Ignore the frustration of launch day

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by snailish, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. snailish Augur

    Lots of threads talking about that. Probably at least a few hours before it settles down based on the last few launch days. A positive thought:

    Login to Agnarr, make a Gfay starting character. Won't take many of you to super populate the zone. Work out your UI (can port it to Selos or Mangler later, even if you use a different character name). Quite a few already in Agnarr general chat that are going Selos/Mangler... a bit later (they've done launch days and aren't going to do it again).

    Shake of the rust if you haven't played in awhile. Work out your ideal level path in game (though Selos and Mangler will be much more crowded the first week). Have some fun and try starting fresh on a brand new server later (tonight or even another day).

    Nice part of Agnarr is it is locked. So a level 5 abandoned character is still only 60 levels from cap if you go back to it a year later. (and so on).
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  2. Sultan Elder

    The thing is, what if there was no frustration because they simply changed the launch time of the server to am vs prime time pm?

    What if they added some hardware in to reduce queue times?

    Are you telling me that this wasn't expected from the hype they kicked up from it?

    Come on, ignorance is one thing, delusion is another.
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  3. Bento Elder

    Lol really? Why can't they just give us a game that works? That would be nice. I mean we have to pay to play on this server and we have been sitting here for almost 3 hours. And the only recent dev responses have nothing to do with the situation.
  4. Undustas Lorekeeper

    I doubt any of that matters..People take vacation or change schedules to play, its not as if there is some magical time they can pick to ignore the number of players logging in.

    Heck even World Of Warcraft has issues and thats a polished Blizzard game, new xpacs its like a 2 hour wait to play...It's really easy to suggest how to fix the issues but really hard in practice, you just have to wait.
  5. ShivanAngel Augur

    Anyone remember ragefire was it, where the server was unplayable for 2 weeks cause of a continuous DDoS...

    Its going to be ok peepz
  6. Bento Elder

    The fact we expect a horrible launch says a lot.
  7. ShivanAngel Augur

    Anyone who doesnt expect a horrible launch on a super hyped game is delusional.

    Think the last 3-4 games I have played right at launch had stability issues.
  8. Bento Elder

    Were they 20 years old? Had they had the practice of launching half a dozen similar servers in the past? It is what it is but it's amusing seeing so many people defend this.
  9. Sultan Elder

    We are talking about game that has a very small following and population 20 years on vs a game that had world record subscriptions, not apples to apples my friend.

    Launching the servers at 3am would have made a massive difference and I would be willing to bet would have been no queues.
  10. Thexian Journeyman

    Uhg, they should hire a PR person that can dedicate themselves to dealing with these issues!
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  11. Sandrito Elder

    Yes I remember that.. and as far as I know no one died from it, but you would think otherwise from the number of cry babies here screaming murder. Wonder if any of them are on the floor pounding their fists on the ground in a tantrum :)
  12. Undustas Lorekeeper

    it is apples to apples.

    Blizzard has way better tech and cant handle its subs.

    EQ Has older tech and cant handle its subs..

    See a pattern?

    Doesnt matter if the amount of subs is 10x the other, the numbers are irrelevant, the fact is the tech doesnt get better, so suggesting that a change in time would make a difference is just wrong.

    Other TLP's were launched on week days when people worked the next day, there was still login issues for those servers aswell for hours.
  13. Sultan Elder

    You can white knight it up all you want.

    3am launch, everyone happy.
  14. Undustas Lorekeeper

    You can assume all you want.

    Speculating makes everyone happy.
  15. Napharious New Member

    I can't even log in to any Everquest servers atm. I should have known better than to shelf other things to make 'launch' day. That's on me. That said, I think Daybreak is bad at math. I think 5244255 mins is a strange 'avg wait time'. Who has been sitting around for 10 years waiting to long in?

    Perhaps, I can make the 30th year anniversary. 10.4 years per said avg wait.

    No, wait. A timeout has occurred. fml
  16. vylo Augur

    Wow doesn't have this issue anymore, hasn't for a while. Of course they haven't launched new servers in some time too.

    Remember this isn't a new game, or even a new expac, this is just 2 new servers. They've launched them before with few or any hiccups.

    Honestly I would give any company an hourish for potential rush on something like this, but they are supposed to have contingencies in place when things get crazy.
  17. Ghost Of Fippy Augur

    So you are saying DBG did not learn anything?
  18. Undustas Lorekeeper

    The point is there is nothing to learn lmao.

    You guys need to just stop crying and be patient.

    Most launches are like this, doesnt matter how new or old the tech is.
  19. aELGIR New Member

    Calling a new server for a 20 year old game "launch day" though is a new low.
  20. bloodbeard Elder

    Probably true, but people crying about people crying is funny as heck. haha! *ok, now you can go ahead and carry out my statement further* :)