Inverse Logic - One of the 2 top raiding guilds on Luclin.

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    INVERSE LOGIC - ( We are looking for great people. Class recruitment desires change frequently as people have to do Real Life things, so apply any way. We are progressing through The Burning Lands expansion (T1 defeated). We raid on Sunday 7pm EST, and Tuesday 8pm EST, Thursdays 8pm EST. We use Team-speak, Gina, and Game-parse. We are a fast paced guild and move quickly though events, (progression is slower as we are learning new events). As soon as loot is done, banner is down in next event shortly after. ( All good players are welcome to apply. A good player can make all the difference.

    Classes of interest:
    and other Exceptional players

    Things we look for:
    Class based on need to make balanced raid groups.
    A complete and thorough application from an applicant with a good reputation.
    (this is your opportunity to express to Guild Leadership what kind of raider you are)
    A raider who can do what is expected during raids.
    A raider who can follow raid directions and respond to emotes accordingly.
    We look for raiders willing to put forth maximum effort during every raid.
    And most of all we look for raiders willing to learn and improve their raid skills as we learn and each new event.

    About IL:
    IL is by far the best raiding guild that I have been in over the 15 years that I have been raiding Ever-Quest. Reasons :
    People are treated with respect, and expected to be respectful of others while wearing the Inverse Logic guild tag.
    We do not give up when it comes to defeating difficult content.
    The people who make up Inverse Logic are good natured and fun to raid with.
    Raiders in Inverse Logic are always seeking ways to get better as raiders and individual class skills.

    So, if you bring raid skills to the table and are willing to learn the way we do things, please checkout :

    We are recruiting heavily and gearing up for next expansion. When you fill out an application, please ensure that you fill it out completely. Also, please contact one of the class leaders or officers in game so we can check your post and answer any of your questions. Thanks !

    If you need more details please contact any of the following people.
    Guild Leader: Kastiina, Jasix
    Officers: Toko, Spartinx, Losho, Grimh, Soulrheever, Kriska
    Class Leaders: Kurage, Lenridil, Trawl, Haelie, Maak

    Kurage Unleashed - (Inverse Logic Ranger Class Leader, Guild Recruiter)
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    If you can dodge a wrench then you can raid with us!!
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    While we have full raids every night, we can make spots for the following classes:
    Shaman, Clerics, Druids, and Beastlords
  4. Kurage_of_Luclin Lorekeeper

    Please contact Kurage in game : [t luiclin.kurage if you have any questions or would like more information about Inverse Logic.

    We are a high end raiding guild that beats current expansions with a family guild atmosphere, where everyone stops to help each other.

    Kurage Unleashed (Ranger Class Leader, Guild Recruiter)
  5. Kurage_of_Luclin Lorekeeper

    We raid Sunday 7pm EST, Tuesday 8pm EST, and Thursday 8pm EST.
  6. Metanis Augur


    In case it matters I'd like to point out that IL welcomes seasoned raiders. We don't smoke the keyboard with our APM, but we like mature team players who understand the importance of following emotes and gina triggers. (And they tolerate my alts and even let me spend my DKP on them for rot loot!)
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    We are not ROI, nor do we pretend to be, however we are a winning raiding guild with great people.
    We raid content until we beat it , then we farm gear like every guild. But, we do it with a positive attitude, and have fun beating new content. Also, we don't raid alts (54 live people), however mains can bid on rotting raid loot for their alts.

    Kurage Unelashed <Inverse Logic Class Leader, Guild Recruiter>
  8. Kurage_of_Luclin Lorekeeper

    Also, one thing I would like to point out about Inverse Logic DKP system , All full members can bid their DKP on one item per chest. So everyone gets a fair shot at wining upgrades. Applicants and Members with low raid attendance, can bid on round 2. And Full members can bid on round 3 (rott) for a second item or for their alts. Over all its a fair system. Everyone earns the same raid credit per hour and bids on gear as they wish.

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