Improvements. How are you guys doing?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Trizek, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. Snapdragyn New Member

    8 hours trying to get onto Mangled - never been past the char creation screen.
    10 minutes trying to get onto Selo just to compare - about 8 minutes of that was loaded in & playing.

    Restart. The. Server.
  2. Junlo Journeyman

    I dont get it why they wont bring it down... /boggle
  3. ZzznakeDoctur Journeyman

    Are you saying that Kunark-era items were dropping off of level 7 mobs on Mangler?
  4. Aelenar Journeyman

    yes. they few people still in are loving it
  5. SaDaTay New Member

    8 hours later, still getting "THE SERVER IS NOT RESPONDING" upon attempting to log into Mangler. This sucks
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  6. Culan Journeyman

    I have never seen a launch of any game this bad. It isn't just the technical issues, it is the complete lack of communication as to what is happening to fix things. All we keep getting is generic responses that don't even let us know if the server is still being worked on...
  7. Bitzy New Member

    Would leaving Asia out of this server work to help lag? Make a Asia only server for them.
  8. Isell New Member

    Pahleeese. There is no improvement. Folks are ticked as all get out. If i cant log in by tomorrow morning. I will cancel 3 paying subs (not krono, US dollars) maybe that will get your attention.
  9. Isell New Member

    I avoided making a wow account all those years. Gonna have to do it now. I am tired of this crap. If i like wow, all 3 paid subs will be cancelled.
  10. Isell New Member

    Thats an idea. If the IP comes from asia, it cant log into any other servers but the asian one. I like that idea.
  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

  12. Junlo Journeyman

    how about bring it down and fix it right?
  13. ianchudson Journeyman

  14. Junlo Journeyman

    Its up again
  15. Ilshade Augur

    This ^^^

    almost at giving up - loged in select character - press enter world - disconnect - try again now loggin out character that is already on - wait again - rinse and repeat for the last couple hours - even took a nap for two hours and came back to the same stuff - so i am curious as to what progress you speak of i don't see any
    checked out a few streamers and i mean a few. the few by the way could get in and all they see is little to know one around - so again same issue as when launched - obviously there is a disconnect with the team and the server

    does anyone actually from the investigation team trying to log in (as an average person on these forums complain)

    i don't see how you can give these types of updates if you have actually tried to log in
  16. Trizek Augur

    I'm in! At long last I have arrived in game on Mangler!
  17. malaki Augur

    Still can't claim anything. Still have like over 2000 currency that was going to be used for the normal azia buff wolf that's been on every tlp in Luclin ever. And still have random characters crashing when zoning. Other than that it's real exciting.
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