Intermittent Access Issues (July 15)

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  1. Feradach Augur

    Certificates (SSL) != domain registration. The two are mutually exclusive.
  2. Obiwon Elder

    Lemme help you windows 7 kids out.

    1. Change DNS to google
    2. run cmd prompt as admin
    3. run "ipconfig /flushdns" "ipconfig /registerdns" eq
    Lucifer, Today at 6:30 PM Report
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    Thanks and I really think its great that those who feel comfortable doing this can, but I don't feel we should have to.
    While I am somewhat proficient (used to be an IT support), I really don't feel I should have to change my dns server. SOE should have been able fix a dns issue in an hour max.
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  3. enrikk New Member

    This very well be their way of killing the game P
  4. Kassamai New Member

    The bf will have a fit if I even ask him to change anything to google.
  5. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I still have no plans to do anything silly to get into the game. The only thing I will consider is launching the patcher from my shortcut on my desktop.
  6. Greenlotus New Member

    The above worked just fine for my girlfriend and I! Thanks. Can any of you computer gurus explain if this can cause any bad problems and what?
  7. Olthor New Member

    I never thought I would see the day when the mighty SOE Empire would collapse...on account of not paying to renew their Internet Domain?!?! So much for "All Access"! To what? LMAO!

    Could someone spare SOE some Station Cash so they can transfer to another server? Ha, ha,ha!

    Someone's head must be on a corporate platter at SOE headquarters for this debacle. Of course, that person can always go work for WoW.

    But, at least I am sure we will get 1/8th extra experience bonus this coming weekend... for the inconvenience! ;)
  8. Spaurk New Member

    This One Worked 4 Me.... Thankz
  9. Xerxces New Member

    I'm not gonna go jacking around with changing things in my DNS settings just to play this one game.
    I'm paying for a service under contract which I cannot access. It's as simple as that.
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  10. Elricvonclief Augur

    The workarounds worked for me, thanks for posting them.

    That said, I'm downright flabbergasted this could happen to SOE. I expected better from a company that has received my money since 2006.
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  11. Lorilei Journeyman

    "Could someone spare SOE some Station Cash so they can transfer to another server? Ha, ha,ha!"
    Okay, that's actually really funny!
  12. Richard Cypher New Member

    It has now been over 24 hours for me and I cannot log in still. Guess it does not matter how long the patch is today and the real catch is I am home alone and can't play, typical.
  13. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Sheesh, lots of you guys / girls take that too personally.

    Granted, such a fauxpas should NOT happen to a big company like SOE. But it lights also an issue internet companies today have - they communicate via email only and automated mails can easily be filtered out by spam filters or land in outdated / not monitored mailboxes. Besides that, SOE had major staff rotatings in the past so lots of personal email adresses might have changed or were taken off. It's also possible responsibilities or informations weren't passed to the new people (this happens for other companies as well I had to learn two days ago ...)

    Anyway, where are the good old times when responsible people are contacted PERSONALLY via phone, fax or written letters? As DanteMc stated, you have to go through lots of time-consuming automated systems until you finally get to someone who might able to fix your problem within minutes.
  14. Fendy Augur

    2006? noob. lol. What I do during EQ's downtime, scheduled or otherwise is download other FTP games. Today I dloaded diablo 3. Was rather surprised when I logged in and was given the option to resume my game. Seems EQ has disappointed me in the past at least once. :) oh and "happy birthday"
  15. jackrich New Member

    Even the official SOE.Com wont come up now. was gonna try DC online or another game but no go on that either
  16. Olthor New Member

    Quote: "We are investigating..." You have to be kidding me! The supposed Internet Domain SOE outgrew years ago is the reason for this debacle??? In EverQuest you pay SOE $14.99 a month to be Gold...err, I mean "All Access" (to what???), and unthinkable things like this happen.? Will they make up for the time lost? No, they will give you a meaningless extra experience bonus on a weekend, when the rest of the week you are fuched!

    I hope this stirs SOE out of their complacency! There is no longer a reason why people who have just joined the game and want to experience some of the Old World EQ of Kunark, Velious, and especially Luclin, have to wait an unbearable 72 hours for a mob to spawn! Please! Get real! Though we pay our due, some of us don't have the time to catch up to 15 years of playing, or can afford to camp a mob 24/7 for 4 days! How about being a bit more realistic with changing times, for a change, and have Epic 1.0 mobs and drops spawn and drop more often. And Vex Thal Nameds spawn in 6 or 8 hours instead of in days or whenever servers reset??? After the game has advanced so much, is that unreasonable?

    This is no longer a multi-player game. Because of SOE's greed to get more monthly subscriptions from the same player, boxing, and mercs have supplanted the need to group with others...that is unless you can't pay for multiple accounts, or your old computer can't handle boxes. But hey! Who cares while SOE keeps raking the money in! Tough luck! Fuch you!

    I think that this unfortunate mishap should prompt SOE to do some soul searching, and as a corporation, determine what their services should be to earn the money they so desperately seek from us.
  17. Zombiee Journeyman

    click start > run > type ipconfig /flushdns
  18. brettyong New Member

    I can,t get in to eq1 still tis is 24 hours for me so what happening come on
  19. brettyong New Member

    why cant I get in to eq1
  20. Koutarou Elder

    You're not missing much, patch just started. Go outside and play.