Increase Bazaar Max Price

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  1. CrazyLarth Augur

    they could add a new Baz only Coin - this would raise the limit. but I am not sure I support this change for the real players who have limited time to gather PP to buy stuff.
  2. blinder Journeyman

    Adding the ability to trade items via /trader or /buyer and these items can be bought/sold to vendors with no reduction in resale value could work.
  3. Havanap Elder

    This is wrong, and a lot of people are wrong.
    If you have a "32-bit system" there's nothing preventing you from structuring your data as 64-bit integers.
    The 32-bit part was the choice that was made for storing bazaar price values - it was chosen to be represented in a 32-bit integer. There is nothing about a "32-bit system" that prevents this being changed to use a larger capacity integer, and I doubt it would be all that much work. It might have impact on data transfer or storage but not that much.
  4. Duder Augur

    The reality of this is that the economy has been bloated with an excess of platinum due to the afk bot OOW instance farmers that existed for months. The economy of each server has been flooded with excess platinum, thus making it easier to obtain and allowing more people to have more of it. They are more likely to introduce larger and further plat sinks to try and offset this rather than increase the bazaar selling limit. I don't want larger plat sinks or higher bazaar limits... if only they had put a stop to the afk bot farming when they had initially gotten reports this issue wouldn't be such an issue.
  5. Daniel De Vera New Member

    Okay try hard, I only used a few searches, my goal was to see if anything new was added, my bad for not trying harder. There is always one out there. And a Dev advised me to post things here to get their attention to make changes not specific to bazaar prices geeezzzz. This is supposed to be a discussion on how to make EQ bazaar better not increase your knowledge and skill level at right fighting!
  6. mackal Augur

    Because signed is the correct type to use here. Unsigned are not used to represent the idea of something not going negative. Nor is it used to increase the max size you can represent. The C++ Standards Committee also does not recommend using unsigned types for math, since it does not work in obvious manner.

    The only correct solution is changing the type to 64 bit int, which they have stated is not worth the time.
  7. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I'm sure if you apply a couple spray to your shorts the itching will stop. :cool:
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Can't you already trade items in /barter? Though I am guessing it wont let you trade with or for krono. Never tried it though I just know I see stuff in barter offering items for items.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I don't think there will be any upcoming major pat sinks. I think DBG wants to keep the game as Returning Player friendly as possible because from what they say in articles that is where they are getting higher numbers from.

    Some will always have more plat then they can ever use and the others RMT it into cash. And the returning players will be sad learning 600k really isn't anything these days (on the Live servers).
  10. Sathayorn Augur

    So, here's the thing, you can alter your bazaar file on your computer to sell items for just over 2m, which is where the 2.1m number came from. People aren't trying to sell Krono for 2.1m, they sell them for 2.8-3.2m. Nobody is taking a 800000-1200000 plat loss for convenience, and if anyone tried, certain unmentionable program running people would snatch it up the instant it went on bazaar.

    Firiona Vie: People buy at 3.2, infrequently, most try under 3m. Some people sell under 3m, such sales happen nearly instantly.

    I'd like the bazaar to be usable for high priced items. I don't like waiting and waiting for someone to sell, say, a bifold focus of the evil eye... But I don't sell in bazaar because all the, uhh, perfectly... Uhh... Legitimate applications people run to undercut. I get more plat in General chat, just takes longer.

    TL;DR: Bazaar sucks for wealthy characters.
  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If it really was that simple to change wouldn't they have done it by now given all the requests? But a change to this would impact the bazzar, the barter system, merchants, player banks, player inventories, npc inventories and possibly other things as well. There are many things that use money and would have to deal with any changes to how it is stored.
  12. Allayna Augur

    So this really just affects FV is the TL:DR I took from that. Krono go for 2.1 mil on Xegony.
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  13. Tappin Augur

    I cannot fathom a reason for bazaar plat change outside of greed. It's already hard enough for someone returning to this game to get started, we certainly do not need another price hike on almost every item.
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  14. Sathayorn Augur

    I thought I made some good points for this, items sell for many times bazaar cap on FV. Selling a 50m item for 50m isn't greed. Selling a 50m item for 2m is stupidity.
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  15. Dagum Elder

    Please don't do this. All it will do is increase the plat cost of the krono.

    If you want more plat for it then sell it in general. NOTHING but the krono sells for this much. So therefore it's not needed.
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  16. svann Augur

    Last word I hear from devs was that it was not yet enough need to be worth the effort. Implying that that could change. So yes you may keep bringing it up.
  17. kizant Augur

    They should fix this with a wealth tax. Take 70% of all platinum that each player has in excess of 1 million and delete it from the game. Then we should see the value of platinum rise and prices fall so that more items are able to be sold in the bazaar.
  18. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

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  19. Hayzeus Augur

    This is not true. I recently sold an illusion item for 6.6 million plat.

    While I regularly sell items for more than 2 million plat, I kind of lean towards NOT implementing these suggested changes. I find I do better with the limit in place. If I'm selling an item that would normally be worth... say... 3.0-3.5 million plat. It's just easier to negotiate these prices in Kronos. Yet, I'm not going to ask 1 Krono fro this 3.5 million plat item. Instead, I'm going to ask 2 Krono, which effectively rounds my price up to 4.4 million plat (Xegony Krono price is actually 2.1mpp, but I'll use 2.2mpp because I'm sure they must trade inside of a plat range).

    The people who happily buy items with Krono typically have many Krono, so it's easier for them to overpay because of the convenience of the trade.

    Most traders who trade in items above 2mpp will win if this limit stays in place provided they are marketing items that fall into the "halfway between krono" pricing range. By force, this artificially increases prices in jumps of 2.2mpp per jump. Talk about inflation... NOT having this change implemented actually increases the inflation due to the currency vector of Krono.

    Works for me!

    Edit: Fixed a typo so Kroon wasn't selling items
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  20. Verily Tjark Augur

    Ok don't take all my money Bernie
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