Immortal Evolution - Progression Guild: Trakanon

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Draconic, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Draconic Journeyman

    Guild Name: Immortal Evolution (Formally Progression X)

    Time Zone: Eastern

    Schedule: M/W/F Starting at 7:30PM - 10:30pm EST

    Loot System: DKP

    Content: Progression style guild current in Planes of Power

    Recruiting: All Classes

    In Game Contact: Burp, Sebli, Wangl, Draconic or Nemo

    Other: We are a casual progression raiding guild on the Trakanon server. We are currently in the Planes of Power expansion and have recently opened up the Elemental Planes.
    If you are looking for a fun time doing old school content at the appropriate level, gear and other restrictions check us out. New players, returning players, or players looking to play alts are all welcomed with us!
  2. Burp Apprentice

    Would like to add that we are currently recruiting ALL classes despite what the recruitment needs are. The recruitment thread is there to help people choose a class but choose whatever class you will enjoy playing.

    Now is a good time to join up, we are starting the elemental planes tonight and plan to be here for a while gearing folks and just enjoying the content.
  3. Burp Apprentice

    Fennin down


    Still farming the elemental planes. See HERE for current class needs.
  4. ColeX New Member

    I am looking to make a new toon now that I am no longer a gold member, but when I logged on Trak it seemed to be next to barren. The bazaar had less than 10 traders in it.
    It seems to be one of the lowest pop servers, and that is very discouraging.
    Does this affect you and your members at all?
    How do you cope with the apparent lack of trade?
  5. Burp Apprentice

    Doesn't really affect us in a bad way. The low population tends to favor us with raid targets that no one really touches. At our level it's hard to find anyone else outside of the guild that is around the same level that isn't just someone boxing their alts up. I believe this is the case on most, if not all servers.

    Considering we use only in era gear, the lack of trade on the server is just not really anything I would consider a hindrance. From people doing LDoN's and various PoP and earlier mobs, our guild bank is near full of stuff that we give to recruits to use. Then when they get raid items it just goes right back in there. There are a few traders that I see on that sell some of the old droppable stuff from AoW, Tormax, etc...
  6. Gremin Augur

    Tonight, we took another step towards Time with our second god kill of the four. Coirnav went down on our second attempt ever. We are still recruiting and could use you. Please, do not hesitate to contact us on the Trakanon server. Send a tell to anyone, as they can all redirect you to whoever is on to chat with. Our website is the following:
  7. Draconic Journeyman

    Good job guys!
  8. Scrownge New Member

    looking forward to getting in there with ya!
  9. Sebli Journeyman

    Guild Name: Immortal Evolution
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Schedule: M/W/T Starting at 7:30PM - 10:30pm EST
    Loot System: DKP - Auctions
    Content: Progression guild currently in Planes of Power / Gates of Discord
    Recruiting: All Classes
    In Game Contact: Burp, Sebli, Wanglo, Gremin or Nemo
  10. Gremin Augur

    Good people, worth joining.
  11. Burp Apprentice

    Xegony down! Long, but rewarding fight.


    We are still recruiting so come help us make the last and final push into the Plane of Time.
  12. Zogimer Journeyman

    Grats on getting her down. Just piping in to say: when I try to click on the links to your guild in the messages directly it tries to take me to instead.
  13. Edwin New Member

    Progression X was our old guild name, we ended up changing guild names around because the orginal leader became unavailable. should work, if not you might just have to type it into a browser.
  14. Zogimer Journeyman

    Joined these guys and been raiding with them for a bit. Awesome group, very skilled, coordinated, friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend loading up a toon and joining up on Trakannon if you'd like to go the Progression route.
  15. Sebli Journeyman

    Still and Always looking for good people to join us !
  16. Heelthis New Member

    Awesome group of people, always looking for new toons!
  17. Sebli Journeyman

    Rathe Down !

    Starting Next week we are Breaking into Time !
  18. Wanglo New Member

    Last night was our first trip into Plane of Time! We ended the raid at the start of phase 4, and hopefully will have Quarm down no later than Thursday night.

    Now is a great time to join in and experience this content while it is level appropriate!
  19. Sebli Journeyman

    Well we got to P4 then Got Saryrn and Tallon Zek down... Saryrn's Corpse is hard to see ~ TZ's Corpse fell in the wall so no Pic.

  20. Sebli Journeyman

    Tallon Zek
    And another Kill in the Wall ~
    Terris Thule

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