In-game obtainable "Frostfell"-ish themed decor?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Silv, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Silv Augur

    So, I've recently started doing holiday guild hall decorations and had a lot of fun with Halloween. Since I haven't been a big housing person in the past I never really paid attention to a lot of placeable items available in game (but not the marketplace) that would be good to utilize.

    Anyone have holiday-specific placeable items? Or suggestions on items that could be made winter-y? One example I know is people collect a lot of glowy orb placeables for decorating a tree. That's the type of idea/suggestion I'm looking for. I know there are many more talented minds when it comes to EQ housing :)

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  2. Jezzie Augur

    There are a few items such as trees/lights that can be bought with loyalty tokens
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  3. Oxgoad Lorekeeper

    Some of the monk's hand-to-hand weapons, such as the Crude Defiant Fists, when placed in a house create a "glow" effect which could be used to enhance a tree with lights.
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  4. Lily Augur

    Thickened, cloudy, purified, etc. mana are placeable. They look like blue bottles. A guildmate once decorated a Christmas tree with them.
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  5. RoshenAdminAbuse New Member

    We have Grand Guild Hall Themes for most major holidays.
    This is our frostfell one...sadly our reindeer ran away and could not be bothered with for a picture
    We do have a Zamboni to keep the ice clean though..


    Dorigen / Fishoor
    Leader of <Wudan> on Zek
  6. Lily Augur

    This was our Halloween scene on the guild portal pad.[IMG]
  7. Silv Augur

    Those are awesome guys :D
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  8. Sasrayk Journeyman

    Silv, Summoned Ice type swords (mages) have nice frosty particles to place in interesting manners. Lightstones, Faceted and Greaters have neat icey looking globes.

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  9. Phancy Elder

    Basic suspensions have a graphic of green, gold, pink, blue, red and are totally tradeable.
    They make nice tree decorations.
  10. Phancy Elder

    The clothing items on Master Hunter Jilare in Shard's landing look like gift wrapped packages when placed.
    There are two graphics just a white box with blue banding and the yellow box with red ribbon and a bow.