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    Heyas all, I've returned from an ultra long break (15 years or so). Have gotten started with a Beastlord and am progressing along at an enthusiastic newbie's pace; however, my favorite class has always been warrior.

    That being said, I was never the double Lammy Warrior, I was always the Wurmy and SotED warrior for those high damage numbers...love seeing mob health go down in big chunks and not small ticks. I'll probably never raid since I have years and years of catch up to do before I'm even remotely comparable to other players, so I'm still wanting those high damage numbers. Any advice on specific weapons by level range to achieve those numbers?

    To start I'm gonna go with my old favorites Wurmy and SotED for the nostalgia, but I'm wondering when to upgrade and what to upgrade to. Any advice is appreciated and its awesome to be back!
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  2. dinozo_povar Journeyman

    orrel's war-staff
  3. Finfan Augur

    Well, for starters the Defiant gear is probably going to be better than anything that was available back in the olden days. This will get you at least through to the 70's level-wise. Probably higher. That goes for both weapons and armor. For cash learn about /Barter. You can get large amounts for some items depending upon the server. You can also do /Bazaar to peruse what's available in the Bazaar without going there. If your willing to pay the "shipping charges" you can easily get items delivered to a "Parcels" vendor. Just order the item, go to the proper vendor and pick it up. It's always instant delivery. Get used to the idea that most of the old world zones are now empty. I once went on a tour of every zone in Faydwer and Antonica that I could enter with my Druid and almost all of them were empty and there was never more than one other person and they were probably doing the same thing I was. Good Luck!
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    I was planning to fill the rest of my slots with Defiant gear, but I haven't been able to find longer delay, higher damage one handed weapons in Defiant gear that is comparable to Wurmy and SotED so the nostalgia factor is also easily met as well. Again, I'm seeking those high damage numbers in one handed weapons and dual wielding them for those high numbers. Thanks and again, any info or advice is appreciated!
  5. bortage spammin lifetaps

    There's a wurmy 1hs ornament that potters can make
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  7. Alarya Augur

    So, it really depends on what CAN be available to you. If you are on FV, then you have a lot more options for purchase for weapons of that time. However, some fun and good weapons to get for lower levels are:
    Kreizenn's Flame
    Vyzh`dra's Render of Souls
    Obsidian Battle Sword (still procs at level one)
    Braid of Golden Hair
    And there is another sword (from DoD I think) that has good stats at level 1

    There are a lot more that I forgot, but this is off the top of my head (while dealing with these 5th graders).
  8. Fluid Augur

    Period pieces equally good or better maybe. https://wiki.project1999.com/Special:ClassSlotEquip/Warrior/1H_Slashing/AllItems
    Click the sort for weapon damage/speed.

    You didn't say if you recovered your original account or had a high level character available to farm the items. In the absence of that info, I would suggest using /bazaar to get a list and search by name for what is available on your server.