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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Reso, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. SpamFactory Augur

    I remember one dev in particular (who is no longer around) being very vocal on the forums about extending duration on right click buffs. He and many others (including players) would argue it's not a big inconvenience to refresh your clickies when they wear off or on death and "if you want the buff, then click the item".

    Now most clickies have been replaced with passive AAs, and many ones that weren't became unlimited duration and persistent through death. I would say most people found this to be a positive change. If they did something similar for illusions I'd welcome it.
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  2. KaoK Lorekeeper

    Pretty sure you are referencing "Elidroth" who said 'sorry, not sorry' about re-clicking item buffs. Honestly, it only made sense that one day they would actually do something about it and luckily it happened. After they introduced /useitem it was only a matter of time before actual item effects you used ALL THE TIME were active all the time. /boggle

    As for illusions... IDC what they do as long as every single illusion item EVAR is added to the Enchanter-specific turn-in NPC for a spell version. They recently updated this so many marketplace illusions can now be turned in for Enchanters to receive the spell version of the illusion item after YEARS of asking for it. If they maintain that... then sure, let people have their illusions

    Personally, I'd say let them persist through zoning but if you don't have the 'Permanent Illusion' AA then your duration isn't increased to 30+ hours. So, you'd have to re-click, but not as often. Seems like a fair trade off for the non-traditional classes that can illusion.
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  3. Leex Augur

    I'm on board with this idea!
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  4. Tobin Augur

    I like the idea the OP made and for those fighting against the idea - let other classes have fun too
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  5. Sindaiann Augur

    You know nothing about our class if you state that is our claim for enjoyment in the game, and our class needs help.

    Oh hell who am I kidding? Getting drunk and swapping illusions to teabag random AFK people during raid downtime, is fun. Especially as Illusion : Deadraiser. Catch me if you can. I'm a gigantic pig and yall like bacon.

    Give people Permanent Illusion thru zones with like a 30hr timer. No one cares if they have it.
  6. Savager Augur

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  7. Triconix Augur

    My sincerest apologies to you for having to spend countless minutes of your life posting on a topic that very clearly doesn't affect you in the slightest. The inconvenience of having to post your thoughts on such a topic is truly a horrific tragedy. I now understand why somebody not having to click an item would drastically affect your gameplay and I hope that OP's post was not a detrimental to your long term mental and physical health.

    However, if you don't see it as a big deal for a person to be forced to do something each and every zone, I don't see how it would be a big deal for you to have OP's suggestion completed. In what ways will it affect your enjoyment of the game if you see that somebody doesn't have to cast their illusion whenever they want it on? .....Oh yes, it wouldn't!
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  8. Whulfgar Augur

    an illusion extended ability sounds perfect for say .. a Tear of Alaris / Hero's Journey lvl of quest !
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  9. Vdidar Augur

    I don't understand why it would be a big deal to extend longer illusions to all classes. This class niche for illusions is silly. Anyone can take on just about any form they want in the game so I think this is just a convenince issue. Big difference in convenience and laziness. It's not in any way dumbing down the game either so I just can't find an issue here.
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  10. Yinla Augur

    Illusions should last until their timer is up regardless of whether you zone or not!

    Zone lines are a memory constraint of the game. The exception of portals, North Ro is connected to South Ro and to loose illusions in these cases is just ridiculous, I don't change when I move into another room in the guild hall, why should I change when I move over a border?
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  11. Iila Augur

    Did anyone ask druids if it was ok to hand out our class defining ability of turn off rain by making the Orb of Calm Times?

    How come I didn't get to tell people to reroll as a druid if they wanted to get away from thunder sounds and reduced draw distances every time it starts raining in a zone? Now enchanters/bards/rogues get a MORE POWERFUL version of my rain control ability, PLUS they don't have to refresh illusions every time they zone!

    And lets not even get started on clicky transport items and the guild hall teleporter! Every class that can out-dps/heal/tank/illusion/mez/dance me can also port around to new content nearly as well (or better!) than I can.

    Oh right. I never freaked out about those because little convenience things aren't worth getting worked up over.
  12. Reso New Member

    Seems like most people agree with this.
  13. lonewolf33 New Member

    ROFL arguing about things that do not affect playing IE server lag crashes multi server resets lost exp.Just to name a few are they not worth fixing before adding other bugs so you do not have to click a recast ?
  14. Arcainos Augur

    Man, you really are a miserable sob eh? Why do you care so much as to come on here, call people lazy for something they legitimately want?

    Not to mention there are other factors, like using up illusion potions every time you zone, which has nothing to do with being lazy at all.

    You're like the EQ hall monitor...
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  15. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I would love this. Would be willing to pay Daybreak monopoly money for it.
  16. savrin Augur

    It just shows how old the game is that people are still asking for permanent illusions. This should have been standard long ago. Almost any other game would have done this by now. They should be changed to be like the other clickies that are not AAs. It may be lazy but they did it for them. Illusions are complete fluff in this game too, where those clickies make a big different to those that have them. They used to be faction based but now are just nothing but changing the model - and people who complain they are class defining. LOL they are nothing. Illusion do nothing in the game except allow you to not have to look at the ugly, outdated models we currently have from 10 years ago.
  17. Bobsmith Augur

    Brilliant. I completely agree, give the ability via passive aa but lock it behind some super long obscure quest line. That way it is available but only for the people willing to put in the time. Possibly tie it to gold accounts only that way dbg gets a benefit as well. You both have to pay and play for it. I am Bobsmith and I approve this message.
  18. Reso New Member

    I would pay DB cash on all 6 of my accounts for this.
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  19. Mardy Augur

    Just came back to EQ for who knows how long this time around, I can't believe this is still not a thing. I think I got tired of asking for this since 5 years ago when it was apparent the devs were being stubborn for no reason over something that would give enjoyment to a lot of players. Many of their stubborn stance over nonsensical tedious things kind of lead the game, and the company as a whole, down this road which we all know didn't end well.

    This one especially, I just don't get. By allowing perm illusions, your playerbase would be much happier overall. Because games are supposed to be fun right? I love illusions because it makes playing this age old game more fun, a game by the way, is still running age old luclin character models. This would lead to more illusion purchases, which means more money for the company. It really is a no brainer win/win for everybody.

    Even a lot of your enchanters, rogues, and bards want this. Because guess what? Not everybody play the same class every day! My g/f who's an enchanter main can't stand not having perm illusion when she's on other characters. It's an unnecessary tedium that should've been done away a long time ago. This is only a thing because of EQ's old engine that does not allow seamless worlds.

    Yes, add me to those that would pay for this. Heck I would do an epic quest for this. No no, I'll one up, if you add this feature as part of an expansion, I won't care what else the expansion brings. I would buy that expansion for all of my accounts, all 5 of them, full expansion price.

    I can't believe we're halfway through year 2016 and we're still talking about this. Chalk this up to one of many missed opportunities for this company, this team of devs, to make players happy and make more money.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Because that is the same level of power as a request to not lose illusions when you zone.
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  21. Riou Augur

    Well the good? news is that on Beta a "for testing" Passive AA string popped up where Illusions would last through Zones, likely for all and possibly related to Expansion.
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