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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pawtato, May 10, 2020.

  1. Evye Lorekeeper

    Rallos Zek Earring is the Epic you are looking for...
    It is a middle ground. Its a long as quest players want and a quest with one set of coding for all the classes that Devs want.
  2. Magneress Elder

    I want new non-luclin models but it seems like the current heroes forge system is shaping up to be decent enough.

    A new set of epics would be awesome too )

    it doesn't need to cost more than any regular progression server, just a server with no krono that requires an active account, people will probably farm on other boxes to play there, but hey... it would give you a server that wasn't being used to farm krono which is an issue with new tlps...

    honestly krono should probably not be tradable on a new server until after a certain date and should maybe be usable there, but transferable to. This would take pressure of newbs and newb zones for production of krono

    I am kind of suprised Krono was allowed on FV, I would have made FV a nokrono payed subscription only ground for the most dedicated people to do their thing
  3. strongbus Augur

    question what bout instead of epic weapons they do epic weapons augs with damage/proc/stats/focus based on each class. that they don't become useless threw out new exp. and add a new aug slot ot all weapons starting next exp for epic augs.
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  4. Maedhros Augur

    I don't remember the epics being anything at all like the Rallos Zek earring.
    I don't remember doing tradeskills to craft my epic, and then exp grinding to evolve it.
    The only thing that makes them at all similar is that they are time consuming, but in very different ways. They also produce best in slot items. End of similarity.
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  5. Evye Lorekeeper


    That's what we call a compromise.
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  6. Questoften32 Augur

    So both losing something? Booth feeling thereafter mediocre and depressed on the subject... like they Kind of sort of but not really, wasted there money...Maybe doing a sort of, ''David Banner'' Sad walking away thing, from the subject of epics? Then going back a year later and making the same request for epics or post against? That it?
  7. Areosea New Member

    Why not just come up with one epic aug quest that only fits in epics and when attuned to whatever class it adds stats based on the class. It’s one quest for just a different hand in at the end. The aug would only work with 2.0’s or greater.
  8. baider Elder

    epic augments were a pretty big fail really there was nothing "epic' about them it was basically just an aug to throw in your epic.
  9. Triconix Augur

    It's not a compromise whatsoever. They are completely different types of quests. The Earring is similar to all other multi-tradeskill quests, but with the addition of an evolving aspect through grinding. I would say it's closer to the Signet of Might, Eron's Jewelry, Earring of Solstice, Shawl quests, etc than an Epic.

    Epics were entirely lore-based and involved actual questing - finding items, killing specific NPCs, speaking to NPCs across the continent, etc. No epic has ever required pure grinding any and all mobs within an expansion to increase in power.
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  10. Triconix Augur

    True, in fact.

    1. No less than 8 epics remain valuable to this very day. That's half of classes still using an item from 2004. That's well more than a "couple classes" as you say. (Sham, Cleric, Bard, SK, Pal, Monk, Rogue, Necro). There may be more classes that click theirs, but I'm not sure how valuable ranger, berserker, or beastlord clicks are any more. Warrior one isn't too valuable, although I still click it.

    2. Many of the melee/hybrid epics were used until or through TSS. That's OOW, DoN, DODh, PoR, TSS and most likely a good chunk of TBL. That's 5-6 expansions spanning 3-5 years. Some epics were so good they needed to patch and increase the power of TBL weapons so classes would stop using them.

    But yes, Epics were just a "pretty item" to wield, right?
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  11. Zelena New Member

    No I'm talking about the weapon quest each class got in the Rain of Fear expansion. Heres a link to the Quest. Had to do all the progression in Fear and then a raid drop to finish your weapon. The proc on rogues gives us 225% haste for a short amount a time. Heres a link to the stuff needed.

    I dont know about other classes but I'd sure like that proc on an aug. I'd even use it with no stats.

  12. Xyphen Augur

    I believe one of the reasons for the implementation of the new task system was to prevent multi-questing, which suggests they'd certainly use it. They would also be pigeonholing themselves from using things like kill count and kill credit if they didn't use it.

    I highly doubt they'd devise a whole new quest system for this, given the quests themselves would replace an entire xpac.
  13. Cuuthbert Elder

    I think with the evolving items there is plenty to chase down. As far as Epics go though, I think they should look at all the 2.0 epics for each class.
    For some classes they are just fine like Bard, Rogue, Shaman, Cleric etc...

    But they really need to take a look at the effects on some of the other classes and make them useful. For example what new druid is going to go back and get his epic 2.0.

    I believe as far as epics are concerned the effects for some classes need to be looked at and adjusted.
  14. Nennius Augur

    Lots of opinions on epics and stuff. I still don't think that very many folks would really pay a premium for an upgraded epic, but no matter. How about these two words to increase sales...Servers Up
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  15. baider Elder

    i wonder how many people still dont know about "epic 3.0 " ornamentation
  16. kizant Augur

    Yes. The majority weren't useful just like I said. And for some reason you counted pally and monk epics in your list as if they actually matter. :rolleyes:
  17. Fuddlebutts New Member

    Increase it with two words:

    "Servers up"
  18. Koryu Augur

    New epics are a boondoggle. I can understand the nostalgia and the desire for them, but I don't have confidence that devs would get them right. Weapon ratios, stats, looks, useful clicky effects... The longer an item lasts, the less incentive we have to play and to replace it. Those epics that are still useful have been problems for the devs to balance (necro focus, SK lich sting nerfs, shaman ruchu stacking nerfs). There's too much likelihood to get it wrong, in exchange for no other new zones or quests. If you want to farm Torment of Velious for an extra year while waiting for new places to go, then an "expansion" questing for items of questionable usefulness that will get replaced, that's what requesting new epics will get you.
    I would like new epics, too, but hard no.
  19. Triconix Augur

    I know plenty of pallies that consider 40% healing increase valuable. I also know plenty of monks that consider a 38k hp temporary hp buff quite valuable, especially in modern raids with many AEs going off.

    And again, weapons that lasted 5+ expansions (like actually held and used as weapons, not just a click) are extremely valuable. There's nothing in today's game besides Artisan's Prize that will come close to that longevity. Just because your Wizard epic may not have lasted as long as others it doesn't make the epics for 8-10 classes not valuable also. Having a weapon that lasts that long for many classes = more dps = valuable if you want to get down to your way of thinking. I'm sorry you're just plain wrong, you can admit it.
  20. Evye Lorekeeper

    To me Epic and earring are very similar its a long time sink for a fancy item.

    All this stuff: "lore-based and involved actual questing - finding items, killing specific NPCs, speaking to NPCs across the continent"
    Would cost thousands of hours for the devs that they don't have.
    We are all playing on borrowed time. We are lucky we have gotten what we have gotten so far.

    If you really want Epics so bad lets start an epic kickstarter. We just need a quote from the Devs on how much it would cost and how much we would have to raise.

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