In addition, big raid targets from each expansion will be instanced.

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  1. Ginix Augur

    Straight from the FAQ for the Phinigel server. Don't cut corners and deliver on the server you guys advertised. #InstanceRSS
  2. Protagonist Tank

    What you're failing to notice is the lack of the word "All" in that sentence.
  3. Ginix Augur

    You're falling to notice that King & Queen are big raid targets in Omens.
  4. Renshu Augur

    I would get used to them not putting resources into Phinny. They are going to min/max revenue and put their efforts into new Live content and new TLP servers. Post PoP era, they don't care so much. Look at how hard we had to bend their arm on getting GoD released separately from OOW. Look at how angry the devs got when we expressed our concerns in the GoD instancing thread. Look at how the dev's closed the recent thread about OOW instancing. They don't hold any value for a TLP sever past PoP era. They are probably making a mistake this time as Phinny is popular, but it's their company and their gamble. Sucks for the rest of us.
  5. malaki Augur

    King and Queen have never been "Big" raid targets in era, they're peripheral trash nameds to be done when other stuff isn't available. It's not much different than the M'Shas not spawning in the Qvic instance. That said, it doesn't mean that having an RSS instance would be bad, and assuming the resources needed to get it implemented didn't unduly tax other things I'd be all for it.
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  6. Zenshai New Member

    At this point it's just false advertising.
  7. Dailor Augur

    Please instance RSS. We as a Phinigel community shouldn't be complicit. Lots of players are here to still see content they missed, and I can imagine there are people who were assuming they would be able to finally see the King, and Queen via instance and have, "a chance to make those memories for the first time, to see those legendary times they missed the first time around."
  8. Aziuno Augur

    Gates of Discord and on is new content for me, I am one of those people who missed this content when it was first launched. I am sure I could make a heroic character on a live server and 1 shot everything in all of these zones up to this point, but the only way I can truly experience it at this point is through Phinny. I was super stoked when I heard about Instancing through the server, and even though I already missed Classic > Velious, I subbed 3 accounts at luclin and have had a blast meeting new friends and enjoying content I never got to experience before.

    Seeing that this content will not be instanced makes me sad, as I know only batphone guilds will be able to experience it in era. Please add them to instancing, I know it will take time and effort to instance a zone, but once you have done it, you can use it on future TLP's going forward, it isn't something that will be a one and done. Your time and effort CAN be reused for future TLP's.

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  9. taliefer Augur

    king and queen are not "big raid targets."
  10. Aziuno Augur

    The word 'Big' is subjective. If you are trying to argue that the loot is not BIS for everything, I would agree, it is not. But to those of us who don't 3 Split the end game instance every expansion, there are some pretty 'Big' upgrades here for me that I would love to get and even more, Love to experience the content in era.

    All we are asking is for raid events to be instanced. Yes they are not required for progression, but there was other 'not top tier instances' in Luclin and other expansions prior to OOW.

    Pretty sure people weren't running around in GE loot the whole expansion of Luclin.
  11. Miena Elder

    Faydedar and Phinigel Autropos both have AoCs anyone want to claim they are "big raid targets"? I get that they are crunched for dev time working on an expansion, but is one aoc raid zone for OoW really an unreasonable request?
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  12. Dailor Augur

    I get it, "big" is an operative word.

    Personally I rationalize it as two level 80, raid encounter classified mobs (which happens to match the type and level of Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, Warden Hanvar, Arch Magus Vangl, and Overlord Mata Muram of CoA fame) and feel the end would justify the means. Some honest work from the Daybreak team would provide a decent chunk of people joy, satisfaction in killing mobs they haven't had the chance to see before, and fall in line with the current climate of Phinigel.

    Some constructive discussion and hopeful change in idea on this could also positively impact our chances with contentious mob issues in the future, E.G. Vule.
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  13. Barudin_Phinigel Augur

    Basically this.
  14. Strawberry Augur

    don't be ridiculous, they're a waste of time

    they're not even worth killing, you can get 10 times more gear for your guild by doing uqua and txevu, and then do tacvi and the MPG trials, RSS mobs are a waste of time unless you need an epic piece for a guild member

    only serious raid targets in OOW are MPG trials and CoA, you get your guild through the trials and then you farm CoA over and over, while farming Tacvi when possible
  15. Agrippa Augur

    So from what the trolls are saying, they're not big targets or worth killing, so they'll always be up and available for those that do want to kill them? If this isn't the case, they need to offer instancing as advertised.
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  16. snailish Augur

    It's reasonable to ask that additional raid targets in any era be given the agent of change treatment.

    It's reasonable for that to not all be done, or not all be done right away though too. Depends on the dev priority to-do list.

    I agree with the point that the work put in benefits current and any future progression servers.

    If the target doesn't make the dev's "cut" of worthy of being available via instancing, then it makes sense to revisit the spawn timer of some boss/named. A great test of this is if people are waiting around to kill it, better to have players & guilds actively doing things. If people aren't really killing it... status quo is fine.
  17. Jsyn New Member

    Would be extremely unprofessional if DBG doesn't deliver on the server they advertised. Many people play here because of the fact that raid targets are instanced. Hopefully they will see this and make time to instance Riftseekers.
  18. Ryak Augur

    Personally, I think we should stay focused on making sure they instance any open world *progression* targets.

    "Looking into" master Vule 1 month before it needs to be done is an extremely questionable strategy.
  19. AgentofChange Augur

    Prathun already replied to this concern. Unsure why you are saying 1 month. It's more like ~ 6 months.
  20. Reht The Dude abides...

    Fay and Phini also have epic drops, so it makes some sense to lessen that bottleneck.