Improvements. How are you guys doing?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Trizek, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. Respexn New Member

    Clicking create character will work if you wait 5+ minutes. Then you can create but submitting the name to server takes 5+ minutes and you will get Server not responding when you do try to load in.
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  2. Aelenar Journeyman

    no, i cant get past charecter anymore. But I have someone else here logged in, they are making a ton off these drops and plat. two people in zone near guk, same two for almost an hour. crazy good loots
  3. Respexn New Member

    And he is signing off right now. He was rolled back to 6 and has not been able to log in for 2 hours. I too am 6 and not able to get in. I am not a streamer. It was a horrible launch for sure, but don't throw false comments. There is no preference for them. My static group had 2 of 4 players logged in randomly and varying if zoning, etc.
  4. Diemond Augur

    Congratulations DBG, you messed up the once in a lifetime 20 year anniversary, can't say I'm surprised though with your track record for TLP launches.
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  5. Aelenar Journeyman

    At this point only those in gamre can stay in, but Roxxy said things are looking up., So what else can ya ask for
  6. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    Never thought I would need a poopsock during login...
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  7. Gromden New Member

    After 20 years of EQ the devs still can't keep the servers stable. At what point is it gross incompetence and not just hur dur 20 year old game.
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  8. Maxe Augur

    I get "you were disconnected" every time. I haven't even gotten out of the main town and I've actively been trying to connect with nothing more than bathroom breaks for 7 hours now. Cmon guys, let us in. It's not really funny any more.
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  9. Thygrym Elder

    I watched him log in at least twice and play .. and many of us have never been able to even load into the game yet. Many other streamers are still playing right now. Quite a coincidence that they're all playing and have been much of the afternoon while so many others have never gotten past creating their character.
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  10. Motrax Journeyman

    Correct! This is exactly what happened.

  11. Thygrym Elder

    Pretty much EQ's track record from day 1. They have never had stability or enough load balancing to handle the number of players. You'd think after 20 years they could have figured that much out.
  12. Raurk Zorander Journeyman have gotten better at staring at the character selection screen (300)....THE SERVER IS NOT RESPONDING...
  13. Respexn New Member

    I was off and on for 2 hours. Coincidentally.
  14. Quill Augur

    96 players in the commonlands on Selos atm.
  15. EnchFWO Augur

    No one cares about that server.
  16. Mittensworth New Member

    I'm starting to think its Daybreak that isn't responding.
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  17. Karuman New Member

    I have mixed feelings...GameBreak Studios...
    Actually I am a game dev and I know how these things go. It is very frustrating for me as a player, but be assured, it is even more frustrating for the game developer because their reputation is being tarnished every minute this goes on. I feel sorry for the support staff who are trying to figure out what the problem is, doing damage control with us (the players) and trying to enjoy their weekend despite having to be at work in such a negative atmosphere.

    I have considered asking for a refund several times today, I bought a 1 year sub just for this, and my wife even got one, even though she abhors the animations and crappy graphics. But all in all, just hang in there and see how it goes for a couple of days...

    Just breathe...and watch youtube or something :)
  18. Trizek Augur

    By a "ton" do u mean like 5 plat? and by "crazy good loots" do u mean trash drops from newbie starting areas?

    I know you're upset u can't play, but there is no "crazy good loots" from starting zones.
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  19. Maxe Augur

    Hey new guy, thanks for subbing. 7 hours is past anyone's acceptable delay for access to an already working game. I appreciate you trying to be the bigger person, but coddling them wont help either. This needs to be fixed. It's the 20th anniversary, not some crappy shooter launch. TLP isn't a new thing. Making these servers isn't a new thing. High connection requests on day one isn't a new thing. The only new thing was the artificial caps on population. I haven't been able to log past the character select screen without being booted back to the server select, so I have a feeling the caps are in fact, not removed. I'm not sure what else would allow me to connect all the way to the server and then force a server to stop communicating to me once the character is in the world.
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  20. Fortano New Member

    Kind of makes you wonder if they are like, "Yeah let's not launch new servers anymore, its just too much trouble!" What good was lifting the queues if you can't actually log a character in? LOL
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