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  1. TheBudkai New Member

    So hear me out...

    ***[Everything is No Drop]***

    RuneScape has made this mode called "Ironman" I tried out with a character that removed the use of all markets and trading with players on that character. Everything you obtained had to be self crafted, bought from an NPC vendor or looted...

    It was fantastic! The feeling a achievement was though the roof. Unfortunately it was only RuneScape so had to quit, but in EQ? That would be awesome.

    If this would be too hardcore, the devs could increase the drop rate of useful items/gear on mobs and/or have an occasional special item or armor piece populate on vendors with a limited stock.

    I also feel like this would be a good flip after having the whole Mischief server ruleset.
  2. Shakara Augur

    Biggest issue I see in this is Runsescape is a solo game with player interaction and Everquest is a PvE social game. Ironman mode on RuneScape was basically removing the player interaction to add difficulty which sounds like something that EQ just dose not work with since it is mandatory you have to work with people. I would however be a fan of something like Deadman mode from Runescape. Seems like it would fit well with the TLP recycle crowd. 3-4 months of super XP and at the end some big raid or brawl.
  3. TheBudkai New Member

    There were Ironman guilds in RuneScape that would raid bosses together. This is for RuneScape 3 that is, not original. I heard it's a good scene, I never ventured to the guild grouping on this though personally.
  4. Poydras Augur

    I personally prefer this idea much more than making everything tradeable. Though I'd keep crafted items and materials tradeable. Not nearly as much benefit in monopolizing good loot camps anymore. Except of course people would still try to sell loot rights like they already do on other servers. And such sales are harder to police and protect from scammers than normal trades and probably cause daybreak more headaches. Not to mention loss of most of the use of krono and therefore less income. So I can see why they don't do it.
  5. Kahna Augur

    I can defiantly see issues with everything being no trade. Guess no one but enchanters gets crafted jewelry, and no one but shamans get potions. Only gnome warriors can make rebreathers so I guess they are the only ones who get their epics. And that's just some of the tradeskill stuff.

    EQ is just built too strongly around working together for something like this to really be feasible.
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  6. Artaserse2 Elder

    All in all, I like this idea. Great concept OP. However, I have a few suggestions. I would only make the magical items no-trade; non-magical items would free trade (outside of a few quest items). Obviously crafted items should be tradeable regardless of magical status. This would take care of the problem that Kahna mentions.

    Additionally, three expansions after a magical item comes out it could be converted to free trade. There is no reason for "old" items to stay no trade forever.

    Finally, the vendor prices for "regular" gear could be made more reasonable. Even back 20 years ago no one even bought these items because of the ridiculously high prices. That way people might even buy some of it.

    To really make this an Ironman TLP you might consider making the server random loot as well.
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  7. Psalmz Lorekeeper

    As other have said, if trade skill products are no drop, there would be no trade skills.
    Box groups would be trying to sell loot rights to drops, monopolizing camps and requiring dps races for any chance at your items.
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  8. Nighthawk Lorekeeper

    This just screams box groups monopolizing zones and spawns to a higher degree than we've ever experienced before.
  9. Cezz Journeyman

    They do the same thing in PoE. Its called Self Found. It can be fun, but like others said its not really suitable for EQ. Plus, if you just want a server where most everything but tradeskill gear is no trade that already describes most of the game.
  10. Roleplay Here New Member

    The huge box armies, bot farmers, RMT, account traders, fly hacking teleporters, power leveling sellers, and non policed cheating players are really what keeps me from ever returning to Everquest.
  11. Artaserse2 Elder

    Box armies & bot farmers shouldn't be a problem if the server is Random Loot.

    The server would be much more functional if crafted gear & non-magical items were free trade.

    Truebox wouldn't hurt either.

    Having a companion server with Rizlona rules at launch would be helpful as well. It's always good to give the boxers & bot farmers their own server.
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I'm sure the 100 or so players that like this concept would be very happy to see this until they realise that this server has almost zero broad appeal & would attrition so much faster than any other TLP as a result.
  13. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Solo Self-found server. No groups or raids. Everything no-drop and all corpses locked until expiration. Can't complete certain quests, events, or recipes? Too bad

    Options: disable all forms of memblur, disable spell casting on other players
  14. Overcast451 Augur

    Of course.. if they took the free-trade concept a bit further and straight up randomized loot across entire zones, there would be no camp to monopolize.

    So if you are in Sebilis.. any mob can drop the Fungi Tunic - completely random.

    Then lower the threshold for spawning picks, so even bot armies trying to monopolize a zone wouldn't make a ton of sense if the picks are popping at 4 times the normal rate. Let a zone like Seb spawn new picks at 18 players (three full groups) - there would ALWAYS be a camp to hang out at.

    Loot rights would exist, but since that item could drop randomly from any mob... your chances are just as good as anyone else's with getting the item.

    Drops are all no-trade, but then leave the tradeskill made items tradable to give tradeskillers the ability to actually sell items. As was intended in this game, lol.

    It would be an interesting and maybe very effective TLP if done right.