nobody should be able to warp, without the same happening. Far taunt, same deal, checks could exist, but they must not, for whatever reason.

    Or maybe the appearance we have of things is wrong. Maybe those SG farmers really are teams of people in low-wage countries, and that's how they pass the checks so easily. Seem suspect, but anything is possible.

    In the end, even if the checks could be added, they might hit performance more than they can live with. We might just be in a catch-22 with that. Or maybe people are right that catching the people that spur on the Krono market isn't in their best interest. We just don't know.
  9. Elabone Augur

    There is definitely detection, reporting people is your best friend.
  10. Magician9001 Augur

    There's a guy automating Ice giants right now that's been AFKing the camp since Agnarr.
  11. c313 Augur

    Yeah because every player who kills Ice Giants is that 1 AFK guy from Agnarr, right?

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  12. Komodon Augur

    By the looks of your account you came back to play on a server ruleset that saw the always very top heavy and hardcore guild population playstyle shift it's first and foremost focus priority away from the typical standard makeup, and it's individual time sink consideration elements involved that in itself always goes a long way towards keeping a lot of that appeal/desire to push the cheating boundaries in check.......and into the shorter minded krono farming market.

    If that kind of stuff is already bothering you literally couldn't have come back for a worse server ruleset. Since that type of advanced cheating, on a server the most prone to consider cheating people are lot less invested or pot committed in their characters on an individual based level, realistically only sees a dramatic ramp upwards in Kunark. And no, as already pre-established on every other TLP any actual attempts to punish the new record level of blatantness that is going to occur on this one will likely not make much of a realistic dent in the overall frequency rate you are going to see it happening..

    So yeah, my advice to you would be to cut your loses early and wait this one out with a hopeful eye on the next one :)
  13. Gheed Is not reading your response

    There have been fully automated toons using all of these things for many years now. On Selo, there was an automated group that ran undisturbed from launch - OOW. Every server I have played on has had a few groups like this, not even counting the SG bots.

    Reporting without video LITERALLY DOES NOTHING. Reporting with video really doesn't do anything unless the offence IS ABSOLUTELY PROVEN AND VISIBLE in the video. With that said, automated characters are a bit difficult to prove from a video. In my experience, very little follow up is done on any ticket. They are either banned on the spot or not. Obviously this is just speculation by me but it seems to hold true.

    The SG bots on Aradune was the FIRST time action was taken against them to my knowledge and that was only because of multiple threads with thousands upon thousands of views and many pages of complaining.
  14. Magician9001 Augur

    Nothing you said addressed what i said in anyway shape or form.

    As far as rulesets go Free Trade is the worst possible thing for the RMT crowd.

    No the guy that did it on Agnarr was pretty infamous, he was guilded with me on Phinny and he's been bragging about doing it again in a certain streamers chat, when i went to Permafrost earlier today he had 3 automated mages on the front spawns and 3 on the back spawn.
  15. Greldek New Member

    Whats an SG bots?
  16. code-zero Augur

    People misidentify the sweatshop crews that are in Sirens Grotto as being bots
  17. FinalTidus23 Lorekeeper

    I 6 boxed 5 mages and 1 bard. That means I needed to press 1 macro on 5 key pads that go different PCs while running around on my main. While doing that in the noob area of FP, I had someone accuse me of cheating and doing more than just true boxing. I offered to stream live and use my camera to show them live how I'm doing it and it wasn't good enough. That's one thing.

    Taunting across zone or warping, ignoring people, disrespecting people... there's two different kinds of boxers here. The ones in this paragraph are suspicious to me. And when people come in here and act like problems don't get solved first by whispers about what's going on, whether accurate or inaccurate, are just waiting to find that out about life imo.

    It's amazing how someone comes in and expresses a concern we all know we have, and a few peeps come outta nowhere and shoot it down. it's just a thing people do.
  18. Pictarous Augur

    Ding ding ding!

    They have no method to detect this and don't have the manpower/knowledge to try and deploy something.

    Again, Mischief and Throneblade are "special" servers with a non-functional (or explained) "special" ruleset, that is now disabled. They exist to ride Classic TBC's coat-tails and maybe catch some people who fell through the cracks, sell some bags to tourists who will leave mid Velious.

    Having a special ruleset not actually function is pretty on brand tho.

    Wasn't the previous TLP a "special" server who advertised "We may have GM's for the first little bit of Classic, maybe."

    Lmao, clowns.
  19. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    The Free-Trade part of the ruleset is working just fine, the randomization part is having some hiccups, but aside from the raid content it seems to be working as described.

    But you used one of my trigger words (anything to do with WoW) so let me go off here. Everquest's TLPs existed long before WoW Classic, if anything WoW is riding EQ's coat-tails by trying something EQ did first. Furthermore, WoW is dog excrement, it was not a better game when it launched and it isn't better today. They had more money, a bigger team, and they knew how to make people who didn't game before feel like they were gamers. They found a formula that worked for people who couldn't hack it in EQ, and it just happened that some of the people who fit that bill were playing EQ, so they left.

    Classic WoW/TBC exists for people who think modern WoW is off the rails. EQ has a similar section in its playerbase, and the TLP's are mostly for them. By all rights this game should have been dead years ago, but it is not, and I'm glad for that. But given that the TLP renaissance happened late, after downsizing, and profits had been redirected away from the game, opportunities that should have been realized were not.

    No, they aren't clowns, they are people who care about something but aren't in a great situation. To be honest they are doing just fine. I would love it if they could detect more hacks, and keep commitments on server rulesets. As was stated recently by niente, when they try something big and people act like this about it, they are less likely to try big things. If this year's TLP was another vanilla TLP I wouldn't be playing on it. They gambled and in the end I think it will be a win. I actually got an old player to come back for this server, and that has never happened before.

    It's easy to armchair quarterback some code and an ecosystem you've never seen. Much harder to actually sit in the chair and be the one trying to deliver. So yes, they probably don't detect some things they could detect. We don't know if it's people power or server limitations or old code limitations that are involved. As somebody who maintains old code, but not as old as this code, I can say that nobody ever understands what it takes to do what they want, even the people in charge.
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  20. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    And before somebody comes in and replies to my WoW rant to say how it's not true, yes, I know, I have trauma from that game stealing all my friends. I'm healing though, but sometimes I just need to get it out. Whoever developed that game may have played EQ, but they didn't understand what made it great. They just found a way to draw in all the other people who didn't understand what made EQ great. Successful game, still has no soul.
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