Introducing Raid Builder!

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    I have added a Classic EQ button to the manage classes page to help people set up their guilds quicker. You may still want to tune this to your own preferences, but I placed all classes into appropriate superclasses and also setup about 50 different class priority combos to optimize the groups.

    It should take people about 3 minutes to get this up and running now. Just create your guild, go to manage classes and hit the Classic EQ button, then hit back to create a raid (check fill event with 200 test raiders), build your raid, check in for your now 201 player raid, and finally view your raid to see the magic happen.

    I'm considering adding the ability for everyone to share their superclass/class/priority combos with other guilds since they are pretty time consuming to fine tune. This is also just a really awesome feature for the app since I can't possibly hard code class combos for every single mmo that could make use of Raid Builder.
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