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    Raid builder is a new raid check in, formation, and splitting tool for web made by me in flutter. This is my initial launch so currently I only have it setup for web and am not in the play/app stores yet, but if all goes well I will be! For now though, just go to to use it on ios or web. For android and pc if you open the website up in chrome and hit the '...' in the chrome window there is an option to download a standalone desktop/mobile app which will be more appealing to the eye since this is primarily a language for mobile development. Enjoy! Full usage doc below to give you all a better idea of what it does.

    Raid Builder Usage

    Guild Members:
    Create an account, click the validation link sent to your email, and log in. To join a guild, click the find guild button in the bottom nav bar and either search or scroll to find your guild and tap it to join. Next, to interact with the guild you just registered for from the home screen, ask your guild leader to confirm your membership (the guild will no longer be grey once membership is confirmed). After selecting a registered guild three options are available. Use Set Class to let the leadership of your guild know what your preferred class is and to set a default value for class selection when checking in for raids. Either tap a class or use the Set Class dropdown menu.

    Use the Check In button to sign up for the raid event created by guild leadership after selecting the class you will be playing for that specific raid event. After all raiders have checked in and leadership builds the raid(s), use the View Raid(s) button to see which group/raid to join. Drop out at any time by returning to check in. Also, if you try to attend a raid event after leadership has used the Build Raid(s) button, you will be placed in the raid with the fewest players based on the class priorities set up by guild admins, however, keep in mind that class composition is best optimized by the Build Raid(s) button so leadership should wait until raid time and all members have checked in to use it. There is no good way around superclasses making late check in after Build Raid(s) has been used potentially cause improper class composition without making Raid Builder game specific. If you drop out during a raid, you will be removed from the raid completely, including the checked in list and will not hinder a future Build Raid(s) use after say a change in the event size. You can also drop out of a current raid event by using a long press on your own name from the View Raid(s) screen.

    To leave a guild use a long press on the guild from the home screen.

    Guild Leaders:
    Use the Guild Builder button to create a guild and become a guild leader. Guilds you are leader of will show up in blue on the Home screen. At your guild's main screen 7 buttons will be available.

    Create Raid allows you to create a new raid event for your guild members to sign up for, clearing the prior one. Keep in mind that the event size field is the size you want individual raids to be. If more players register for the event than the event size will allow, a new raid will be generated, and raiders will be spread between the raids. There is also an option to fill the raid event with 200 test raiders for experimentation with your class priorities. Use Edit Raid Event Size to change the event size without clearing checked in members and then hit Generate Raid(s) to do so with the new event size.

    Check In works the same way it does for member.

    Build Raid(s) creates raids using guild members who have checked in for the event. This button prompts you for group size which must divide evenly into the event size. After hitting build, the Raid Builder priority algorithm will generate raid(s) based on class priorities created by you.

    The View Raid(s) button works the same as it does for members, except you can also long press on other members to remove them from the raid and attendance.

    Manage Classes allows the guild leader to create superclasses and classes. Hit the Classic EQ button to have classes, superclasses, and class priorities setup for you to get an idea of how this, the most important part of the app that defines how your groups are built, functions. Add custom superclasses to include classes that share similar roles that you would like to have spread evenly among the groups in your raids. For example, creating a Healer superclass and associating the Cleric, Druid, and Shaman classes with it when you use Add Class would cause all Clerics, Druids, and Shamans to be spread out evenly among raid groups. Superclasses will be where the priority algorithm starts when building the groups. When the algorithm discovers a valid priority match with a superclass, it will then make the next priority combination off the class it just placed to avoid a situation where members of a superclass could create a group of mixed priority classes if two different classes of the same superclass ended up in a group together. For classes you do not want to be spread evenly among the raid groups and would prefer to have placed based solely on the priorities you setup, add them to the Default superclass. Once classes have been made, use set priority to create associations between individual classes for the Build Raid(s) functionality to use to optimize the groups. Keep in mind the priorities are uni directional. When Raid Builder sees class 1(top class in the set priority dropdown), it will look to place class 2 in the group based on the HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW priority you choose. The Set Class button simply acts in the way members' Set Class button does.

    Manage Members allows the guild leader to promote and demote members. Members attempting to register with the guild show up as Unconfirmed and can be promoted to Member or Officer by tapping on the player. Using a long press will demote members. If an Unconfirmed member gets demoted, they will be removed from the guild. If a guild leader tries to promote an Officer, you will be prompted asking if you are sure you want to pass off leadership.

    Guild Officers:
    Officer functionality is the same as it is for the guild leader.
  2. Brontus Norrathian hitchiker

    Looks amazing! Thank you for building this to help the TLP community.
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  3. Zipe The Healer

    That looks really useful. The classic era guilds that do a lot of split will be happy to get this.
    I am wondering if your creation have something to do with the recent drama certain TLP guilds have had about similar tools and their code being spread widely.
  4. Protocol Augur

    Please enable spaces in the guild name and description fields.
  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Does this tool allow the linking of characters together so people boxing raids can be sorted into the same group? Otherwise sounds like a pretty cool tool, the more options to make things easier for guild leadership, the better!
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

  7. Zansobar Augur

    Does this interface with EQ1 in any way to auto fill groups in game, or is this an external only app that just arranges a pool of characters based on class and group need setup?
  8. Pikallo Augur

    Is there an option that allows you to join the stacked raid split? Or at least avoid the scrub one?
  9. Blastoff Elder

    You should be able to use spaces just fine. There is a badword filter for guild names since anyone can see them though.

    I was unaware of any such drama. That being said this was definitely inspired by how smooth raiding with TEB was with their raid check in and splitting tool.

    No, you would have to make a second RB account with a different email address for your box.

    RB does not interface with eq in any way and is purely a separate check in app that places players in groups based on how guild leadership sets up their priority combos.
  10. Blastoff Elder

    I just pushed a small bug fix that could cause superclasses to produce bad class comp. For example if you had a superclass comprised of cleric/druid/shaman, and a cleric and a shaman were put in the same group when superclasses get placed what would happen is it would look at the cleric and say find a priority combo with the cleric and place. Then it would look at the shaman and do the same. Now it will instead skip the shaman and combo off of what the cleric placed - and if no priority combo is found with the cleric it will proceed to check with the shaman. This will help with better group comp where clerics get prioritized with tanks, shamans with melee, and druids with casters without superclasses causing mixed priority group comps. If you have downloaded a standalone desktop or android app through chrome, those apps should get updated by going to the website and hitting refresh if they don't update automatically.
  11. tzeriel Lorekeeper

    “Create an account and log in” literally lost me at that. I don’t need another one of 500 logins. Why can’t this be done through Discord?
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  12. Febb Augur

    How else is it going to know who you are? It's not like your browser doesn't save your login. Why in the world would you want this done through Discord?
  13. MMOer Augur

    Can i log in as guest maybe?
  14. MMOer Augur

  15. Blastoff Elder

    Each user needs to be identifiable so they can check in for raids and register for guilds. Also, you have to be an authenticated user for google to allow you to interact with the database for security reasons. There is really no way around forcing people to create an account.
  16. Blastoff Elder

    Actually, come to think of it, I could allow people to sign in using their google or facebook account...but the way it is now was way more convenient for testing purposes. Maybe a future update.
  17. Blastoff Elder

    Feel free to join the I <3 Raid Builder guild from the guild finder and I'll promote you to officer so you guys can see an example of how to set up the priorities/superclasses and play around with creating raid events and changing the event sizes.
  18. Kylo Classic Augur

    Can we get a sticky on this?
  19. Blastoff Elder

    Hey dudes, don't forget to use superclasses for the perfect group comp. Most likely you should have a superclass for healers(clr,dru,shaman) and another one for singers(bards). This will cause these classes to get spread evenly throughout the groups and priority combos will start building groups off of them in the case where they have priorities with other members. I get amazing comp with these two superclasses and everyone else in Default where each class has its own high, medium, and low priorities. Try to use variety though to avoid ping ponging where say a wizard combos into a necro because class 1(wizard) has a high priority with the necro and then necro combos into a wizard because you set another high priority where necro is class 1 and wizard is class 2. For the best comp remember to view the priority as 'hey raid builder, when you look to try to make a combo off of this class(top class in the priority dropdown)...look for class x first(high priority), class y second(medium priority, and class z third(low priority).
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    The final promise of Raid Builder is more eq raid tool required for raid leaders! Just leave the raid unlocked and allow group leaders to manage invites to the raid for you. Players who check in late, after the raids have been built, will get sent to the raid with the fewest players. In this most recent update, Raid Builder will first look to place a player who belongs to a superclass other than the Default superclass in a group with no other members belonging to the same superclass. This will cause a healer-less(or bard-less) group with 5 members or less to get a healer/bard guaranteed if a healer/bard checks into the raid late.

    One known bug is that a member of the Default superclass(or a member from the bard superclass) could potentially take that 6th slot instead of a healer. I may fix this later by adding a default Healers superclass.

    Members of the Default superclass who check in late will still be placed into the raid as normal. They get sent to the raid with the fewest players and then Raid Builder tries to place them in a group with a high, medium, or low priority.

    As long as members check out when they leave the raid early or guild admins remove them from the raid if they forget, raid leaders should be able to mostly ignore eq's raid tool and let group leaders within the raid manage invites to their group when a late check in gets assigned by Raid Builder.