If you could have 1 balance request for your class, what would it be?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Belkar_OotS, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Belkar_OotS Augur

    With the start of beta, many of us will be checking out spells, disciplines, and gear, and parsing out result and seeing where the new balance will shake out for the new expansion.

    New classes will be on top, while many old issues may still be left unaddressed. People will find new ways to justify being overpowered in one way or another, and others will try to drag down other classes with veiled nerf requests.

    I request we avoid drawing direct comparisons between classes and focus on the needs of the class and making each unique and fun without diving into the class power/pecking order discussion.

    If you could have a developer fix one issue your class currently suffers from, what would it be?
  2. Belkar_OotS Augur

    So... I am going to break my own rules a little and do my top 2 things. I play many classes but my perception is likely not the same as a 20 year main would want so... These are just my ideas.

    Bard - 1. A secondary dps disc, could be a longer duration lower power Eye of the Storm/Knifeplay/Disconcerting style disc. Something to keep me engaged outside of the 3 minute support cycle and my own 10 minute reuse disc. 2. Bring my discs/AA down to reuse times so that are multiples of 3 so it syncs well with epic and FE. Clicks to either not have cast times or not to interrupt/bug melody. Okay. That is 3 ... Oops hah.

    Beastlord - I don't play the class enough to have a concept of their issues.

    Berserker - 1. I'd mostly be interested in reuse time adjustments to sync better with support. 2. Maybe some investigation into endurance costs.

    Cleric - 1. Improved nuke dps please. Continued support of the battle cleric mode with summoned hammer and hammer pet dps. Ideally interventions and contravention damage increased a bit so it sustains closer to 20k dps. Remove/reduce recast so I don't need to devote so much of my spell list to them.

    Druid - 1. Healing for both single target and group healing. Unlinking spells and remote Unlinking? Remove the recast on new versions so we can use spell gems for more utility too? Reducing cast/recast of our group heal to match up with dot ticks. 2. Dot mana cost revisit.

    Enchanter - 1. Unity buffs please! Making NET more provider friendly. 2. More charges to the activated chaotic haze and some reuse adjustments to support in general.

    Magician - 1. I kind of feel like our burns were streamlined too much with Elemental Union being mostly a side thought now. Make it so that it does a bit more for magic, and does something that doesn't stack with Fire Core so it 's be used as a secondary burn with spell twincat maybe?

    Monk - 1. Reduce reuse times to better match support. 2. Look at our endurance costs. Especially from Ton Po. Its far too expensive.

    Necromancer - 1. Dot revamp! 2. Fix to the for revamp! I don't really play the class but it doesn't stack well at all. 3. Address debuffs to have some kind of amplification with more people who cast the dot or something.

    Paladin - I don't play one, so I can only go off perception.

    Ranger - 1. Mana costs, especially with summers and scarlet fang. 2. I would love a secondary dps disc to use between the Trueshot line.

    Rogue - I don't play one in a meaningful way.

    Shadow Knight - I don't play one in a meaningful way.

    Shaman - 1. Streamline some short duration buffs in a unity style buff. Growth, incapacity, alliance etc. 2. More combo dots would be cool. 3. Maybe remove the recast time on our reckless heals so we don't need to memorize 3+ of them to maximize healing. Let me use my spell gems for more utility.

    Warrior - 1. More player controlled AE agro. 2. Maybe some improvements to initial agro.

    Wizard - 1. Stronger short duration burst dps. 2. Make our AE spells easier to use, reduce recast times.
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  3. Metanis Augur

    Cleric heals need to be significantly improved. I'm not being sarcastic. If we are going to be the most pure single-focus class in the game then that strength needs to be overwhelming.

    I'm still upset that shaman HOTs will overwrite ours! And in the raid environment the shaman squalls seriously out heal every cleric around.

    That leaves us with with having superiority only in the realm of single target healing. Wow, I'm overwhelmed! (PS That was sarcasm!)

    I should have such a repertoire of heals that (like a necro) I should be able to load a tank up with a variety of long-term heals and mitigation and then take a bathroom break and a cigarette break without worrying the tank will die while I'm away.
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  4. Oakenblade Augur

    Druid - Make mana bear pet do something worth memming the spell gem for. Increase duration of auras. Give us a fire aura (last one was lvl 97). Consolidate our debuffs, and maybe make cold debuff an AA?

    Make it so, or I'm cancelling my 37 gold accounts!!
  5. Laronk Augur

    Splash stun! (for paladins obviously)
  6. Tucoh Augur

    If Belkar is going to break the rules, I will too!

    Bard: Make Charm Gr8 Again

    Cleric: Make Curate's Retort and Hand of Merciful Infusion include sympathetic procs.

    Druid: Remove Hit Limited Proc on Ethereal Ways and add sympathetic procs.

    Enchanter: Add self-rune + aggro that is focused on allowing tanking

    Mage: Make Dissident Companion last 30s, increase proc rate and remove deaggro component (or make it do whatever Sancus wants)

    Ranger: Add method to get mana back

    Shaman: Make rabid bear deal much more damage and add a substantial heal group proc.

    Warrior: Give us a non-damaging PBAE aggro ability on a different timer than Dragonstrike.
  7. Laronk Augur

    Actually what paladins really need, act of valor upgrade with better effect + lower cooldown
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  8. Powerful Elder

    Warrior: Stop giving healers control of our aggro generation.
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  9. Pano Augur

    Act of Valor needs to be targetable so you can sacrifice someone of your choice instead of yourself, without any prompt to accept.
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  10. Derd Augur

    Not being a smart alek, but how do you mean that? Dont play a warrior and have never heard of it being cleric controllable.
  11. kookoo Augur

    from DB forum / class / priest :: before DB jump on nerf bat .

  12. Powerful Elder

    The Concordant line of discs gives us buffs (AE or Single Target) which proc hate on mobs when we get direct heals. Its a fairly significant proportion of our overall aggro generation.
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  13. MarttinPH Augur

    Don't do this! I will definitely cancel all my 39 ultra gold accounts if this is done!

    P.S. I am only kidding.
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  14. Jordis Augur

    I am primarily a raid enchanter, I love the challenge and love to raid or group and find soloing to be pretty boring. I mention it because it's a very different perspective on the class than soloing or boxing.

    As far as some balance with other classes I would very much like to see the Azure Crystal and Sanguine Crystal upgraded, although the recent change in Gather Mana was a real help. Several of the caster classes have much better recovery methods for restoring mana, but in a raid situation they're also depending on me to have the mana for buffing. Those classes also get their own versions of runes and mana regeneration, and the original Azure Crystal did allow us to slowly cast, destroy, cast destroy for a small gain each time.

    I would really like to stop buying stacks of tiny daggers, and just carry one around, but it's not a huge issues but it would be interesting to have them drop off invisible men mobs or something. Self- summonable or stackable weapons would also be a great option.

    The one thing I have wanted for years is a malo clickie. There are quite a few tash clickies that are available to other caster classes but no malo clicie that an enchanter can use. If people can click tash of various levels on mobs for better debuffs I think that the enchanter class should be able to get one too. This was brought to mind recently when I found myself the only enchanter on raids when wizards and a necro very kindly offered to tash things so I could focus on other things. Along that line I'd also like an upgrade on the Disempowering Aura line which isn't exactly a class balance thing but one that benefits enchanters and other classes, especially on raids.

    I was really pleased to see the rebalance on NET so it would stack with the Illusion Benefit: Greater Jann, but not nearly as happy as the monks, berserkers, and rogues that I had been casting it on during raids. The extended time of 19 minutes (full aa/etc) is doable and as a raid enchanter is well worth the effort for the benefits of reducing the amount of healing clerics, shamans and druids have to do for those classes (and occasionally myself). I get requests for Mana Repitition spells from casters, but it's just not feasible for a raid with the individual 3 second (1.5 sec) cast and for 2 minutes and 20 enhanced spell casts. Even just making the spell a group spell or AA would be great along the lines of IoG. It would maybe boost my own dps some, but since I provide ADPS on raids I think it would help put wizards back in line with the pet classes. I base that on trying to use the single spell on raids or in groups where wizards usually got the benefits of the 20 enhanced spell casts because they cast more often in that amount of time. In a raid group with several caster classes I just can't justify using one spell like that for one person during a burn.

    One thing as a raid enchanter I would REALLY like is some way to keep those mez'd mobs from dropping off or rearranging themselves on the extended target. I thought that mem-wipe component was great when it first came out but it's hell when people on a raid are using the target and they scramble.
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  15. Laronk Augur

    Really if it did a gift of life level healing with the same HOT + a splash type cure I'd click it more often
  16. Raveno Puppykicker New Member

    Bard - Lower the taunt cooldown from five minutes to something reasonable.
  17. Cicelee Augur


    1. Make air pet have a purpose once you hit 112
    2. Unlink the four cores
    3. Make magic damage viable to give us options
    4. Make Elemental Union viable (see #3)

    I know I did not follow directions...
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  18. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    Skinny Ogers. This will obviously bring great balance to Everquest.
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  19. Yinla Augur

    My ogers still scratch their butts.....old graphic ftw.
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  20. Yinla Augur

    Wizzys balance.....better and more portals than the guild hall!
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