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  1. fransisco Augur

    What are the important druid quests/items to do or get?

    I assume the epic 1.5/2 isn't as its not useful after 75
  2. Tarrin Augur

    Rez stick from OMM

    Staff of Forbidden Rites.

    Its the only thing that comes to mind.
  3. Tobynn Augur

    I carry around bags of assorted clicky toys and highly situational handy gadgets. In reference to druid-specific items, I consider none of it to be 'must have' importance.

    Honorable mention:
    Shield of Coral -or- Di`Zok Escape Staff -- a casual clicky group Evacuate.
    No need to mem a spell, and keeps Exodus ready for a real need. I use it for travel quite a bit.
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  4. tinywolf1 Journeyman

    I agree with the Staff of Forbidden Rites being ++++

    The question is whether the staff is ++++ enough to make up for the oh-so-fun OMM missions. I read that they used to be bugged and could be completed in minutes. Sadly, my experience has been that they now take some time to complete and they are quite frustrating and just not at all fun. Farming augs is ecstasy compared to OMM. Is there some kind of group composition that allows for a much quicker win? Failing that, is it worth the time sink and horror to get a xp rez clickie for use....on dead wizards in raids? On other dead when call is down? Utility rez on a cleric? I can think of a number of uses for the staff but I would like to know if it's worth it assuming you're just starting out in OMM? Or are rez tokens, despite their cost, still a better option?
  5. Tobynn Augur

    Rez staff lost most of its shine the day rez tokens appeared on the Loyalty vendor. Now, the stick is just a badge of shame showing you suffered through enough monster missions. Oh, and its great for enraging people feel their day is ruined by a 90% rez.

    Rez tokens have no cost; loyalty crowns are free ~
  6. fransisco Augur

    Kinda depressing that there aren't really any druid items that have survived the years to still be useful at 90+.
  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Shawl - 250 mana proc is invaluable. Never gonna get replaced, never gonna let me down.
    Rez Stick - infinitely useful. Our Rez AAs are a joke. CotW was great back in 2006, but it's now a long recharge slow cast time. It's only relevance is for getting someone back and Divine Rezzing them later. Out of Combat Rez lol why bother, exp is a joke now a days. I'd rather save myself the cast time and kill 1 more mob to get you that 6% of 10% you lost.
    Druid Class BP - Wolf Form extension allows you complete wolf form timer, never letting it drop. Effectively giving and additional 8-15% mana pres (I forget exact numbers)
    Specialized Evocation/Alteration augs - Add an additional 2% mana pres roughly to all your heals and nukes assuming you weren't stupid and spec'd in Alt / Evoc

    Then items I find i wish I didn't have terrible luck and had:

    IvU earring from VT - killed mini-AHR probably 30 times, never seen it drop. Total bogus.
    Kiss from LoN - F PaytoWin items. I refuse to spend money on LoN, but this item is useful for jumping back into a fight due to our lack of mana recovery. If only it were attainable in game.

    But yea, most of our old clickies use died with time. I miss our DoN Mask / Tacvi hammer being relevant heals. I miss our Epic, Velious Wrist/Kunark Vambraces, Sporecaller, Blade of the Tempest, Orb of Clinging Death -free mana DoTs. I miss our PoR nuke BPs. I miss HP buffs that were pretty damn near what was available at the time - Cursed BP for focus, Emperor Wrist for Brells, Shei range for SE.

    I really wish they'd calm down a bit about balanced items and throw us some clicky bones. A Druid only range with a 0.5s cast Horde DoT would be awesome. And not overpowered in the least since clicks don't focus. A new Druid mask with a recast 3min for our invigoration spell clicky, again balanced and useful.

    Hire me as item-clicky dev. I will create real chase items. Some raid, some group, some baller-quest, some chain quest. So much awesome potential among clickies. The class specific weapons totally should've had clickies on them.
  8. fransisco Augur

    I've always thought that class specific clickies should not simply be duplicates of spells the class already has.
    Kunark saw this problem. The clickies for warriors, monks, rogues and bards were INSANE! Cause every one was something new they couldn't do before.
    Casting classes simply got a duplicate spell with a ridiculous casting time.
    I think a future click should not be an effect the class already does.
  9. Marshall Maathers Augur

    Back in the day I used to save a spell gem by using root from a ring in VT :p

    I know, uber!
  10. Tobynn Augur

    I cleared VT twice in the past two days, and saw five IVU earrings! You sux, sir. Neener.
  11. Iila Augur

    I have uh, 6? non-spreadsheet clickies from content in the past couple years. Bifold Focus is something I'm gonna be using for a LONG time. The group heal click from HCH Nagafen will continue to be something to do in gem downtime. Mini-brells is useful enough, same for the higher hp version of familiar hp buff. Spell damage buff is tiny, but technically does something. Then the rain toggle clickie is faster than mem'ing wake of karana.

    There might be some more that I'm forgetting, and I don't bother with the melee clickies cause I never remember to use them even when I do carry them around.

    Aside from the twincast clickie, none of them are high power, but they are useful clickies that aren't boring spreadsheet upgrades like standard click buffs. And some of them are from group content, or have group versions available.
  12. fransisco Augur

    what is the twincast clicky?
  13. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    Bifold Focus of the Evil Eye
    Ultra rare Drop from Valley of King Xorbb Event #3: The Return of King Xorbb

    My guild beat that event 37-38 times before we moved on to greener pastors. Only had one drop, Ever. :(

    This one would be GREAT for a druid, Rod of Dark Rites from the Plane Of Shadow raid Raid Expedition: Dispelling the Shadows
    All the times we beat that event we only had one drop, Ever. :(
  14. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    I Swear your guild has allways been lucky with its drops. Of course that's probably my imagination. LOL!
    Didn't RoI do all of the Rain Of Fear raid achievements and unlocked all the ultra rare drops from the Rain Of Fear Vender?
    I guess it doesn't matter. Most raid guilds aren't able to do them or are not willing to do them.
    I am curious though how many Bloodstained Shoulders and Burden of Truth you guys have had drop.:)
  15. Iila Augur

    Forgot about that one! And it's the one I got from a chest.

    We put a LOT of work into getting those achievements, because having those items on an extra 20+ players adds a useful amount of power to a raid. And they're needed to optimize characters, same reasons we were getting First Creation heads for new priests until T3 came out. Once the unlock for vendors changed to require only achievements from the appropriate raid, the clickies should have opened up for a lot more guilds who were willing to put the effort in. But were blocked by BS achieves like Sneeze Guardian. There are difficult ones, but they're mostly fair. Some take more work to cover for small mistakes, we did restart Xorbb3 4x in one night for our 3rd or 4th Avert Your Gaze, since then, we've gotten all of Xorbb's achieves except Procrastinators on alt-night raids.

    While Xorbb was on schedule, we got 2 or 3 Twincast clickies, all of them went to necros. Bloodstained Shoulders are at 2 or 3. Burdens before the drop rate boost were at, uh, 5? After the boost, and doing T1s on alt raids, the total on those is a lot higher. I wouldn't say we were lucky on RoF drops, some guilds had twice our Burden count for a while. And we had 0-1 of some of the rares, despite having more kills than anyone else.

    So for the topic, there are good recent clickies that will change how your character plays. But they're restricted to upper-end raiding guilds for now. In a couple level cap increases, these raids will be 1-2 groupable for some nice clickies. Till then they probably are locked away for most guilds since the gear sucks for the effort and the rare-drops are so rare.
  16. Iila Augur

    My list of clickies/quest items from older/group content:

    Shawl aug
    Specialization augs
    Staff of Forbidden Rites
    Wozen Bramble Tunic
    Everliving Bramble Tunic (PoR clickie BPs)
    Vicious Rabbit (Loyalty)
    Amulet of Necropotence (Utility)
    Fabled Ball of Golem Clay (has a tanky buff)
    Holgresh Elder Beads
    Ring of the Ancients (shrink)
    Wand of the Vortex (dispell)
    Steamjet Pack
    Bone Earing of Evasion (ivu)
    Ring of Immobilization (root)
    Shield of the Immaculate (disease cure)
    Mask of the Ancients (heal)
    Sand Eroded Shell (pet haste)
    Memento of the Ungod's Suffering (CotF T1b)
    Orb of Calm Tides (CotF T1b)
    Icy Prism of Avoidance (LDoN)
    Cloth Cap (crappier swarm pets)

    LoN stuff:
    Kiss of Erollisi Marr (LOL)
    Potion of Harvest
    Potion of Divinity
    Elixer of Refreshment (32k instant mana regen, from owning some expansion?)

    Augs from 10th and 11th anniversary quests/raids. Plus plenty of other limited time augs, anniversary time is great for augs.

    There's other misc clickies, but these are things I carry around and use at least rarely. I never click haste items or melee buffs because I forget they exist and who cares.
  17. moogs Augur

    I made some ornate pants with Savage Root or whatever clicky. It's cool sometimes.
  18. moogs Augur

    Wanderer's Sylvan Leggings - crafted from Bastion of Thunder drops.

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