Info share on 300+ Tradeskills

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    Chunk of Discordian Rock doesn't drop in all GoD zones. The ones that don't drop Chunk of Taelosian Rock. I know for sure Kod'taz drops Rocks. Kill some snake ladies and shoot for Iridescent Scales while you slaughter.
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    Camp your bazu bones in korafax, imo, its pretty much the only place worth bothering with for bazu anything. save the skins and bloods that you get while you are there also - you will need them for other skills.
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    What Adetia said.

    What I did at the time was camp an alt out in korafax, and every so often log him in and pick off all the bazus. They spawn in mostly static places in the upper area so you can just run around, gank the dozen or so there, and camp/rinse/repeat. Drop rate there is muuuuuuch higher than any other zone.
  4. svann Augur

    Thanks guys. Now finished with fletch (335) and on to tailoring to finish it.
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    When upstairs in Korofax you should kill the three ferans as well.
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    what items are you farming in ldons for tempers? I haven't started the 300+ yet but interested in what ldon drops since im doing hunters.

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    Something I haven't been able to find is a master list of dropped/non-buyable items to farm for each of the tradeskills. Does such a list exist? What about a list of all vendor-buyable things also needed per tradeskill?
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    There are lists out there that could help you. I will see if I can dig them up when I get home. But, I have never seen a truly comprehensive list for all tradeskills. I just made my own, tbh, as I went along. Getting close on this myself. 350 in all tradeskills except Jewelcrafting, Pottery, and Research and over 330 in all three of those. My augment is at 291 AC and I will hopefully be able to avoid having to spend big to max out JC.
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    Thank you, sir. You're a gentleman and a scholar!