In-Game Progression Server poll (Feb 2015)

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Trakkkkkk Lorekeeper

    Hi guys, hard to skim 31 pages, will this require some type of "Gold" subscription to get started? This progression server is sparking my interest to get back on retail EQ, but at what cost?
  2. Rojas Journeyman

    It will require gold I'm 99.9% sure of that.. Everything else, <shrug>.
  3. jagarr Augur

    said it before, will say again: if this is your first re-run through classic content since the early 2ks, don't let the gold fee stop you. some people here would pay $100+ per account easily if it meant they could log in tomorrow ;)
  4. Trakkkkkk Lorekeeper

    Last i checked EQ Live servers are nothing like classic though, I wouldnt pay money for a sub-par version of classic. I even heard Defiant gear was dropping ? lol.
  5. jagarr Augur

    the TLPS are an entirely different rule set than live, but we don't know which one we'll get for sure yet. last time around defiant did not drop until it was era appropriate. but it won't be a 'true' classic experience. there will probably be in-game maps and no corpse runs, except to recover XP.

    what you're paying money for is an official 'fresh' server experience with all the old dragons and dungeons. if you are already heavily invested into other player-run deals then it might not be worth it for you, but i like that new server smell.
  6. Trakkkkkk Lorekeeper

    Yeah the reason I asked is because my friend said the first few expansions would be free-to-play, but that didnt ring a bell for me, I always remember prog servers to be Gold Accounts restricted.
  7. Gialana Augur

    Maybe he meant or was confused about the normal servers, where all expansions except the latest two are free to everyone.
  8. Archess Elder

    Last time, they allowed 1 month free access to the TLP server, but afterwards you will need a subscription.
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  9. Vaclav Augur

    Why do people keep saying this... it was 7 days. It was a free 14 days that was given 7 days before Fippy launched - thus a max of 7 free TLP days.

    A month and a half later or so after the hack there was more, but that was a good space of time between.
  10. Sinzz Augur

    I like that progression is gold only folks who wanna play for free can go elsewhere or play a live server but the work they put into this they should be paid for .
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  11. Sinzz Augur

    and sorry but if you cant afford 15 dollars a month for this kind of entertainment maybe you should spend less time on a game and more time towards working for that 15 a month.
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  12. Drathus Augur

    Except, some of the people complaining are the same individuals that want to 12 box =P

    I like that it's gold only.

    Also for people that are unaware, secondary income is pretty much disabled for the TLPs. This means DB will not make $$ from LoN or SC. While there may be a few SC items available, for the most part, the majority are disabled. Same goes for most of the LoN /claims.

    This is the main reason the TLPs are gold only sub.
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  13. Archess Elder

    Its good thats its payed accounts only, otherwise allot of people would just 6-12 box, clogging up the server and now with it costing money might reduce them to 3 boxing as that is still a viable amount of money to throw at a game monthly, 45-60$ is doable, 90$ is stretching it just for a game.

    I find myself bouncing between 3 and 4 box or just 2 box and group whenever i get the chance...

    On another note, poll has run 1 month, will we get an update on it today or tommorow ?
  14. Trakkkkkk Lorekeeper

    lol.. so everything we're interested in, but don't buy, is because we cannot afford it? Your argument is old and invalid. My point still stands, its likely an inferior version of classic thats asking for a $15/m fee. Sorry you don't know about other options.
  15. Sinzz Augur

    ohh ok trakkkkkkkk to clear it up further, one mans trash is another's treasure your argument is old and invalid as timeless as this quote is , if you don't like it don't buy it. how's that :)
  16. Sinzz Augur

    most folks don't want all the evil parts of classic without the good parts you know the other option is flawed as well however they have the sucky parts of eq down pat , lol most didn't care for that either or sony would not have bothered to rid most of it.
  17. Sinzz Augur

    corpse runs , pets lost from invis or zoning , exp penaltys, hell levels yeah been there done that I like classic but not all the bard parts of classic
  18. MBear Augur

    You might be right about most people, but there are still many people that like classic without everything made candyland easy. Some of what you are calling the bad parts are the challenging or good parts to some of us. We aren't the majority but figured I better put that out there.
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  19. Barton Augur

    Breaking the rules to win is not a good part of the game no matter how you dress it up like calling Kill Stealing, a DPS Race nice revisionist history there or Training someone Community Self Policing its bunk some people will do anything to "win" and if that means to put a stop to that kind of behavior the new "classic" has instancing, bring it on Better that than a bunch of rule breakers who will stop at nothing to be the "best"
  20. Resistance New Member

    When do they plan on announcing the release date?? I can't wait much longer! I thought 3/25 they were planning on saying something! anything!!!

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