Increase number of people allowed on Aradune

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by kalei, Jun 14, 2020.

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    I mean the quality of life is great on Aradune right now and the 15s chat / zone lag sucked a ton, but I would much rather be able to log onto a server and take 20 mins to get to a spot to farm / exp in than wait 4-5 hours in a que to get into the game. Not to mention groups could coordinate in a discord server instead of chatting in game. So frustrating going ld right back into a 4 hour que, would much rather deal with in game chat/zone lag then this 4 hour que crap.
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  3. Kahna Augur

    The extra people was causing issues with the login server (that slow zoning is related to the function of the login server. When the login server goes down you can't zone.) That effects all the EQ servers. As much as I preferred the slow zoning to the queue they are unlikely to do something that impacts all of their servers for the benefit of one.
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  4. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Login servers have nothing to do with zoning.

    They decreased server capacity because the population on aradune was causing the server to become unstable.

    This way they can ignore any problem as some blip on a screen says "up" for server status.
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    The same way they ignore that they sell more subscriptions than the sever can handle?
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    No one told you to play on aradune, other servers have no que or lag

    you choose to play on the laggy server because you cant have it
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    either way they need to figure out how they can increase player cap on this server. Anyone know what the cap is atm for this server. When this game came out it was around 2-3000 people per server. with todays tech they should be able to do that easier, but I guess bandwidth is also part of the problem.

    I guess it boils down to whether they really want to fix it or not and from what I am seeing they really don't. they just keep putting bandaid fix after another bandaid fix. I just feel sorry for the poor gerbils
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    you cant figure out how to do any of that stuff, machines cant handle it

    you either cluster and add more nodes or make aradune 1 and 2 and move half the people off and merge later when everyone quits
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    Oh please...most people came to play back on aradune. They could have pre planned a lot better for it, knowing the impact it would have months before this came out. Quit using that as an excuse and go back to your own server if it doesn't have to do with Aradune, because obviously this complaint has to do with Aradune only. Have fun on your own server