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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Telepathically, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Telepathically New Member

    I keep crashing.... I don't know what to do all my other toons can log in, but not my main.
  2. Telepathically New Member

    Any one have a resolution - I'm sure this is a common issue, I can log on my other two accounts just fine, and on the account im having issues with i can log on all characters but the character i want to log in i get to character select screen, I select the character I want it starts to load... then boom it crashes?
    here is what i've tried...

    Deleted the character UI files, and I've even deleted all log files.
    i log in again to character select screen and select reset Ui, and log in and continue to have the same issue...

    I want tro fix this with out uninstalling the whole game and re installing it, because i feel that's not the issue. it has to do something with that characters file. or something.
  3. Sarkaukar Augur

    A few things.

    The zone the that character is in, are the other characters able to zone into it?
    Have you tried logging into ONLY that toon?
    Returned home?
    Delete the zone files.
    Delete all character files, toonname_servername.ini and UI_toonname_servername.ini and eqclient.ini

    Reboot router/modem.

    Delete the dbg.txt and try to log in, once it crashes do not try again the copy/paste the dbg.txt
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