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  1. steell New Member

    Immortal Few is a small guild at the moment formed on the Mangler server. We are a group of friends that have known each other for a long time. We are all older EQ players with familys and busy lives outside of game. We are recruiting to fill the ranks of our small guild to make new friends and relationships with the end goal of casually raiding 2 nights a week for a few hours each night.

    The core of the guild has a long history of Everquest experience in raid leading and the content of expansions. At the moment we are leveling and working on tradeskills. We will start working on farming of AoC instances as we can once we have a large enough force to do so.

    At the moment most of our players are on in the evenings. We are a very box friendly guild and always will be. When we do start hitting targets our start time will be roughly around 730cst with expectations of going to 1030 cst more then likely on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Raiding will be non mandatory.

    >If you are a chill EQ player that doesn't cause drama or have super end game expectations Immortal Few would be a good fit for you.

    >If you want to take down some content and gear up your character and make new friends doing it Immortal Few would be a good fit for you.

    >Immortal Few will never be a guild that clears all AoC's week after week. We do however want to see progression but at our own pace without burning ourselves out in the process.

    If you feel like we could be the right place for you feel free to send a tell to Steell or Aneuren in game.

    See you in Norrath!

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  2. steell New Member

    Picked up a few new members. Getting XP and pushing up the levels on peeps in guild. If you need a place to hang your hat with no stress and some good people shot Steell or Aneuren a tell in game. We have a discord that we use and like meeting new people!

  3. steell New Member

    Immortal Few has been growing over the last week. We've picked up alot of new members. We have a core of people in the 40's and other members working there way through the teens, 20s and 30s. We just launched our guild website today immortalfew.enjin.com. Feel free to drop by and say hi.

    Contact Steel or Aneuren in game if you want to be apart of our team or just have general questions!
  4. steell New Member

    Had quiet a few members hit the high 40's and 50 over the last week. Planning on starting some raiding next week with our limited numbers! Recruiting all classes and levels still!
  5. steell New Member

    We've started farming planar gear for our members and are running raids on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 730 CST til 1030pm CST. Have folks still working on leveling. Looking for more people interested in becoming a part of our team so we can move on to bigger and better targets! Contact Steell, Aneuren, Quasii or Bopper in game!

  6. Propofo New Member

    I am interested.

    In game name is Seeleni. Hope you could use a Ranger. Looking for a guild. Played early on from 1999 till about 2006 and recently started back.

    I need to level but hoping the guild could assist

    I'll shoot an in game tell

  7. Aneuren Augur


    Hello. My name is Aneuren Aeternus and I have the pleasure of leading this little band of misfits. As Steell has said, we are a group of players that has crossed through the various TLPs and we ended up landing here. We have played and raided successfully through this content many times before, and we are looking to enjoy our time together while progressing at a more casual pace than most of us have been used to in the past.

    We are looking to make some new friends here on Mangler, to bring everyone together in a small but competent raid force, and to kill as much in-era as we can without over-recruiting. We are boxer friendly, but not boxer exclusive, and have plenty of both types of players here. We try to make sure that everyone is taken care of and that everyone feels like they have a place here.

    This is not a guild for someone looking to raid on lockout or to farm every raid target every week - we aren't the group for you are unable to put that hardcore impulse to rest (as most of us have been unable to do previously). We have official raids Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 CST (although some weeks we might start at 6:30 CST for our EST players). Weekends are set aside for family, although we do run unofficial off-night raids when people are online and willing - in fact, our first yellow text kill was just today on an off-night raid.

    We are very interested in no drama, chill people, that can log in at night, relax with some friends, and know their stuff. If you are looking for something more laid back and would enjoy shaping a small raid force into a capable team of skilled players, please look us up.


  8. steell New Member

    Phinigal down! Dragons your next!
  9. Zorner 1 New Member

    hello, Just returning to EQ from very long break, As of now my char is 66 paladin and has basic gear. Looking for group to raid/group with in the world of EQ .Right not i play on Tunare server but will transfer .PLease contact me with any question in game as Zorner on Tunare .
  10. steell New Member

    Immortal Few is still recruiting all classes on the Mangler server. We are getting raids together every Tuesday and Thursday nights 730cst to 1030cst. We have also been putting together some off day raids from time to time also.

    We are looking to have Vox down soon and are progresssing into Sky. If your looking for a fun guild with great people we're the guild for you! Any question contact Aneuren or Steell.

    Or hit us up on discord

    Guild website

    Cya in Norrath!
  11. Sonyeq Journeyman

  12. Aneuren Augur

    Hello all,

    Just an update here. Tonight we took our first Nagafen kill with 37, and Thursday night we took our first Lady Vox kill with 33.

    We are still looking for some dedicated, but casual, high DPS players to join our ranks. Please look us up if our mission sounds like something that would interest you.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/fQs3tET
    Webpage: https://immortalfew.enjin.com

    See you in game!
  13. Aneuren Augur

    Hello again!

    Immortal Few is still looking for a few good casually minded raiders for Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 central raids (and, often, either Saturday or Sunday offnight raids as numbers permit).

    On our kill list: Lord Nagafen, Lady Vox, Yael, Phinigel, Hate minis, Fear minis, and Noble/Sky islands 1-5.

    We are still working on the rest and would like to make some new acquaintances in the process!

    If you'd like to be a part of a small raid force that has been through these TLPs before but would enjoy going through them again at a more casual pace, please look us up in game or hit us up on our Discord!
  14. Soraith New Member

    Cruentus, 48 Necro on Mangler looking for a good guild family.
    Only been playing for about 6 weeks. Like to have a solid easy
    going and friendly guild. Im fairly new and in no hurry, but I would
    like to get there eventually.

  15. Aneuren Augur


    Nice work on levels and a great Kunark launch! Raids have resumed and we are beginning to tackle Kunark content. We are adding our third official raid night for Sundays at 7:00 central, helping our members with their epic fights, and having a great time.

    We continue to look for skilled players, especially DPS, to add to our ranks. Come swing by our webpage or Discord if you're looking to join up with some casual folks that take down in-era content!

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