I'm Your New Community Manager!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. wethion New Member

    Do you know if the server select screen will auto-update when the servers unlock, or should I log out and log back in occasionally?
  2. wethion New Member

    Just wondering if you know whether or not the Server Select page will autoupdate when the servers come back online, or should I log out and log back in occasionally to update the client?
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  3. Kukaw Augur

    Howdy and Welcome aboard!
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  4. Powell New Member

    Not sure what the point of your reply was other than to troll. Way to keep the forums a positive place!
  5. Mintalie Augur

    As one of the SCORES of people completely desperado for this service, and with a fistful of cash, I could not reiterate this more loudly.

    Please, for the love of Norrath, fix account-to-account transfers! Let us burn our money to the gods of DBG!
  6. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    To be clear, we are asking the person in charge of announcements and forum moderating to do back end architecture and coding that may well be impossible.
  7. Mintalie Augur

    We are asking for the person in charge of announcements and forum moderating to lobby on behalf of the forum participants.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    No trolling intended sorry your feeling were hurt. Just pointing out that the Community Manager may already have things on their plate. I didn't realize this was a sensitive issue for you sorry.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    "The person in charge of annoucements and forum moderating" don't see the lobby on behalf of players part. Not trying to be confrontational or anything but I think the best we can expect of a Community Manager is to try and get information on existing issues. I don't think it is their place to lobby on behalf of us other then in getting info we ask for when it is possible to do so.

    And personally, I think it unrealistic to expect someone whose recent experience is limited to know what and why shouldn't be promoted on behalf of players even if that was part of their job which I don't believe it is.
  10. Mintalie Augur

    Call me an idealist, but I'd like to think that any employee of DBG would be interested in promoting revenue-generating requests.
  11. lordgrayhawk New Member

    ok young fella, now for a hard question. Will it ever be possible for EQ to ever start a server using the EQ next graphics engine for a trail run? Now that something I would love to see.
  12. AeHaze Journeyman

    What server did you play on in Meridian 59?
    What was your name?

    I was on server 104/107, And actually continue to play till this day on the private server ran by Gar and team.
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  13. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I'm going to be honest, that information is going to be a little tough for me to remember. I was playing on my Dad's account on his computer. I'll see if I have that info saved anywhere, I was the type of kid that did that.
  14. Daarknes New Member

    Welcome to the team! Hope you can maintain your sanity :p

    So, the EQ world is bloody huge, but the vast majority of it is a deserted wasteland of unused content(thanks PoK). So, I think most here would agree that 70+%(being generous) of EQ's zones are now defunct wastelands that almost never get player traffic accept on pre-PoP progression servers. Are there any plans to address this? I hate to see that much content languishing.
  15. alexander97 Lorekeeper

    You will do well I believe.
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  16. AlmarsGuides Augur

    By 'New' community manager, does this mean Roxxly is no longer with the Daybreak team? I haven't seen that mentioned in the thread yet whether or not she is replaced or if dreamweaver is just an additionally community manager now on the team
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  17. CatsPaws You didn't read any posts before the last one huh?

    Post #65 - quite a ways back
  18. Fluid Augur

    Be careful, calling someone a troll, even if they are obviously trolling, is a TOS violation. Meta game that is played here. Troll will then report you for TOS violation.
  19. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    I kinda feel triggered, just seeing the word Tr###, and have reported you.
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  20. Nennius Curmudgeon

    If I can't use the "T" word (is this the start of a new cultural phenomenon?), can I call you a halfling instead?

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