Increase plat limit in /bazaar

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tinyfeet, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. kizant Augur

    No it doesn't. It just forces you to use chat channels to find a buyer. That's it.

    People trade plat for krono so they don't have to spend real money to renew their subscription. Plus you can use kronos as a way to transfer plat between servers. Neither of those things would change if the bazaar limit were increased. Sure, it's a little more convenient to use krono as your main currency in the same way that platinum is more convenient than gold but that's a pretty small thing in comparison and doesn't improve if the limit was changed.
  2. mackal Augur

    /shrug. Lazy people already do what you want.
  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Going back to the discussion regarding Nobles, their primary reason for being added was explicitly as a kind of plat sink, but they were marketed to the playerbase primarily as a way for players to get around the limits in the bazaar. However, the only place it would be useable is for those in Buyer/Barter; as the Bazaar would not allow them in exchange for items. Back then I had always said that the most straight forward solution would be to add a new coin that is part of the bazaar but converted directly at the bank (or even an NPC that exchanges them). But going by a previous post, I guess a bank/NPC conversion of like 1000 Platinum to 1, of a new coin, Titanium and using it in the bazaar is more complex than I thought.

    Food & Drink slots where it will only eat/drink the item in the slot and nothing else? That would at least provide a benefit of not accidentally losing stats or eating TS components unintentionally.
  4. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I'd also like to know why they couldn't just remove copper, silver and gold which have been completely pointless ever since they removed the weight of coin, as that seems like the simplest solution.
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  5. Millianna Augur

    The reason is TLP.
  6. svann Augur

    I played a bit on TLP and no one sold in silver gold or copper. For drops they could just round it to the nearest plat.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    That is in no way the simplest solution in any way. This would cause massive changes in code and small, but not insignificant, changes to multiple UI windows.
  8. Millianna Augur

    This solution would cause problems with vendors sold items since everything would have to be updated to reflect the new drop rate.
  9. svann Augur

    Vendor sold items dont have to be scaled to drop rate (if thats what you mean). Just round prices up or down to an even plat. I wouldnt even mind if a 3cp price was rounded to zero. Its practically zero anyway.
  10. smash Augur

    In a galaxy far far away, in another time....... When at the beginning, 3 cp was much Money, and it adds up. Basically, what i am saying, for some newcomers they might not like not getting those Money as at the beginning thats their income :(
  11. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    But why. And what is a simpler solution?
  12. Scorrpio Augur

    Removing sub-plat denominations would carry the same, if not bigger coding changes as going with 64 bit prices. You would have to divide all prices on all goods by 1000 and it would all have to be rolled out at once. And what do you do about things like water flasks and such? Round up to 1p? That would be a 1000x increase on stuff like corks.
    To an earlier post: yes bigger bags would have been a coding change, and potentially a significant one depending on inventory implementation. The gist of it is not that it was "impossible". But rather that it was not deemed pressing enough. However, with growing amount of content, people needed to keep more stuff.

    It will eventually be same with plat. Either they introduce some major plat sinks for things which are 'bling' but desirable, or they go 64-bit.
  13. Scorrpio Augur

    IMHO, 64 bit pricing should be simplest.
  14. Ishtass Augur

    Good idea ;p
  15. svann Augur

    Who cares if they round water down to free. Its for all intents and purposes free already, even on TLP. The only character that considers the price of water is the guy that is selling his starter tunic for cash to buy his first bag. 10 minutes later its no longer something you think about. Coppers dont matter.
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  16. Questoften32 Augur

    Computer says: no.
  17. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I gave some of the issues in my post but also, the 32 bit issue is an issue in the bazaar, not the whole game. Changing the value of money in the game affects everywhere that money has a meaning at all in the game, not just the bazaar, AND spreads into significant design time as well, not only code time.

    The simpler solution is to change the 32 bit problem in the bazaar. The reasons this has not happened I have already explained in this thread.
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  18. MyShadower Augur

    We go back to the EC tunnel but everything is sold in Krono! You solve the 2 M plat limit, the so called "seller's cornering the market" problem, slim down to one currency, reignite the social center that was EC tunnel, and it will reduce discussions on this to "Krono are (insert your view)".

    We can even make Krono the raid currency!

    I hope Krono are 64 bit ready!

  19. asfasfasfasf Augur

    It would be better to try to fix the mudflation rather than mask the problem. The economy in a virtual world is supposed to work like the real world, but everyone in real life isn't a millionaire and can't just go out for a while and come back with millions in cash or things to sell. Endgame items used to be sold for hundreds of plat. Then it started being kpp. Nowadays everything is in millions of plat or just a bunch of kronos. You gotta get rid of money out of the economy some way and reduce the amount coming in. Norrath needs a recession. And people should have significant living expenses.
  20. Aurastrider Augur

    The question is how would they go about this? I agree plat should be leaving the economy to make it valuable but without a system in place I see no reasonable way to do it. Charging a toon for hours in game or per day would not exactly work. A returning player could owe millions of plat and what exactly would be the penalty for owing plat until you have paid it back. What if you run out of plat? Does your toon simply become unplayable? If this is the case this will effectively remove players from the game which imo players>plat.

    A couple possible solutions are make the vendor purchased tradeskill mats for the next expansion very expensive and the fail rate high. The item produced would have to be decent enough to offset these costs and actually make people want to make and use or sell the item though.

    Reduce the drop rate of vendor trash across the board. Well maybe leave the pre level 70ish zones alone so new and returning players can actually afford gear but reducing vendor trash drop rates will reduce plat produced.

    Reduce or remove plat drop from mobs for all new expansions.

    Place items on vendors that cost a crazy amount but are things people would actually want to buy. As it stands now outside of mats needed to do tradeskill combines there are very few items worth purchasing from most vendors.

    Tax bazaar trader and barter sales (not my favorite suggestion but it would remove plat and probably faster than all the other methods combined).

    A new casino with tokens costing 10k per or more but have rewards worth dumping plat into.

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