Invalid access occurred at virtual address 0x75517265. any fix yet

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by zeffner, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. zeffner New Member

    any fix for this yet .... been going on since new chat tab features ... i know the root cause of it is in the chat tab feature because often ill find broken lines in there an when deleted sends me right in .

    basically this is the error of either lding right after log in or lding right after chacter select
    yes i have deleted everything .. yes i have set all to auto join ... yes i have found fixed etx the broken string lines ...
    i run three accounts
    atm i have three eq directories on 3 different hard drives on same computer
    all three directories are up dated etc etc ..
    2 of the three toons can log in randomly sometimes on one directory or another using ui / hb files i have set
    all can log in np if i delete them all the above mentioned files
    redo everything , log off log back in same issue .
    also getting a ui error - equi_( u name it ) error , a drag item error lines 1 to 228 , an a spell gem error 1-63 --- these are still there regardless if the game loads or dosent .

    i have the three directories because i have deleted an reinstalled eq 6 times
    i use the eq log and the daybreak one

    this has been the consent error for weeks now that keeps croping up regardless of broken lines etc etc...

    Sat Apr 20 04:46:31 2019]00664:Game UI Initialized.
    [Sat Apr 20 04:46:31 2019]00665:Exception in RunGame GameLoop Code = c0000005 ADDR=75517265
    [Sat Apr 20 04:46:31 2019]00666:EAX=01110134 EBX=2de32ed8 ECX=0a6d6270 EDX=ee75bac0
    [Sat Apr 20 04:46:31 2019]00667:ESI=00000006 EDI=2de32f80 EBP=0223e3ec ESP=0223e1b0
    [Sat Apr 20 04:46:31 2019]00668:process was trying to WRITE invalid data.
    [Sat Apr 20 04:46:31 2019]00669:Invalid access occurred at virtual address 0x75517265.
  2. Fooba Elder

    Try setting eqclient.ini windowedmode = TRUE before you log in. Once you load into the game, you can change it back to full screen.

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