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    I'll make this short and sweet. Iratus Lepus is a raiding guild on Xegony, we are about to break into TBM tier two, we are expected to have most of our raid force flagged this weekend.

    We raid :
    Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm cst until 10 pm Cst
    Monday at 7 pm cst until 10 PM cst.

    We only require members 50% raid attendance to bid on loot and we run a DKP based loot system.

    Class needs:

    1 Bard
    1 Shaman
    1 Wiz
    1 Exceptional Warrior
    However, there is always room for exceptional players

    Please visit for more info. Or you can send a tell or email to Xilva on xegony

    ;tell xegony.Xilva
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    Damsel of Decay down, which means Tier 1 is fully cleared.

    Still looking for


    And exceptional players.

    ;tell xegony.xilva
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    Congrats on Damsel of Decay

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    3 out of 4 of the Tier 2 TBM raids down the first weekend we tried them. Looking for 1:cleric 1. Druid 1. shaman 1. Bard Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply.
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