intense hatred only working on some damage shields

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by tanknit, Nov 24, 2022 at 1:40 AM.

  1. tanknit New Member

    is it just me or is sk aa intense hatred not increasing damage shields from clickies or potions properly?

    i know from testing its definitely not increasing illusionary skin spikes xxvII, potion of barbs or scourge skins damage
  2. tanknit New Member

    actually it seems its only giving the benefits once even tho the description say it increases all damage shields is this intended to be this way? if so this might be thee most useless aa in the game
  3. Soulbanshee Augur

    Which rank? hatred&effect=&class=&level=&tab=&exp=

    Which mobs? Which server are you on?

    Potion of barbs is only 50 DS, I wonder if the AA has like a scaling SPA on it so a smaller DS gets less of a benefit. Or maybe theres an SPA on it that restricts it to DS that has a mana cost, I can't remember if thats a SPA or a limiter in the spell data.

    How are you parsing the damage? What do you mean with only giving the benefits once?
  4. Wulfhere Augur

    I think it's a stacking issue. SPA 59 overrides itself and highest value wins per slot.
    The AA is itself a slot 1 damage shield.

    Potion of Barbs is slot 1.
    Illusionary Spikes is slot 2.
    Scourge Skin is slot 7.

    You can have one of each of those effects and they add up. There are many SPA 59 spells that use slots 1 through 18 that can contribute (add up). Also add in the heroic strength DS contribution.

    Without any special coding for the AA, I would expect that Intense Hatred would interact with Potion of Barbs (50 DS) as follows:

    IH rank 16 < Potion of Barbs < IH rank 17

    In other words that potion would override the AA ranks 1-16 resulting in +50 DS from the potion alone plus the HStr contribution. This should be true for all SPA 59 slot 1 buffs.

    After IH rank 17, then that potion is overridden (but still activates the AA and HStr contributions). So for example, Potion of Barbs with IH rank 17 results in +51 DS plus HStr contribution.
  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    Would mage DS slot 1?

    So the wording is wonky? It's a grandiose self DS when you don't have a DS buff?

    Usually AAs stack with buffs so you get the benefit of both, there are other types of AAs where that is true. I wonder if the AA reports on its own line and OP isn't expecting that, instead expecting to see 1 line with greater damage?
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    It basically means that SK have a high value minimum damage shield that is activated by any DS buff. At level 120 the AA is +700 damage. That is well below mage and druid slot 1 DS buffs for the same level.

    Think of it as innate improved Banshee Aura (level 54, slot 1, +12 damage). A level 65+ SK doesn't need to spend platinum (or time) on slot 1 DS potions or clicks.

    If the SK does not have any DS buff then the AA contributes nothing (this is normal for DS). The SK self buffs include two spell lines (Cloak of the Akheva, Banshee Skin) that contribute damage shields, so the AA can have 100% uptime when self buffed and only get overridden by top of the line buffs.
  7. Wulfhere Augur

    From the spdat, this AA is simply a slot 1 damage shield (SPA 59).

    I tested it on my SK and its contribution is added into a single report line combining active DS buffs (total of slots 1, 2, 7, HStr) in my test case.

    In my test I found that IH added to a lower level slot 1 DS, contrary to my previous posted theory.

    My test was using a slot 1 low value DS buff to activate.

    O`Keil's Radiation - slot 1, +2 damage
    Intense Hatred 10 - slot 1, +30 damage
    Heroic DS - slot unknown, +35 damage
    Total = +67 damage

    I expected the total to be +65, but it was +67. Always helps to test a theory right? I tested further with a bard and of course their song buffs stacked in slot 1 (as always). For values over IH, slot 1 DS still added.

    Psalm of Veeshan - slot 1 song, +40 damage (+15 * focus)
    Intense Hatred 10 - slot 1, +30 damage
    Heroic DS - slot unknown, +35 damage
    Total = +105 damage

    Cloak of Corruption Rk.II - slot 6, +17 damage
    Intense Hatred 10 - slot 1, +30 damage
    Heroic DS - slot unknown, +35 damage
    Total = +82 damage

    My testing shows that Intense Hatred AA is simply additive when activated by a DS buff.

    ps: Rangers have the exact same AA line called Coat of Thistles.