I'm a Chanter and wish they would massively nerf charm

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ethyre, May 29, 2019.

  1. kjempff Elder

    The facts are that a multitude of dynamics of the game has changed, and that has affected how you can play a chanter .. to an extreme degree. Including charm in particular but also, mez and aoe stuns, aggro and damage mechanics etc.
    Keep telling your stories about how good you were at charming, and every other chanter just didn't know how to play and it took 15 years of eq for them to learn, it still doesn't make you correct.
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  2. Machentoo Augur

    I remember keeping ensnare on the charm pet too, in 2002, so the chanter could kite it around while recharming if needed. No one does that today, it's not necessary in 99% of the situations you might face. But back then when the charm pet could wreak massive havoc on charm break, it helped.
  3. Skweeq New Member

    No. Buff other DPS classes to a level to where enchanted aren't the most sought out DPS class.
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  4. Accipiter Augur

    You haven't been around long, have you? Player power has been massively boosted in the past few years. They aren't doing it again.
  5. Nessirfiti Augur

    I have a neat trick for doing just this..

    Play past PoP.
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  6. Thalliius Augur

    Come join Selos!

    If you’re like me and are tired of divas who use the enchanter class as a crutch to EZ Mode this game, the server will be in LDON starting tomorrow and GoD in 1 month
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  7. Dartan Weeple New Member

    Ethyre is correct and so are the other. It was possible to charm back in original- GoD, was it as easy faceroll as it is now? Hell no.

    The game as a whole has been changed so much over the years it is almost unrecognizable. I hate to break it to you, but TLP servers are for the most part a copy paste of current live servers with slight changes for special rule set servers.

    Personally I like the TLP server. I came to Corinav after playing live servers for 19 years.I don't believe TLP servers would be as populated as they're without the Charming, skill increases, raised resists, spell/level access AA compilation ect..

    Am I fan of these changes from original? No, but I accept them because I honestly believe the game wouldn't have what little popularity it does without them
  8. Aneuren Augur

    Another fun fact, since this thread makes me super nostalgic.

    When GoD first launched, you could charm mobs past the initial kod'taz flagging trials. You could charm in Kod'taz, and in the 3 Ikkinz group trials, for a very short time after GoD launch, we're talking like 2 weeks or so. The easiest way to kill the snake boss in Trial of Single Might was to (lol) kite it and have a charm pet beat it down (I miss you Skullcollector). In Trial of Twin Struggles, a charmed Brute would pretty much annihilate the priests.

    After that, they flagged a ton of stuff uncharmable in GoD, and it really killed the class for me. One week into GoD I gave up the class I had enjoyed since right before Kunark.
  9. yerm Augur

    Most tlpers simply were not anywhere close to the same content that they currently hit on these servers. We forget that a single necro could roll most of lguk dead side in era too. That a charmed ghoul wpuld wipe the place then just as well as now. That ae groups did massacre entire zones and lead to changes in places like chardok and fg. That even in raids it was broken op, such as hurling charmed giants at aow. On stromm when they nerfed god charm it took literally weeks to get ikk1 group done; we had to rely on the folks who had charmed through it for all keying and non-roi were stuck. Word of mouth is that was true for guilds on other servers. Charm WAS that good, and that relied on.

    There was a holy trinity in early eq and enchanter was in it. People knew the class was op. People, at least competitive/raiding players, also charmed.

    The sad thing is I can relate to the OP. I played a necro on fippy amd only charmed sometimes. In fear for example I felt like it was more downtime than reward vs just dots. I could solo all the spiders and boogeys without it. I was getting better gear than literally any othet nec and so was convinced I must be doing things right. On phinny, in AOS, I ran face first into a half dozen clearly better necros and realized I wasn't actually that great, I had to mimic and learn quick to get there. This seems to be reality for many just like me. You weren't as good as you think and/or there are much better methods that always existed you just didn't know or care for.

    What many seem to really want is not so much a return to how mechanics were, but a return to how the community was. Less oressure to be optimal. Less knowledge of what even was. Less pressure, less rush, less demands and stress. Bad news: not gonna happen. Won't happen with wow classic, which will be a steamroll and optimal specs all known. Won't happen on future tlps. Won't happen in 2052 when Pantheon releases its own 20th anniversary tlp.
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  10. Aneuren Augur

    It was like this on Prexus to a degree for sure, it was extremely hard to get some folks through those trials once the charm nerf hit.

    I also agree with your assessment of then versus now. We disagree on what should be done as a result, but it's definitely a different world now with just so many veterans standing shoulder to shoulder competing for scraps.

    They are fond memories though.
  11. Melkor New Member

    Been playing a chanter since the Mangler launch, and as my humble opinion goes, charm is far too powerful. There is little to no risk given the tool set enchanters have, duration is too long given the few breaks I do get, all this with minimal gear and stats.

    Its ridiculously obvious that even in a full group, my pet will outdps anyone else. At what risk ? very little.

    Quite asinine for the best CC class to also have the best pet.

    Nerf the charm pet damage by 50%, or something along that line. As it stands, might as well just have 1 cleric, 4 enchanters and add anything flavorful... But in the end, who cares, its an old game being recycled every 6 to 12 months for milking...
  12. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    I'm having a hard time understanding why it matters that charm is powerful on a TLP server.

    I thought people wanted to play these servers to experience Classic content. What does it matter how much faster other people can level to a cap that is obtainable over a week for literally anyone who has more than a few hours to put into it?

    I guess on the other hand I also never understood playing EQ competitively in the first place -- but especially not 20 year old content.

    Who actually cares?
  13. Merlin313 New Member

    My wife plays an enchanter and cleric. I decided to play a warrior to tank. I'm quite sure I would have been better off playing another enchanter than a warrior, and just having added a second pet to the group. Even my wife's enchanters non-slowed pets out damage my warrior, and they can tank just as well. Not to mention all the extra utility having another enchanter in the group would bring. Maybe I'll find myself feeling more useful as a warrior as levels go up and my gear improves, but I don't feel that way at Kunark release.
  14. yerm Augur

    This was always the case. Enchanters were always the best class. Their power/necessity was already well known and shared in 2000. Groups all wanted an enchanter, and groups without felt weak. Charm was so powerful in fact that they literally did nerf it just like you are asking for! ...in omens of war.

    Eventually enc becomes a nicely balanced class. Some decent adps and situationally strong charming, cc always good, but not mandatory or pidgeonholed. This is in contrast to some of the other tlp era rock stars - monks just keep shining and don't seem to fall below 2nd at worst for melee dps, and necros go to and end up being mediocre raid dps and awful in a group.

    I really really don't want to see them remove agency from a class for being too strong when it always was from 1999 on. If there is a problem here then buff other classes or make the game harder, don't gut enchanters doing what they could (and were) doing for 2 decades in these zones/eras.
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  15. Thalliius Augur

    For me I’d rather they just buff all other classes so that there is nice viability when forming groups. Everyone is an elitist these days, trying to do the meta min/maxing and enchanters are always wanted over every other class to the point that groups will wait for an enchanter rather than just fill their spot with something else to get going

    Make every class viable and strong in its own way, or in similar ways. If you have a job, family, friends and some semblance of a life then your time is valuable. It’s ridiculous that 1 class gets to reduce the amount of time it takes to level up and grind AA by a staggering amount. Someone said it in this thread I think, this game isn’t all that challenging while leveling up, it’s just tedious grinding... and 1 class gets to shorten that grind and never have to spend time /LFG because of how broken it is

    Selos was the only answer for TLPs by having fast unlocks, but we’re still a few months away from that. Mangler will have enchanters being overpowered for like another 1.5 years or so, until a new TLP comes out

    So leave the little diva enchanters alone so they can use their crutch to play the game, but buff up the other classes so they all rock in their own way and can all be viable killing machines within a group

    I’m not sure if any of you know this about me, but I dislike enchanters! (Unless I’m grinding for AA XP)
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