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    Isn't that the point? EQ was an prototype game when it came out and the only way for a new game to keep going is to keep players wanting to play. Maybe it is time for them to try something new because if you leave it the same it is likely going to die over time. You and me may not like new changes they make but we know it will die if nothing is done, but they should at least try something new. I don't like every expansion that has come out over the years but at least they made some adjustments to see if it worked and sometimes it didn't get good feedback.

    As you have said tons of other MMOs have come and gone over the years because they tried something different and it didn't work.
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  2. Bilderov Augur

    I've never maintained that they were going in any other direction than the one they are going in.

    It's a common misconception (on these forums anyway) that if anyone dares suggest something negative it's because we want the game changing just to suit the individual. I've stressed many times that the changes I'd like to see wouldn't take anything away from what is already there, it would just add to it.

    If I want to be able to camp for exp, mobs, named etc. I don't want it to replace anything, I'd just like to see it as an alternative. If we use the clown car analogy, I'm all for staying on the car in the direction it is going, I just want to hold onto some of the parts as they are falling off. Others, it seems, don't care about the parts that don't affect them.

    EQ remains thus far because of the players, and nothing else. No players = no game. Every year we're handed a little less than the year before and we, as a community, accept it for the love of the game. There will (has to) be a point where that position changes and I feel that DBG are getting closer to it each year unless they make some significant changes (again, not just to suit myself!).
    • I don't play on TLPs but the ones chosen this year seem to make no sense
    • I don't raid but the loot tables on some mobs seem broken.
    • I don't use personas but there are lots of complaints about how they have been introduced.
    • I don't have DX11 issues, but plenty do and some of them can't even play because of errors.
    • I don't spend money on EQ, but those that do are bored with the same bag sale each year.
    None of these affect me, but I'd still like to see them resolved / changed because I love the game and want it to succeed.

    • No I don't want all changes just to benefit me
    • EQ has survived for 25 years because the players have stuck around to play it.
    • Yes, I believe the outlook is pretty bleak, but can be turned around.
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    Its ok to admit what you tried did not work as planned and go back to the way things were. You dont learn if you dont fail from time to time.
  4. fransisco Augur

    hard no. Dev time spent to support ancient hardware is wasted time. Also, windows is gonna stop supporting it, they don't even have a choice but to upgrade
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    Quite right. I am advocating for change, however. :)
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    Weak, fallacious reasoning... Jibber,,,,,,Delete this.
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    I guess you saw a blackhawk down? No peace in that.
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    Imagine this... a world where people know how to title threads.