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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    We’ve got the 4-1-1 to share! Read all about it here!
    Something is stirring on the moon of Luclin. What secrets or magical power was the Lord of Mistmoore seeking? Is he trying to usurp another god? Do you have the strength to peer behind the shades and track down the vampire lord to prevent whatever evil he is plotting? Well now everyone can find out as Terror of Luclin is now free to play for everyone!

    Ancient beings from the planes wait in darkness and shadow, and only the strongest heroes can defeat them! Will you be one of them? Log in today and find out!

    Find out more about Terror of Luclin here and by watching the official trailer.

    That’s not all we’ve got to announce either! The Ring of Scale expansion items will be available on the marketplace! These items are available for a limited time on Agnarr and other servers that have unlocked Ring of Scale. If you missed these great items before, be sure to grab them now before they are gone again on July 11, 2024, at 11:00 p.m. PDT!

    These bundles are as follows:
    Ring of Scale Standard Items Bundle:
    • Painting: Ring of Scale
    • Gorowyn Translocator Beacon
    • Contract of the Skorpikis
    • Devourer Familiar
    • Cockatrice Mount
    Ring of Scale Standard Items Bundle

    Ring of Scale Additional Items Bundle:
    • Veeshan Burning Bas-Relief
    • Howling Stones Tomb Box
    • Guise of the Iron-Toothed Earthdigger
    • Bridle of the Balefire Wyvern
    • Gorowyn Translocator Lantern
    • Herald Telcha Familiar
    Ring of Scale Additional Items Bundle

    Ring of Scale Special Items Bundle (Agnarr server only):
    • Howling Stones Tomb Box
    • Devourer Familiar
    • Cockatrice Mount
    • Guise of the Iron-Toothed Earthdigger
    • Bridle of the Balefire Wyvern
    • Herald Telcha Familiar
    Ring of Scale Special Items Bundle (Agnarr server only)

    For more information on the Ring of Scale, check out the original post and watch the official trailer!

    Lastly, as Thornblade prepares for being merged onto Mischief, server transfers off Thornblade will be free until it is merged. Additionally, it is now free-to-play. That’s right, anyone who wishes to move their character to Mischief ahead of time or move to Firiona Vie will be able to log in and go, go, go!

    All the above will start today, June 19, 2024, at 12:00 p.m. (noon) PDT. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

    Be sure to follow us on social media: X, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord. 
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  2. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    The Ring of Scale bundles aren't showing on the Marketplace.
  3. Fanra

    It's not noon PDT yet.
  4. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    They are in my marketplace. ROS standard (26.99 with discount) and ROS additional Items (58.40 w/discount)

    Its only 11 am PST but they are there.

    I am not on Agnar so cannot check the Special items bundle
  5. Iven Suggestions Bard

    Agnarr is perma locked at the LDoN expansion. How can it unlock RoS ? o_O
  6. TheDohn Augur

    Available on Agnarr and other servers (that have unlocked RoS) if that clarifies it for you.
  7. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Ahh that's the problem, I skimmed and missed the ROS unlocked part, looking for them from Oakwynd.
  8. Iven Suggestions Bard

    Seems like a comma is missing in that sentence.
  9. TheDohn Augur

    That's a totally valid concern and a not at all a pointless pedantic nitpick that serves no actual purpose.
  10. Iven Suggestions Bard

  11. Kezi New Member

    Quick question... If RoS is not unlocked yet (i.e. Oakwynd) and I buy the pack on a live server, will I be able to claim it on Oakwynd when RoS is unlocked? (Or Thornblade / Mischief etc)
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    As the 2 servers are merging together (doesn't really matter which is mergining into which), why isn't the same being done to Mischief?

    Players on both servers are in the same boat.
  13. Aamadon New Member

    My guess would be the Thornblade toons are already being transferred, as that server is either being shutdown or repurposed. The toons on Mischief aren't moving anywhere.
  14. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Mischief server is remaining in tact, Thornblade is merging into it. They are not merging together so much as Thornblade will simply no longer exist because Mischief will absorb the players remining on it.
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  15. Arial New Member

    I was pondering buying these RoS expansion items and had a question. Originally when RoS released, I seem to recall the cheaper version gave you 999 of the beacons and merc contracts, and the expensive version gave you 999 lanterns (and the Bonzz page for RoS agrees with my memory). Is that the case for these packs too, that these specific things have 999 as they originally did? Or is it that I really have to buy an entire bundle for each character if I, say, just want a merc contract for all my chars? And if so, is that on purpose or a bug? I was hoping this would work the same as the existing House of Thule revival packs, which even today give you 999 of specific things mostly as it was originally.
  16. Brickhaus Augur


    One of each of the things listed for either package.

    Also, the more expensive bundle does not contain the cheaper one as well ... just the items listed.
  17. Tansy Halfling Auntie

    I'm sorry. I should just leave this alone, but the professional writer in me and my irritation at unnecessary trolling means cannot let it go:

    1) That isn't a sentence.
    2) There is no comma needed there. A comma is only needed after an "and" if there is a second clause (subject verb)..

    "These items are available for a limited time on Agnarr and other servers that have unlocked Ring of Scale."

    Correct without a comma.

    "These items are available for a limited time on Agnarr, and these other items will be available on servers that have unlocked Ring of Scale."

    That one needs a comma.

    I can endure unnecessary pedantry in silence, but only if it is correct.
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  18. Iven Suggestions Bard

    I don't think that it is correct to not use a comma because it could be interpretet that Agnarr has unlocklled Ring of Scale, which is not possible. Even when adding a comma it remains misleading. The word "other" is to much. It never was meant as trolling.
    I think that both versions are valid. With or without a comma, but the comma does make it more clear imo. Well at least for german syntax which is structured very logical; I am not that familiar with the english one. In german we do use a lot commas, but in the english language they do get rarely used. I still like to add them.

    These items are available for a limited time on Agnarr, and servers that have unlocked Ring of Scale.
    These items are available for a limited time on Agnarr and servers that have unlocked Ring of Scale.
  19. Tansy Halfling Auntie

    My apologies, I didn't realize you were a native German speaker (your English seems native!), or what the problem with the sentence was - that Agnarr has not unlocked Ring of Scale. You're right this time; it's the "other" that is the problem there. A comma would still be incorrect in English but would not change the meaning of the sentence.

    My sincerest apologies for assuming you were trolling!
  20. MsRight New Member

    "Now level your hero up to the new limit of 120 in no time while taking on the newest formidable foes like the Akheva, Tegi, and Primal Vampires. Learn new spells, combat abilities, and AAs, and prove your worth to receive new and unique items in your journey to experience the Terror of Luclin."

    Does this mean that the new expansion is only going to grant us to level 120? or is that a typo and supposed to be 130? Or are you adding new Heroics to 120?