Is all the Crying about Autofire Out of Group Stun Locking?

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  1. Bewts Augur

    Is there even a clear answer if a locked mob can be engaged directly or indirectly by people out of the locked group?
    Or how long it takes to “forget and reset”?
    Or how it behaves between it’s reset location and it’s spawn point?

    Full understand that this mechanic can and will be exploited to its fullest, but there’s a lot to learn about it too for it to be put on a live/TLP server.

    I think that’s probably the biggest problem on encounter locking. No one knows what to expect, or how it even works outside of some general statements.
  2. wade_watts Augur

    Have you ever played classic or kunark TLP and gone to guk, solb, epic camps, or virtually anywhere that has items that are high-value? If so, you would have encountered a DE necro (or multiple) in a starter robe sitting at the camp only caring about the nameds. This has been the case on each of the past 5 TLP's that I've played on.
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  3. Vumad Cape Wearer

    No locking: Group is killing PHs. Poacher stands by. Rare spawns. Poacher steals rare. Group burns down the rare and wins the DPS race, getting the kill.

    Locking: Group is killing PHs. Poacher stands by. Rare spawns. Poacher steals rare. Group can do nothing because it locked. Poacher can spend as much time as they like off tanking, keeping pet alive, phone a dps friend to come on by, whatever.

    Doesn't matter if it is a NEC, MAG, BST, PAL, whatever. Encounter locking has the *potential* to shift things into the favor of the poachers, since the poachers only need to survive the encounter, requiring fewer characters to be assisting them.
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  4. Roleplay Here Journeyman

    What if a player being in unrested state in a group/raid/solo triggered a cooldown for everyone such that until all players in the group have rested status, no players can be added or removed to any of the affected raid/group players. Furthermore if any of them log out, prematurely, it triggers an across the board cooldown on the remaining players of 5 minutes before groups can be changed.
  5. code-zero Augur

    I'm sure that the devs are all fully aware that now a single character with a low ping and an instant click debuff can grab FTE. The issue is that the devs see things that players don't. They know how many reports of training they get, they see the zone disruption and lagging caused by AE PL groups. Heck they likely have tracked the "accidental" trains which occur a lot more frequently than most will admit.

    If devs are logging on and playing they may have in fact experienced all of those things personally. I know I know, they can't possibly be playing right??? They tried proactive CS long ago and eventually said to heck with it DPS race is the rule because /petition was weaponized and players flat refused to cooperate. So not they're trying this and I suspect that no amount of whining in the forums is going to get FTE off of Oakwynd
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  6. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I understand this. I was only answering a question about why encounter locking is a concern beyond power leveling. I even put asterisk around *potential* poaching to emphasize that the concern is perceived but not verified. I don't have any objectives to quality testing in a controlled environment. I don't intend to play on the server so my only stake in the change would be if it too quickly moved to other servers before giving time for the consequences to be weighed against the benefits.
  7. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Maybe there will a ban wave of automated players the week of TLP launch. That would be fantastic.
  8. Vetis Elder

    Is it though? It's you vs me, regardless of how many toons you are boxing. you could have 1,000 mage pets sitting there. It's still my button press versus your button press. Arguably I'd have the advantage just because I only have to worry about 1 toon.

    So, no. it's still 50% lol?
  9. Dmitry Elder

    You can cycle a macro so that it's just always on and the game will just pick who gets it so yeah it's pretty easy to say 75
  10. Trox2010 Augur

    One thing you guys are forgetting about when calculating these percentages for FTE Ping is King; whoever is closest to the server wins.
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  11. Lineater Augur

    Most of the crying is because people didn't get their Mischief clone.
  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Raids will just go kill the named all the time across the picks for the zones. They will also move into mainstream zones. They are not violating any rules and can dominate the zone. By the server rules.

    Actually, it will create targeted training.
    Most of us complaining don't care at all about TLP servers.
  13. Triconx Augur

    How many times are you going to be proven wrong and just disappear without having a backbone and admitting you were wrong?

    You just gave a scenario that is against the code of conduct aka zone disruption. It absolutely is against rules to just flood all picks as a raid and kill everything. Why do you insist on making up pure speculation and nonsense?
    First people complained this would kill trains, now it's creating trains? You people are hilarious. How is going to create something that exists and is a bannable offense already?!
    Then why you here? Did you miss me proving you wrong and giving you the FAQ highlighting this was a TLP-centric design decision? You know, like the thread you suddenly ghosted because you were wrong (again)?
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  14. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Was not proven wrong, just stopped bothering with arguing because it was pointless to continue. That is not a lack of backbone, just awareness of the fact further argument would change nothing.
    They are not killing everything, just the named. That is not going to qualify as zone disruption. These things are not pure speculation, people already do it. Now they will just be able to do it and not have to worry about someone being able to out dps them as they are spread out.
    No one complained about it killing trains, though people claimed it would kill trains. However it would not kill trains, it would just change how they work so that they can more easily be weaponized and targeted.
    Because as it has been since the inception of Progression servers in general. What changes they made to the TLP have direct impact on the Live servers. Even more so now when the Devs have explicitly stated that they want to move these things to the Live servers as well.
  15. JeffHanson Augur

    Good point. But the people using 3rd party cheats to instantly target and pull the mob will always grab it first.
  16. Triconx Augur

    Like that time you said I was off my rocker for thinking they would change SOD keying...and they did? Where were you after that? Ghosted that thread completely. Still waiting for you to admit you were baseless and wrong.
    That absolutely would qualify. And where does this even happen? I've never see people migrates from pick to pick KSing names. Again, nothing but hyperbolic nonsense.
    Clewrly havent read these boards. There absolutely was people complaining about trains and a major part of EQ being gone

    Please provide where they explicitly said FTE will come to live. I dare you. You're making up conjecture now. The FAQ says the literal opposite
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  17. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Was wrong but not baseless. The purpose of the thread was complete. There was no reason to further discuss the matter. Did you expect people who were opposed to that change to come in and start demanding DP to reverse it or something?

    It absolutely does not qualify. Zone disruption is far more widespread than specific mobs. You not seeing something happen does not mean that it does not happen. People routinely will go through /pickzones just to find named up in the picks. The majority of the time they ignore ones which are actively being camped and just move onto a different pick or zone after they do them all. Saying that it is hyperbolic nonsense to say that people don't cycle through /pickzones looking for named, is like saying it is hyperbolic nonsense to say that people will run through a zone checking all of the named ph in it.

    I'm not sure if you're being dense or just ignored what was being said. People were never complainging about trains being gone. People were complaining about not being able to help random people that you happened to be passing by and were in trouble. People were explicitly complaining about the ability to help others being removed from the game. Not about the ability to train.

    Feel free to provide where I said it will come to live. I dare you. I said that the Devs want (as in desire) it to come to live, that means they would like to bring it to live, not that it will come to live. In the initial announcement they made it clear that these are experimental things that may come to the live servers, not experimental things that may be added to other TLP servers, but specifically to the Live servers. Nothing is being made up. The FAQ at no point states that will not move FTE to the live servers, the only thing that it states is that its primary purpose is to address complaints about early game conflicts over mobs. At no point does it ever state that FTE will never go to live servers.
  18. code-zero Augur

    You don't need a 3rd party cheat to do that.

    First line : /tar <soandso>
    2nd line: /useitem <instant click item>

    Now have a timer set and start spamming that key and $$$

    If you send in a /petition because someone has been grabbing mobs fast then you aren't skilled at the game and it's time to git gud
  19. Cildar Journeyman

    You don't quite understand what the cheats can do in terms of grabbing the mob.
  20. Zrender Augur

    There's nothing magical happening with those cheats. There is a linked list of all mobs in the zone and there's a pointer to your target. The target pointer is the address of an item in the linked list of possible targets. The cheaters instantly change the target pointer to the mob in the linked list that they want targeted. They will most likely be banned if the target does not yet have any kind of visibility. They will most likely be banned if some kind of targeting time normalization is added to the game. They will most likely be banned if the target selection function isn't invoked, which could made to be authoritative, meaning it is executed server side. It will be super easy to catch these kinds of cheaters if they choose to. As code-zero said, the normal way to fast select a mob is: First line : /tar <soandso>
    2nd line: /useitem <instant click item>. I would add that there are other instants besides clickies that will be used and that a /pause <minimum closest to selection time>, on the first line might increase your chances. Some classes, like wizzies, might get a boost to their early game desirability in highly contested areas. I don't see that as a bad thing, especially since wizzies will need a group with them to go deep in a dungeon and start contesting mobs this way.
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