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    There was a player on Mangler who claims there is an dupe exploit when you server transfer It does not use just a Transfer token. He went to the developers about the bug. He realized it would not be right to keep the duplicated items but he also paid for the transaction. A dishonest player would have kept doing it multiple times and then transfer to FV and cashed out.The developers want him to spend more money so they could understand the bug and how it worked but the Devs did not compensate him for his trouble. So he got mad and deleted all the duplications. Then he filed a dispute with his CC Company. DB banned his 20 year old account as a result. Is that right Dreamweaver? Punishing people for speaking up and doing the right thing? The whole situation was handled all wrong from the start. Most of the customer service department had been laid off during this time. DB accused him for fraudulent activity but never respond to the dispute to the credit card company investigating the claim which banned his account.

    When Daybreak bans an account for a chargeback, They lose all the time they have acquired on their account. What if part of the charge back included a subscription plan, Are they supposed to pay for something they have to buy again right? or they don't play? That's messed up. I see why EQ is losing players every day.
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    The Devs had no ideal how the bug happened nor could they explain it. He worked with the developers for a week brainstorming ideas on the bug. The player lose his guild leadership tag as a result as well as he was ridiculed on the message boards.
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    It states in the EULA that daybreak maintains a live chat server for people customer service issues when you click to sign the agreement. I did some research live technical support has not existed for years, the numbers to reach Daybreak representatives either go to a full answering machine which disconnects you as you reach the message or the number is disconnected or not working. IF you want people to continue to play the game you need to take customer concerns serious.
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    Maybe I missed it, but what does a "Community Manager" actually do for 8 hours a day? I mean other than ban people from the Message Boards for asking impertinent questions? No, I'm serious, how does DBG justify the salary of this sort of position over say adding a qualified network engineer or server expert?
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    Metanis a community manage is like the General Manager of an organization. Customer service manager is manager of the day. Gms are like shift supervisors. We are the customers.
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    ONe of the cool things SOe used to do is back in the day the upper management would spent a day maning the phones for customer service. One time I talked with Brad McQuaid. No phones to man now.
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    One side note on the player who got banned, 10 years ago roughly SOE decided to name a zone after his surname for his many contributions to the game.
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    I don't believe individual customer service issues are going to be discussed on the forums. Any issues should be taken up with customer service via partitions.

    A Community Relations manager would the day to day content point for public company information not for private service related issues such as banning due to someone doing charge backs which is detailed in the EULA I believe.

    If someone had a dispute regarding a cash purchase in game it should have been resolved via petition.


    The resolution seems to be to return the funds to DBG to get the account reinstated assuming it was banned purely for the charge back. Then the next step would be to dispute the charge with DBG via petition.
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    When you are banned you cant response to any of the forums posts and DB blocks you from registering for a new account. You can email CS to make payment arrangements for the full amount There are no guarantees that they will reinstate your account after the amount is paid.

    Now three days after the chargeback was filed, DB immediately banned the players account and he contacted the CS department. They told him he had to pay X amount before he could play again. They asked him to open up a new account to remedy this situation. Then He notified the CS he was going to wait on the decision from the credit card. Apparently there were issues with a bug when he was transferring his toons and he was being doubled billed multiple times on different occasions.

    At that point Daybreak realized there was going to be an issue to get the documented proof ready for the bank inquiry. They never responded to the bank inquiry for more than 45 days and the decision was finally awarded to the banned player and the funds were returned to him. Initially three on his accounts were banned. DB asked him to open a 4th account so that they could remain in contact with him. If he lost the decision the bank would reimburse Daybreak and the funds would have been debit out of his account. There was no reason to pay DB directly. So when Mangler server opened up as a new he created a guild and it grew to 300 members and was begins to blossom about the time Daybreak got the news they lost the dispute. The banned player had spent another $200 with Daybreak. DB Customer Service banned the new account. HIs guild distanced themselves from him and reformed. He was called a hack, a thief, and exploiter of the game. In his defense, He went to the developers first and notified them of the issue trying to help them solve the issue.
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    The way Daybreak has it set up is that you don't get to keep the time or progression save on your account if you file a chargeback. You can pay the money but they wont give your time or progression back even though you were charged and billed for it. On a side note. The fourth account that was started after the initial ban and he should not have been allowed to charge any billing while the dispute was active. DB managed to pocket another $200 from him knowing he wasnt going to pay the initial chargeback unless he lost. Don't you agree? Kind of Dirty. Kind of Unfair
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    No charge backs were ever filed against the fourth account. DB in the past has rolled accounts back(ie. Steam and TBM expansion $5 fiasco https://www.keenandgraev.com/2016/07/02/daybreak-bans-unbans-players-using-reseller-keys. Roll back those three accounts to the first initial charge back. He has suffered enough, you took his guild from him, have embarrass him and now you want his money too. He has supported your game for many years on multiple accounts and expansions. Let him finish his game in peace.
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    You lost me when you said chicken was a valid pizza topping :(
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    Heresy! Everybody knows that chicken should be used as a pizza BASE...

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    If I banned people from the boards for asking impertinent questions there would be a lot less people on the boards. As to what I do all day, stick around and I'll show you in due time. Besides, what fun would anything be if we couldn't have discussions?
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    I am leet, it seems like you know a lot about this situation, and while this thread might seem like the best place to air it, if you could move this to PMs so I could ask some questions that would be great.
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    We all lose somebody, maybe we'll find another thing we agree on.
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    o_O.... I don't understand the topping selection here, but I gotta try this someday!

    Welcome, Dreamweaver!
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    Thanks Dreamweaver, appreciate your answer and looking into it - I guess all I'm looking for is a yes or no as to whether the service will come back, and then deal with it if its a no
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    There used to be a gm that would do character transfers from account to account if you were able to verify the original account information including the secret word and original credit card number. But with all the cut backs in the last 10 years with Daybreak, this service is no longer possible at this time.

    you need to reach out to this banned player and talk to him. The Facebook and Discord communities are getting tired of him complaining about it. He has been talking about suing your company after word got out that your staff has been discussing things about his account without his consent.or him being present. He has been a product of a witch hunt the last five years.

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