Is all the Crying about Autofire Out of Group Stun Locking?

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  1. Kahna Augur

    People keep bringing this up but I doubt it will be an issue. Could you make 6 necros and try to tag named mobs? Sure, but even with automation doing the tagging it would be tough to pay attention to all 6. Once the mob spawns and you get the tag you still have to kill it, and for the most part, killing stuff with a necro (assuming you don't massively outlevel the mob) is a finicky process. They can do it, but they need to be played and played well. You just aren't going to be able to spread your attention out that much successfully. It won't be worth the hassle.

    All a group would really have to do is leave the PH up while a necro was sitting there. Now the necro has to spend even more effort killing the PHes, reducing their ability to snipe other mobs even more. And it will still come down to who has the best ping and insta cast items, the group has 6 chances to have a better ping than the single necro. Assuming that necro isn't distracted killing a mob on another character.
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  2. Trox2010 Augur

    Or the Necro just keeps the PHs locked down until the group gives up and quits the server.
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  3. Kahna Augur

    But the group is there for exp and probably happy to kill everything around it while the necro sits there, and gains nothing, for hours potentially. That's gonna net them a great profit. Honestly I would find it hilarious and would be laughing at the necro the whole time. Then I would let the rest of the room spawn on them and make them juggle 3-5 mobs along with their named PH. They will make a mistake/run out of mana/get bored eventually.

    Also, necro's can already snipe from groups. There is little the average low DPS pug can do about a necro wanting to steal their named right now. This will actually give the pug the advantage. They have 6 chances to have the best reaction, the necro has 1.

    I just don't see it happening on the mass scale people are ranting that it will. Might a group tag another groups named every so often, but that happens now too, all the time, and they DPS it dead before the other group can react. It will be a wash in the end. It really will.
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  4. YouDaGoob Lorekeeper

    You stumble over your own poorly made arguments. Not sure you really know whats going on. On TLP starts, when I find an open frenzy camp, I clear it and park a 50 necro there. Then, do the same as I find other picks. When uncontested, a necro easily (and I mean easily) runs the frenzy spawns. You also agree, saying that a necro can easily out dps a group! (lmao, no.) Then you say, "you cant steal my named spawns if I never contest them from you and just give you the spawns!". Why not park a necro at every camp in lguk and just tag nameds on timers? Were talking about a basic dot fight every few minutes, then FD until timer dings.

    *Edit: Clearly time for me to stop showing up. Logging out. Take care and enjoy the server
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  5. Kahna Augur

    You can literally do that now with 1-2 necros and no, the average pug can't do anything about it, though with FTE they will have a chance to get that tag earlier. Still, you don't actually see folks doing this anywhere but efreeti. This isn't actually going to change how people camp things.
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  6. Sabra Lorekeeper

    You NAILED it - this is a concern for the 1% no lifers. The rest of us 99% are just a bunch of middle aged men and women who make 600x more than a krono farmer at our real jobs that just want to play some EQ. Yeah KS that mob and I'll buy your loot mr 1% because I make good money and this is a dumb game hahahah.
  7. Arclyte Augur

    what is this made up scenario where people are getting KS'd all the time? when has anyone "parked a necro at every ph"? are we even playing the same game?
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  8. Sabra Lorekeeper

    It reminds me of myth busters where they proved that the belief was a myth. Then they went to the extreme to see how they could actually make the myth come true.
  9. Cildar Journeyman

    Bards and monks run through groups snagging mobs in LGuk in every TLP. Your puller will need to run out and grab mobs a smidge more aggressively but that camp encroachment stuff always happens to the point that you can run through some picks in Lguk and never see a mob. I don't see that being any more of a problem than it already is. That necro that comes and sits on the Lord can be competed with a bit better now at least. I had a Necro duo legit steal every named from my group last server. Could not outdamage them with a full group because they got that sweet sweet necro dot credit. At least now I can try and sit my group on the named pop and use macros to try and steal it back.

    (LOL although... just think of the Ancient Jarsath trains that will get made as whole guilds clear that outside area on the back of one bard)

    If someone is taunting across the Zone then they are using EMQUE and if they are using EMQUE (LOL did you know the forums wont let you use the the initials for EMQUE) there are actually lots worse things they can do to you (like Drop Velkator on your head - don't think I have forgiven you). Also, who leaves nameds up and doesn't think they are getting stolen?

    I could see in an outdoor zone that a bard (particularly once we get to Kunark) can get a ton of non caster mobs in a train and circle while a group grabs one at a time and kill it. That could be a problem. Won't work in tighter spaces and who really cares that much about outdoor zone leveling. It's not gonna affect loot that much and it won't affect leveling pace at all because you now have 5 people killing mobs instead of 6 (while one kites)

    Stopping the power leveling autofire enchanter groups is worth the marginal price of your scary big bad bard kiting. If that's all there is, color me in for the new server.
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  10. Cildar Journeyman

    In each of the past 5 servers at least you could go to every frenzy spawn in ever pick and meet a usually very nice pile of bones that will sell you a haste belt cheap - 2 krono for U. Those guys will let you have all the other mobs but NO SASH FOR YOU!
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  11. Vetis Elder

    Doesn't this work both ways though? Lets pretend I'm a Necro. Your group is at Arch Magus camp. I go in and FD on the spawn. Your group consists of a necro, a cleric, an enchanter, an sk, a bard and a monk.

    Arch Magus spawns, I stand immediately and send pet at the same time. I get tag before you. Even though your group can definitely out DPS me, I get the kill.

    This is a good thing?
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  12. mark Augur

    Allow boxing from day one
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  13. Cildar Journeyman

    Probably, my necro chanter and my sk also have a pet that can attack fast with a macro. That would make them equal and give me a better chance than you over all. (Assuming no one is cheating with a program to get aggro first).

    They key is getting the aggro fast. You can use pet attack to spam the mob before it lands to try and get aggro. It's pretty fast compared to a lot of other things in classic. You have to have the timer or have to have Harry Potter Maps to know when to do it though.
  14. Vetis Elder

    Right, but your proving my point. My point is 6 people versus 1 person, the odds are now 50%.
  15. Cildar Journeyman

    What does that have to do with the new aggro mechanic or do you just travel from thread to thread and say that?
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  16. Cildar Journeyman

    Well slightly better cause I have three times as many pets.... so 75% me. Seems fair enough.
  17. Magician9001 Augur

    Point to me on the doll where the imaginary Necro touched you
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  18. Zrender Augur

    Agreed. Don't think the big bad bard scenario will happen anyway, but, if it does, just put a time limit on how long mobs can be kited without taking a reasonable percentage of damage. Then, instead of instant reset, have a secondary aggro list. Bard abusing fte runs by with a pile of mobs they aren't really killing, just tag the one you want and wait. Thank the bard for pulling, rinse and repeat. It's great that all the disappointed people that want mischief 2.0 are trying to think up reasons why FTE won't work. It's really giving the devs scenarios to code against. That makes the first iteration of FTE even stronger.
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  19. Magician9001 Augur

    Or you could just sell PLs on other servers or Raid Gear on Mischief and make significantly more money with less stress and not have to worry about picks opening and closing as the population fluctuates while you juggle half a dozen necros and hope you can win the 6 vs 1 tag race on 6 different toons at once.

    You're just mad they didn't do the server you want and you're throwing a tantrum like a 2 year old.
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  20. coltongrundy Augur

    Huh? I said replace that with any class. Why you so focused on necros? Where did the necro touch you?
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