Innate Eminence AAs (EoK) - are these just a 350 AA red herring?

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  1. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I can't figure out who could benefit from these AAs? Anybody doing EoK is 105 and should have, at the very least, a complete set of the very cheap, vendor-purchasable TBM gear. Are there any classes that aren't already stat capped, at least in the class-relevant stats, with this gear on (or any level-appropriate gear)?

    I hope I'm missing something, because I see a lot of people spending AAs on this, and it seems like a complete waste of time. Please educate me!
  2. Glooping Elder

    increase in that Charisma stat when your toon is naked!
  3. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I suspect they are filler-AAs that are slightly more usefull(in a hypothetical scenario) than that 100AA glyph of fireworks(also magelo padding).

    A slight derail: I see that EoK gear has corruption resist and that the EoK resist AA(forgot the name) actually gives corruption resists, is that filler also or does corruption resist matter in some EoK encounters?
  4. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I would almost include that spell resist AA in the "red herring" category, except it does something. I don't think it does anything noticeable (at least not in group content). It was almost last on my AA priority list. Just above pet AAs (I'm an SK), tradeskill AAs, and all the foci for spells that never get mem'd by any self-respecting SK. At the VERY bottom are Innate Eminence and Run Speed.

    All in all, a LOT of AAs that are nearly useless and probably misleading to anybody who didn't follow the beta forums. I come across a LOT of people who want to believe that Stoicism reduces damage (it does not).
  5. Sikanle Lorekeeper

    If I use the Thuli power source on my Monk, I am 94 below the cap on stamina and 18 below the cap on agility, so there's that I guess. (Full TBM raid gear with top tier augs, Eminence only at 15/25 ATM).
    Dredge power source caps me on all 4 melee stats.

    Using Thuli over Dredge grants roughly:
    - 8k HP
    + 5k endurance
    - 250 AC
    + 36 ATK (in the form of + 40 Hstr)
    No change in Dex/Hdex

    I use Thuli power source on raids a lot as melee DPS for the endurance and attack, so Innate Eminence helps a tad there. (Don't really need the 8k HP with Mend and FD...)

    My SK is short 33 strength and 40 intelligence while using Dredge power source. Would never use Thuli power source on the SK. (Also full TBM raid gear, top tier augs, Eminence at 21/25).
    So Eminence helps a tad bit on the SK as well.

    No crazy boost but it does something. I would rather something minuscule to buy later than just spamming Glyph of Fireworks.

    I'd like to see an endless AA that gives like 1 HP per 10 AA so at least you can buy something when you're maxed. 10k AA would give you 1k HP, nothing game breaking.
  6. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I agree that it would be nice to always have some growth potential, instead of just hitting a wall!

    And I'll be damned...some of my toons aren't maxed out in every stat. But most were, and definitely all of the class-relevant stats. Except my mostly group-geared SK main lol...-55 strength, just like you pointed out. I am over cap on Int though, go figure.

    The next question/clarification request I have is: Do any of the formulas utilize the full strength stat (strength cap + hstr), or do they all just use the strength cap amount OR the hstr amount separately? I know we see a combined stat on the main Inventory window, but is that number used anywhere other than display? I was under the impression that heroic stats only affect (add to) the base stat up to the base stat's cap (meaning everybody is far above the base stat caps).

    Any benefit from Innate Eminence still seems to depend on the class (and also which stat-cap increases your toon has earned through progression and other means). All of these toons had buffs on:
    • TBM/EoK Group/TBM raid geared SK with Combine power source: Maxed in all except -55 str (1131/1186).
    • TBM/EoK Group geared wizzy with Pure Energeian Ethereal power source: Maxed in all except -127 str, -31 stamina.
    • TBM/EoK group geared druid with NO power source: Maxed in all except -72 str, -180 intelligence.
    These two didn't have all ranks of Planar Power purchased, so take their figures for what they are:
    • TBM/EoK Group geared monk with Pure Energeian Metal power source: Maxed in all except int/wis.
    • F2P TBM group geared enchanter with NO power source (and only three type 7 augs): Maxed in all except -34 str, -83 wisdom. After raising the Int cap by 125 (25 ranks of Planar Power), -60 int. But 17+ augs and a power source should take care of that.
  7. Sikanle Lorekeeper

    Seems like grp/raid gear doesn't really matter here, both of my toons are raid geared and still a tad under cap on 1 or 2 stats.

    In regards to your question, using Hstr as an example:
    Str + Hstr will both add to your damage individually.
    Hstr allows you to go over your cap of Str. So if your Str is under cap, but you have 500 Hstr let's say, you still have room for growth by capping Str.
    Hstr increases your base Str above its cap, and also adds its own heroic benefit.
    Hstr adds attack and increases max hit (as a by-product of increasing base Str), and also adds +1 flat damage to all hits, per +10 Hstr (that's the heroic part).

    This is a pretty basic explanation, search the web a bit for heroic stat info, there are tons of posts.
  8. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Thanks for helping. I've been searching the web for the last 4 years and I'm still confused, which is why I'm asking :) I've read so much that I've read conflicting information and information that may be outdated, and that's why I'm asking for some clarification. If you would be so kind as to direct me to the current posts (especially a Dev post), I'd be grateful to you!

    Basically, I see four different numbers for each stat:
    1. Inventory screen shows a total combined amount (combined Strength + hStr).
    2. The Stats screen shows your Strength.
    3. The Stats screen shows your Strength Cap.
    4. The Stats screen shows your hStr.
    But most of the explanations just say "Strength", without clarifying WHICH of the 3 possible values for Strength are being used. I've numbered them above to make it easier for you to explain which value is being used where.

    Are the values for #2 or #3 used in a combat formula, or is it JUST value #1 that is being used in everything? Or maybe just the value of #2 is being used in all the combat formulas? Or is it just the value of #3 (for anybody who reaches the cap with #2 + #4 combined)?
  9. Sikanle Lorekeeper

    #1 is your total Str value which comes into play in the formula. More total Str = more attack and higher max hits. #1 is a combination of #2 & #4.

    #4 also adds its own separate "heroic" effect. Which for Str is +1 flat damage to all hits, per 10 Hstr.
    Hstr also adds some endurance pool and endurance regen, not sure how much.

    Make sure #2 is greater than or equal to #3, or else your Str is not capped.
    #4 allows you to go over the cap and has no limit.

    So when people say Strength, it is a combo of regular and heroic. But heroic also adds its own additional piece to the equation.

    Hope this helps, I'll try to find some posts for ya later if not, here is a decent one. Edit: hit me up in game some time if you wanna chat about heroic stats.
    Sikanle or Plated on Xegony.
  10. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    It definitely helps, and thank you! That first line was exactly the confirmation I wanted.

    There's no denying that Innate Eminence does something, even if it is very little. So I can't call it a Red Herring any more, but I will still recommend that it be one of the last AAs most toons should take.