In Game Loot with the EverQuest: Rain of Fear Expansion

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  1. Piestro Augur

    EverQuest: Rain of Fear (now available for Pre-Order) comes with a ton of digital goodies that you won’t want to miss! We’ve gotten a number of requests for details on the items, so without further ado let’s check them out!

    Pre-Order Items:

    Available only with the Pre-Order are the Harbinger’s Staff and Fear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph Totem.

    Available to every character on your account, the Harbinger’s Staff looks amazing,! Even more importantly the Harbinger’s Staff provides transport once every 72 minutes to the City of Bronze. From there it’s just a hop, skip, and a zone line to Shard’s Landing, the central zone in Rain of Fear!

    The Fear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph Totem is an item with two uses. Claimable by all your characters, this item provides either an inspirational familiar or is usable to transform the appearance of your normal pet. Either way it’s sure to lend its terrifying visage in whatever you need!

    Standard Edition

    The Standard Edition comes jam packed with all sorts of useful and decorative trinkets, and of course a new and terrifying mount!

    First up are the Collector’s Dimensional Case and Traveler’s Rucksack, both available one time per account. The Collector’s Dimensional Case is a new type of bag that holds up to 40 items for our Collection system being introduced in Rain of Fear.

    The Holgresh Metamorph Totem is similar to the Fear Corrupted Phase Spider seen above. Truly you’ll be able to surprise both friends and enemies with flying monkeys coming out of your bags!

    Ever feel the need for a little bit of assistance in your adventures? A mercenary is always there to lend a helping hand… as long as you have the cash! The Contract of the Apparitional Alaran provides a bit of ghostly aid, obtainable by all your characters. Have the spirits of these proud people tank, heal, or damage your opponents as you require!

    Like to decorate your home? Feel the need for a bit of new art in the guild hall? The Painting: Rain of Fear gives all of your characters’ domiciles a more heroic feel!

    And finishing up the contents of the EverQuest: Rain of Fear Standard Edition is the Bracelet of the Severed Hand (once again for all characters on your account). It’s important to have style and panache when picking your mount and this fabulously adorned hand is sure not to disappoint!

    Digital Collector’s Edition

    The Digital Collector’s Edition is a veritable bonanza of in game goods. Containing all of the items in the Standard Edition, there are a number of other notable inclusions on top! One of the most interesting inclusions is a special Collector’s Edition Only Collection Quest, adding even more content to our new Collection System. Nobody will object to the inclusion of a single Journeyman’s Pocketed Rucksack, and the Holgresh House Pet (with the same appearance as above) certainly spices up all your character’s home lives.

    Of course the Digital Collector’s Edition also contains an additional Mercenary, this time in the form of Contract of the Fallen. Sinister and foreboding, this Mercenary will be extra popular with the Shadow Knights and Necromancers of Norrath we are sure. It’s available for all your characters however, not just those who are most familiar with the undead!

    This beautiful piece of art depicting Shard’s Landing brings out the inner Skeksis in all of us. Certainly I feel the need to reunite this with other crystal shards. Place it in all your characters homes; you won’t need a trial by stone to determine who has the nicest house in the neighborhood!

    Purchasers of the Digital Collector’s Edition will be happy to know that all their characters will be able to claim an additional mount, this time in the form of the Bracelet of the Severed Hand. A giant reanimated Iksar hand, bound through pain and iron, will advertise your deadly prowess to all who see you astride it!

    Finally, the Digital Collector’s Edition contains a massive home in the style of Evantil, the Vile Oak. Able to be claimed by one of your characters, this mighty tree makes a statement when seen in a neighborhood. I don’t know if it has curb appeal, but it certainly has curb intimidation!

    Make sure to Pre-Order today. The great deal on the Collector's Edition won't last long!
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  2. Liliana Augur

    Contract of the Fallen = Amazing
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  3. Bigbear Augur

    YAY!!!!!!!!! my lil pet will get to be a flying monkey...... YAY!!!!:D
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  4. Ishtass Augur

    That hand mount is flipping amazing, lol
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  5. Tobynn Augur

    Thanks for the thorough write-up. Couple questions:

    Is the CE Quest a single claim or 999? Are the quest or its reward level-restricted? Any info on the quest reward?
  6. Cakvala Augur

    The hands are fantastic thank you.
  7. Elizabeta Augur

    So let me see if i get the math correct:

    Harbinger Staff: 999
    Fear Corrupted Phase Spider Metamorph Totem: 999
    Collectors Dimensional Case: 1
    Traveler's Rucksack: 1
    Holgresh Metamorph Totem: unknown #
    Contract of the Apparitional Alaran: 999
    Painting: Rain of Fear: 999
    Bracelet of the Severed Hand: 999
    Collection Quest: unknown #
    Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack: 1
    Holgresh House Pet: 999
    Contract of the Fallen: 999
    Painting: Shard's Landing: 999
    Bracelet of the Severed Hand (version 2.0): 999
    Treehouse: 1

    Not mentioned above:
    Idol of Cazic Thule

    Can we please get some clarification on the two unknown amount items and the missing Idol.
  8. SpamFactory Augur

    what does the interior of the tree house look like? is it the same 1 or 3 room interior like a standard house or something brand new?
  9. Cakvala Augur

    Great question, I hope it is bigger!
  10. Nissassa Elder

    Would be interested in this for sure, Still awaiting info on upgrade packages for SoELive attendees.
  11. Goddess Journeyman

    All this stuff is great! I have the Hermit's Hideaway house from LoN and now I get another unique it! The paintings are awesome! I have every painting awailable to purchass and several from very glad you put out some more! More big bags...yay! The mounts are so different and really well done! So is the kewl looking! Can't wait to get my collector's edition...SOE ya did a great job on these items...can't wait to see what you have done with the zones...the new ones and the old! Thanks SOE!
  12. Intimidaotr New Member

    Why is the link to pre-order not working? Am I missing something?
  13. JERUS Augur

    I actually like the 1 room look but the item limit is very restrictive. I'd love to see a 1 room or a 3 room but either way max amount of items. It's a special house it should be at least equal to the best as far as items allowed. Either way that was the decider for me, got the collectors edition lol =b. See posting pictures gets people to buy it! lol, thanks peistro!
  14. Sinzz_Wickedly New Member

    after finallly seeing these i have tried to pre-order the collectors 4 times and it keeps saying error?
  15. clark53 Journeyman

    My beta character has a few of the items but not all, however non of my live server characters have any items to claim. Is this the way it should be, not avail to regular server characters until the expansion launches?
  16. Piestro Augur

    It should be available via the pre-order process. Basically it'll be discounted at the very last screen. Please let me know if it is not.

    Holgresh Metamorph Totem: 999
    Idol of Cazic Thule: 999 (we don't have a screenshot yet, housing item)
    I'll get confirmation on the Collection Quest later today.

  17. Piestro Augur

    Collection Quest is not a claim. If your account has the Collector's Edition it is available to every character on that account.

  18. Fenthen Augur

    I'm hoping the tree house is 1 room, but 2-3 levels... winding staircase or stairs going 90-degrees on the outside of the single room?
  19. Piestro Augur

    2 rooms on two different levels. ~200 item count, huge internal staircase in between them.
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  20. Cakvala Augur

    I want a 4 room house :(

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