Imitate Death (Among other things)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Saxet Nitsua, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Saxet Nitsua New Member

    I really think it was absurd to change Imitate Death and give it a 60 sec invis as well as making it less reliable. Why did they do this, I really want an explanation in detail as to why they changed the mechanics of the game this way... Are they going to give a different version of Imitate Death to replace this one? What... This makes absolutely no sense...It is not just monks Imitate Death, Bards fade, and other classes that had this ability as well are all messed up.... PLEASE PUT THE ABILITIES BACK TO THE WAY THEY WERE!
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  2. Xdevlx Journeyman

    From what I understand, they were trying to make pulling "more of an art form" like it used to be. I'm paraphrasing, but that's basically why they did it. They thought pulling was too easy, so they changed all insta fade abilities.
  3. mackal Augur

    The fade effect didn't work as documented, so they fixed it. I'm sure people using their fades to cast OOC only end regen discs played a factor into wanting to fix it (exploit) but they just said something about pulling, which for me has been just as easy as it was before (well, if I paid attention to level of mob)
  4. Hercules37 New Member

    I agree with the first poster about this being a unfair and ridiculous nerf. In my opinion it did nothing to make pulling any harder and the people that complained about this and most other things they can't do very well because they don't know how to play their characters.
  5. Savagefist New Member

    This was a truly ridiculous nerf. Bard, SK, and other fades don't have a 60 second timer. What was the point of that. They give classes an ability, and then take it away. It's as though they are doing everything in their power to make people quit.
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  6. MrMajestykx Augur

    and FD after all these years still fails, so good luck getting any kind of fix or explanation on this.

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