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  1. Hickers Elder

    I wanted to start this thread to try and collate in one place any good info people have discovered whilst working on the new AA's and raising their tradeskills past 300. whilst I appreciate that EQ Traders might be a more logical place for this, these forums get a lot more traffic, so hopefully we can build up some good info that EQT can cherry pick from.

    Info that would be useful to see here:
    Which tradeskill(s) you have been working on
    Anything you have observed about the number of recipes it takes to learn to gain a skill point
    General info and guidance on which groups of recipes to work on
    Any recipes not listed on EQT that you have discovered along the way

    I will kick things off. After a few weeks of effort I managed to hit 350 in Jewelcraft. I will try to lay out what I discovered.

    For reference, it takes approx. 27 recipes to gain one skill point.

    Firstly, I used the Quick Trivial list from EQT as my main reference. I then scribed every TS book I could find, which automatically ticked off every cultural symbol recipe (Boundless, Transcendent, Numinous, Illustrious etc). However, it would seem these recipes did not count, as my JC skill stayed at 302. Still, this allowed me to discount large chunks of the Trivial list.

    The next large group of recipes to tick off is the various cut gems. You'll need quite a few Prestidigitase, Taafeite, Harmonagate and Staurolite to do this. Each of these 4 gems can be cut 7 ways (round, marquise, pear, etc), then combined with one of 6 metals (gold, silver, palladium, etc). Finally, you can make 3 items from each (earring, ring or pendant).

    So, 4 x 7 x 6 x 3 = 504 recipes (plus 154 sub-recipes you'll learn along the way). For a total of 658 recipes. These alone will gain you ~24 skill points.

    Other than that I just tried to do sections of the Trivial list in sets. Solo/Duo/Trio/Compartmented jewellery, PoP items (vallorium ring, bloodmetal earring etc), Furniture (JC? odd i know) from the guy in PoK by small bank, Barren Coast recipes using Sunshard Ore, OOW aug gems that can be cut 3 ways (all the 'flow' stones drop in Draniks Scar, and are not too rare. However, the other gems like Apatite, Celestine etc are extremely rare

    Hints or missing recipes: I found that the 7 cuts of Magnetized Gemstone were missing from the Trivial List. I also discovered nearly 60 recipes not listed at all. Imbued gems, of which there are 15 types (have to be imbued by a toon who worships a specific deity), combined with a single bar of enchanted gold/platinum/velium.

    By the end I had got to 349 and was really scrabbling around for recipes. I ended up doing the Abysmal sea freebie quest to learn the recipes there (there are 2 npc's that give quests, and finishing with one means the other wont give you the quest, so maybe try running both at the same time?), and a couple of quest combines from Steppes, and this got me to 350.

    By that point the only recipes I had left were the rarer OOW gems (i had a possible 20 recipes left) but their rarity was making it almost impossible. So in the end I would say I learnt 98% of the recipes on EQT. So it is possible, just extremely time consuming.

    Other than that, I have completed the EQT trivial list for Fishing, and this equated to 244 skill on Beta (I have yet to buy the AA's on live), so my next project is to try and finish that. Possibly try various wings/patches of fur and see if I can discover some missing fly recipes. If anyone discovers any unknown recipes, please share them here.
  2. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    It would be really good if you posted this over on the EQTC message boards as well, people are updating there, and it's a better place because it won't get lost in non-TS related posts..
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  3. Swiss Augur

    Thanks for the post, sadly I haven't got around to doing any tradeskill stuff so don't have anything to add to the list.
  4. Aanuvane Augur

    What are magnetized gemstones? There isn't anything with that description in Lucy. Do you mean Energized gemstones? The didn't show up in the quick trivial list because EQTC doesn't have the exact trivial on them yet. I'll get that corrected as soon as the patch is over.

    I'm pretty sure I added all of those "missing" imbued recipes after someone reported the omission in the serverwide EQ Traders channel a few weeks ago. BTW if anyone needs imbued gems on Povar, I leveled a bunch of characters to 29 to be able to do all of those gem imbues and can help anyone out that needs it if you provide the gems. Look for or send an in game mail to Aanuvane and I will help you next time I'm on and free.

  5. Aanuvane Augur

    Also, please, if you find recipes that are missing, please post them in the EQTC forums or on the item in Alla's so they will be enumerated and can be posted for everyone to use.

  6. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    hey i was wondering if there was some way for a "new" symbol to appear next to new recipes on the quick trivial list for like 7-14 days or something. it would help those who are in progress to see things you've added recently to the database to make sure are lists are up to date; for example i'm working baking, so i copied the quick list into a spreadsheet to mark when done; but now its hard to find if you've added new ones in :) just a thought!
  7. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Thats good information and my 300+ TS with 7/7 trophies and 1-2 AA buys in each have resulted in a slow time gaining points in each. One thing for folks to keep in mind is the primary stat for learning any tradeskill will be either intelligence or wisdom depending on class. So if you have two 105 toons, one with an Int of 2000 (not impossible with EoK) and another with say 650 Int. The 2000 Int toon is going to gain skill much faster than his or her less gifted companion.
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  8. Hickers Elder

    Sorry, yes I meant Energized Gemstones (RoF era drop). And it may well have been myself who mentioned about the imbued gems in the EQT channel, I wasn't aware that had been noticed and captured.
  9. Aanuvane Augur

    Heh - maybe that's why people spend so much time searching through the Database Update Complete forum rather than using the site itself! I don't know if we can do that, but I'll look and see if there's something maybe I can come up with. I don't put 100% of the recipes I add into the Database Update forum, but I do put about 95% worth :)
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  10. Hickers Elder

    For anyone working tailoring, I discovered 3 new recipes from Plane of Torment whilst farming bits for a JC recipe:

    Spiked Belt of Agony: 3 x Keen Metal Spike, Belt Pattern, Purple Diamond of Torment, Blood Treated Kaniz Hide

    Spiked Bracer of Agony: 3 x Keen Metal Spike, Wristband Pattern, Purple Diamond of Torment, Blood Treated Boruk Hide

    Spiked Shoulderpads of Agony: 3 x Keen Metal Spike, Shoulderpad Pattern, Purple Diamond of Torment, Blood Treated Boruk Hide

    Anyone found any new fishing recipes yet?
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  11. Kravitz Augur

    Would have been nice if there was some flag to exclude or include recipes that are not counted as a skill up (scribe recipes, known recipes already populated when you make a toon, etc) when you bring up the recipe in the search field of the tradeskill UI.

    Just simply bad design by the developers.

    It is not worth my time to sift through and look through each and every single recipe for 50 skill up points. Maybe it is for others though.

    I'd rather fail by 95% , 4-5x on a high trivial with a skill level of 300 vs a skill level of 350, that would grant me a fail rate of 75% instead. Even if the drop was rare because the amount of time to get some of the tradeskills to 350 is a huge task without knowing which recipes don't count.

    Glad someone is doing it though, so I can look at it 4-5 years from now when its all nice and neatly done by players spending oodles of time to make up for a developers bad **** design, with these AA.
  12. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    Some scribed recipes do count (because you can learn them the old fashion way or scribe the recipe book to learn them).
  13. Hickers Elder

    Sorry, in the first post that should have said combine imbued gems with a single bar of enchanted electrum/silver/gold or platinum. Apologies
  14. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Looks like getting any one TS to 350 will be as much work as the PoP progession, Gimel's tasks, Eron's tasks and making all the artisan seals combined. Then do that 7 or 8 times to finish up the Artisan's Prize to maximum? I guess my calendar is full for the next year =)

    And I have 5 Master Artisan to work this up, plus tinker, poison and alchemy.

    Buckle up folks. It is going to be a long ride.
  15. Stephen51 Augur

    Regarding the beginners quests in Abysmal Sea, I went to learn the recipes for tailoring. I'm assuming so far that all other trade skill quests there will be set up in the same way.
    There are two npc's who give tasks. Garald Samer and Tonlyei Lyhin. Tonlyei will respond to hails, and key words and eventually she will give you components to combine. Once you have made enough usually 2 to 3 x 20, she then starts giving you harder combines.
    Garald on the other hand wont give you anything based on hails key words. To kick start him you give him a preserved muramite etched scale, which is obtained from Tonlyei by handing her a muramite etched scale, which is a drop from lower GoD zones. Garald then gives you components to combine in a loom.
    From what I've read making x amount of what he gives you, will have him eventually give you a harder combine as above. But I found that if I combined one set of Garald's then got the components from Tonlyel and focused on those combines until she gave me her next set, if I handed another scale into Garald, that would make him also move onto his next set.

    I've been working through EQ Traders trivial list and I've found that some items are listed as tradeskill items in game, but EQTC says they aren't part of any recipe. This is mainly DoN drops for Alchemy, but also shaded hopperhide gear from Luclin. You need to combine a damaged rockhopper pelt with a pattern then combining the result with a temporary drop from mobs in shadeweaver thicket. The result is a Shaded hopperhide X, but this is also listed as used in tradeskills but EQTC says there are no recipes that its involved in.
    Didn't DB recently do a purge of tradeskill items and change tags for things that no longer were used in tradeskills? So did they only do some of the items, or are there unknown recipes to be found? And Ye Gods if its the latter option where does one start in trying to find the recipes?
  16. Angahran Augur

    Take random TS flagged item, attempt to combine with another random TS item in each possible TS container. Repeat for all combinations on 2 unknown TS items. Once you have completed those start on the 3 item combinations, then the 4 .....
    If you haven't gone completely insane, died of old age or given up in disgust, please come back and post your results :p

    p.s. don't forget that these random items may also combine with known TS items.

    p.p.s Don't you just love tradeskills :p

    p.p.p.s willing to sell other peoples vital organs for someway to a) dump known recipes and b) some type of list of all existing recipes (from DBG)
  17. Kravitz Augur

    Its going to be longer ride than you think. This is not even close to being in the ballpark of how time consuming the Artizan's Prize is. This is like Artizan's Prize multiplied x 100 on time consumption, simply because this is the worst design ever, since there is no way to tell which recipe is flagged as scribed, or already learned when you create a level 1 character.
    Its simply wasting oodles of time figuring out which recipes don't count because of the developers who thought of these AA just didn't even bother to take that fact into account.

    Horrible game design.

    The easiest one is going to be Research though, you should be able to finish that without any effort since all you are doing is chugging and learning new spells, tomes and songs. Followed by Jewelcraft, since its pretty cut and dry on buying gems and metals and learning the various recipes that go along with those.

    Good luck with the rest of the Tradeskills though.

    I look forward to not wasting my time, once the rest of the player community has done all the hard work and time consumption figuring out recipes which count or don't count toward a skill up, I'll be sure to abuse your results because a developer made you waste your time over it.

    I mean how hard would it have been to put up a FLAG on the tradeskill container UI whenever you search a recipe if it flagged it as "common learned" i.e. scribed books or common to when you start a toon and recipes show up in the UI field vs "uncommon learned" - a recipe you learned the hard way that counts toward the AA skill point.

    Garbage time waster, thanks for doing the hard work though.
  18. Gillette Lorekeeper

    Currently at 347 brewing. Each skill up takes 6 new recipes (at least this was the case from 330-347). I have 5 more recipes that appear to not be quest related that I can learn (the items for the combine are just insanely rare). This should get me to 348 + 3 additional recipes. So looks like I'm still short 9 recipes to finish off brewing. Any ideas?

    That covers all the non-quest recipes on ZAM and EQTraders. So far the quest related recipes have been a complete bust. (I can't get the 4 newbie recipes from Crescent Reach and can't get two of the newbie/refining materials out of GoD.)

    Anyone know of the Shar Vahl brewing quest lines recipes are learnable?
  19. GoldenFrog Augur

    I'm 345 with brewing. I have hit a wall. I haven't learned most of the Abysmal Sea or Crescent Reach beginner quest line recipes - but am unable to get them due to "Already high enough level".

    Ditto with Shar Vahl.

  20. MrMajestykx Augur

    75 AC 600 hp it is. Based on all im reading here and elsewhere, it'll do.