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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pawtato, May 10, 2020.

  1. Skuz Augur

    I like your seedling of an idea here a LOT - I will expand on how I could see it working below.

    We have just under 4 years until the 25th Anniversary of the game

    A 3 part Epic quest spread out over 3 expansions where in each expansion a PART of the eventual 25th Anniversary Epic 3.0 weapons were done makes a lot of sense, while the original Epics & the 2.0 had individual stories that led into individualised content the 3.0 wouldn't necessarily need to follow that same model, to stories behind Epic group quests could be built in such a way that the whole group are working on a part of that epic & each part of the progression addresses a certain class's part of that.

    For example:

    2022 expansion

    8 Zones
    Each has partisan tasks, mercenary tasks & 2 group missions

    Have each of the 2 group missions award 1 reward on a separate table that is a player class specific Epic 3.0 part - 16 classes now have 1 part of their Epic 3.0 for 25th anniversary, tie in the story behind the epics in with the story arc - on the raids that mirror the events of the second mission in place of the Epic 3.0 part either have nothing or something else cool that ties into the story even though it isn't an epic 3.0 part, one or more of the partisan & mercenary tasks could also be tie ins to the story behind the epic 3.0

    2023 expansion:

    Would follow the same model as the above advancing the story & the Epic 3.0 quest to the second stage.

    2024 expansion

    Final stage of the Epic 3.0 Quest as part of the 25th Anniversary

    Follows a similar tie-in model as outlined above but here the raid for each of the zones awards pieces of an artifact, you need to collect 1 piece from each & every raid in order to create the final artefact that must be handed in to complete the Epic 3.0

    Crowdsourcing of some of the process may be a great way to have some community involvement in a long-term project like this & it would still allow the team to continue to create revenue-generating expansions, the 3-part Epic questline could be built in such a way that every class is involved in every other class's ongoing quest.

    I'm just outlining what I think could be a working structure that could be used & it is different to the way the prior epics were done because doing them that old way is not workable with the current resources available.

    Epic 3.0 - built over 3 expansions has a nice feel to it, so here all I;m really saying is that epic 3.0 can to a large degree be piggy-backed onto the existing content creation stream. Some extra criteria, achieves for challenges etc that tie into it or are optional parts could also be worked in if the team feel a need to create some special conditions without creating too much workload.
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  2. Skuz Augur

    Here's an example Spreadsheet showing the distribution of Epic 3.0 quests that tie into the expansion storyline into the structure outlined above for the 2022 Expansion.

    (this does necessitate building the 3.0 story in tandem with the expansion story)

    What you end up with using that template would be an epic quest for each class across 3 expansions.

    Each would have 13 steps, 4 group steps per expansion plus 1 final part that requires 8 raid drops to build all fully integrated into group progression of 3 expansions & raid progression of at least 1.
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  3. Questoften32 Augur

    The point is to avoid the Joe every-man stuff that defeats the point of the class specific...its there always should you play any or all of the classes up to a certain level like originally month long quest for each class, to last in the game forever.

    Should you try all classes up to a point, you'll have that content. A quest, not a task or mission, or a raid no one gives a dam about in a bit. He said there would be a raid, but it would be tied to the epic! Years in the making. That is the point. Homogenization is when I lose interest. No replay value. Might just be WoWs legendary panda cloak or ring crap. I could care less, then what good is it?

    You know what? I also want there to be a hellish rep grind for a new faction before you even get started then halfway through you gotta lower it down part way to do turn ins...No missions, just tasks. Yet you should gain from this also, make it useful in other ways, Just an idea.

    So more dependent on your own actions and effort as well as a raid! The solo part should be just as much.To say you worked for it, even if you can be smart and figure something out. That is traditionally part of this sort of thing to.

    Yet I agree somethings in retrospect should be instanced, because corrupted gamers ''or just people that could care less what they do: ''who me? yuk yuk duh I'm gonna submit a report! If its in the game I can do!''. The kind of people who would not have the patents or inclination for a game of chess or even read a book not on audio ''tell me a story, but make it literal and simple'' or its just stupid!... least I have 500 comments and a guide to explain it to me'' (with a video of course) and maybe a guide on the point and uses of guides...and if its a game why.

    You know, the type, Mr I can copy and duplicate what I see, like unskilled manual labor, or the most mindless of brains ''a pc/cut rate AI'' and so I feel I'm brilliant and you should listen! Yet I cant figure out the plot of a children's story from a decade ago, or civility, and general sportsmanship as a concept in a game!

    Such is like: I eat laundry detergent ''because smell good pods'' and sue the company "No one told me not to eat them''! "This really happened btw and more than once req consideration of a warning on the detergent'' Yet I can remember and copy much like a robotic monkey, I see, I do... ''though my visual/pattern recognition is shot all to hell! ""only proving not senile...yet...and the memory stick is still in there with no distractions'' That sort of mentality to be avoided I guess.

    "No offense to innocent non EQ concerned ''real'' baboons however at the zoo'' nor the learned Dr, Zaius Ofc.

    (I feel better now).

    Oh and instanced because of the the plat farmers...hehehe them too. Yeah I had a point in there somewhere and also a joke. (I wish you had made it).
  4. enclee Augur

    Would’ve been nice, if there was less emphasis on EQ 3.0 and more on Epic 3.0, it would’ve have a better ROI.
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  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Just to be clear keep doing the new zones revamped or whatever :)

    P.S. just call the evolving gear of last few expansions Epic Earrings etc and you are good to go.
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  6. Tarvas Augur

    Just curious, what would it had meant in terms of a fully fleshed out zone (percentage wise) if the earring quest for TOV hadn't been put in?
  7. Celephane Augur

    You are asking "the" tradeskill dev what it would take to do something outside of his expertise? I'm going to guess exactly what it already did, since he doesn't do that
  8. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Epic weapons are great until the next expansion, unless there was an epic weapon that could be upgraded each expansion, with say a raid/quest turn in item. Maybe make it so each epic weapon click effect benefits the entire group. Some do some don't
  9. Tarvas Augur

    They all work on the entire game at need from my understanding and he probably has a good understanding of how many man hours any given project cost. Either way, the tradeskill Dev answered about what the trade off would be for an expansion to include epics which leads me to believe he has a fairly good idea of what it cost to put earring quest in.
  10. Moege Augur

    At this point I am wondering if the $40 is even worth it for the expansion, now just epic quests in next one. Wave goodbye to my purchases not to mention subscriptions as I will not be subscribing for that year.
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  11. Voktar Journeyman

    This is a question...

    Do you feel the extra $40, or $90 or $190 bucks for the collector, premium, mega, ultra, friend, chachipiruli pack versions that only adds a few mounts, illusions and bags are really worth that much money?

    For a normal expansion that include, new zones, gear, spells & AAs for sure i will pay GLADLY an extra $40 for an Epic quest line.

    I'm so old that i even remember years back a normal expansion included new continents, new races and even epics!

    This should be the real premium content anyone should pay, not some mounts and bags.
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  12. Skuz Augur

    I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to that too, I think that is a very pertinent question directed at what exactly amounts to value for money from any special editions of the game, I can't recall ever buying one myself as I never thought those "extras" were good value even though I think they help keep the lights on & I'm happy if others do buy them and feel they get something out of them I never saw any of them as worth it to me.

    Those days, when SoE was a premium AAA MMO Developer are long gone, Daybreak is but a shadow of that illustrious past, and the team on EverQuest is nowhere near as large as it was. It still does okay for a smaller developer but along with a much smaller team comes smaller ambitions & therefore smaller expansions than what went before. It is what it is. I'm happy they are still able to put out expansions even if they are clearly smaller in scope & scale they have at least put decent amounts of content into them generally.
  13. Questoften32 Augur

    Daybreak can be epic!

    That is if they use eq and don't try to kill the genre, but hybridize and replicate it. ''Just playing on it'' Yet maintaining it. That kind of sociological thing with imagination is rare but could make the team at daybreak richer than kings, if they parlayed and built on it, without pushing it wrongly trying to modernize ''overextend'' like SOE did to kill there ownership.

    They did not understand at the end ''SOE'' Genre and context GoG for exsample did: and growing mega from almost nothing. They still provide that service too though now they pander to others to grow.

    Steam on the other hand is cheap IMO. Strong cliant driven DRM, ''more so on bought single player games you own'' also makes me think of a company as weak and untrustworthy for some reason, a bit of a nuisance for other innocent reasons ''invasive client, like origin''.

    Stops single player games because of from time to time unavoidable tech problems. The public remembered this also, ''could not play there game ''single player'' because of X and X glitch at set time...and I believe this also helped GoG to succeed. Preaching NO DRM!

    You would thing because problems, this ''No DRM'' would cause them to fail be stolen from, but the good will for superseded that. You read thievish sorts saying on youtube: I went back and bought it, or you should go back and buy it to support GoG! The company! That's Loyalty. There paranoia was not showing and it paid off. Right on message and also a smart use ''beneficial corporate propaganda'' People perversely loved.

    Not the same situation here but its indicative of it ''possibly'' on how EQ could ''Ascend'' again or more so. Now is just the time for it.
  14. koook Elder

    I think working on emulation server's the only option for community control.
    As for epics, everything is fine.
    (Not a necro)
  15. Elemtal Journeyman

    I loved Everquest Online Adventures, I used to play it at the same time I would play Everquest for PC! Should bring this game back to PS4
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  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    not really anything. I was late because I spent extra time on the pack in stuff, and perhaps a bit too much time in crystal caverns. My excuse for the CC is I'm rusty since I don't get to do that type of content often, so I was slow at it. (There is at least 1 easter egg in there, and a show that I do want play er to think, and not hand feed them everything... and what do you know, lots of complaints and bug reports about how awful it is since I'm not hand feeding them!)

    I typically only get assigned one raid per expansion, but this time I took on a zone as well (We counted Crystal Caverns and Rygor Mines as one zone for level of work since the mines was so small)

    We also consider the "long tradeskill quest" part of my scheduled responsibility, though we don't do it every expansion.
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  17. Duder Augur

    Whats an eater egg?

    Edit - Ohh, im guessing Easter Egg maybe? Ohhhhh, now im really curious
  18. Qbert Augur

    I would like a new epic eventually, but if past epics are any indication, raids would be a decent chunk of the ultimate quest completion. Since raids are now built to the point that soloing them 10-15-20 levels after they were designed is not really an option in most cases (emotes/multiple characters standing in certain locations, etc.), I wouldn't likely see the epics anyways so /shrug.
  19. Zerker1231 Journeyman

    Couldn't the next TS quest actually just be new epics ;) I mean the thing does require merc/part/collector/hunter achs for TOV and TSs preferably with max trophies. The dam ears are already epics.
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  20. Dre. Augur

    Proposal - Link the epic items to a series of standard progression instanced missions as a bonus drop.

    T1 same mission for all classes, really easy, drops 1-3 generic items that you turn in for a class weapon (T1 quality, has the basic epic model but maybe no particles or clicky/focus)

    For the 2nd and 3rd tier (and raid) upgrades, certain existing progression quests/raids have a class and tier associated with them. At some point the mission checks player inventories of that class for a specific epics. If so, it adds an epic drop for that class to one of the NPC's or objectives in the quest (a la "Journal of the Disciple"). Every class has 4 mission(s) that work this way (2 group tiers, 2 raid tiers, 1st raid tier looks for the T3 group weapon)

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