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  1. Shiea Augur

    (Plane of Health & Crypt of Sul videos coming soon...)

    INVERSE LOGIC on the Luclin server is looking for a few new players to join our guild. Our current needs are (as of 1/22/16):

    Bard - Medium Need
    Beastlord - Medium Need

    We will of course always consider exceptional applicants but do request that you have an updated Magelo before applying.

    Currently, The Broken Mirror is all on farm, including Hate and Fear Revamps.

    You can visit our website at and click the Apply banner at the top for more information. If you have any questions of any nature, you can direct them to the following individuals: Luclin.Shiea, Luclin.Ergon, Luclin.Eico and Luclin.Phyros.
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    That video is bada$$ AF. Very nice.
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  3. Shiea Augur

    Thank you. I'll post the next tier as a reply on here when Ergon finishes it.
  4. Shiea Augur


    Also, here's Demiplane of Decay video for your viewing pleasure:

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    Ergon is slacking with the T2 videios ;)
  8. Shiea Augur

    Enslaver beaten 1/5/16. TBM now officially on Farm. Contact me or one of the other officers if interested in applying!
  9. Shiea Augur

    Original posted updated with new recruitment needs.

    Crypt of Decay video below.

  10. Shiea Augur

    Looking for 1 exceptional bard and 1 exceptional beastlord. You may contact me via eqmail or can also message here with any questions.
  11. Shiea Augur

    Original post updated with current recruitment needs.

    Plane of Health video below:

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    Man that berrad character is one sexy halfling
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    Current needs as of March 3 2016.
    High Need

    Medium Need

    All of The Broken Mirror on Farm.

    Contact any Officer in game if you have any questions.


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