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  1. Shiea Augur

    Inverse Logic is now looking to recruit a few new players to add to our roster!

    We are an end-game raiding guild on the Luclin server and want to find those players out there who shine in their class. Think you have what it takes?

    Follow THIS LINK HERE ( for INFORMATION & APPLY to be a part of our team as we churn thru the upcoming expansion release and it's content.

    Our normal raid schedule is Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, but expect this to change for some time while we unlock and beat new content.

    Contact luclin.Phyros, luclin.Ergon, luclin.Eico, luclin.Spartinx, luclin.Tuona, luclin.Losho and luclin.Shiea for any questions or inquiries.
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  2. Metanis Bad Company

    As a new member of Inverse Logic last month I'm very happy to be part of this positive team. You know you're going to win but it's the little things like how the raids actually start on time and proceed calmly and smartly.
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  3. Alibuda New Member

    We have room for Cleric, Beastlord, Druid, Wizard, Ranger and any exceptional player. :)
  4. Alibuda New Member

    Come join us!