If the real reason for FTE is to stop AoE PL...

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  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Yes, it is much worse as those abilities are factored into raid design later on and we also don't know the full details of the FTE rules yet.
  2. code-zero Augur

    I'm amazed that people are bordering on calling for nerfs just so they'll be able to continue to train people in game. (or AE PL but I don't think that's the point really)

    Really not making your case against FTE at all
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  3. Vindar Augur

    How about out of group help? Doesn't it ruin the spirit of EQ?
  4. TLP Addict Augur

    The spirit of EQ is a mysterious and enigmatic definition that typically means whatever the invoker wants it to mean when it suits them.
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  5. code-zero Augur

    I never liked out of group help. One guild I was in regularly had me as a bard non stop pulling for XP groups that I wasn't in when I personally needed to be getting experience. I never trusted the clerics who were suppose to be keeping the groups healed either as over time they'd get distracted and let groups die.
  6. Tranced Elder

    Fundamentally changing a mechanic that every player deals with for every monster in the game is better than adding a target limit to a single line of spells because it has a niche use on a specific raid of the 22nd expansion pack....

    Can't argue with the delusional.
  7. code-zero Augur

    Calling for nerfs so that you can save training is delusional too. Training is a lot like coins having weight and corpse runs now that I think about it
  8. Tranced Elder

    I never even mentioned training, are you arguing with the voices in your head?
    How often are you AOE stunning 10+ targets on your enchanter that this is a significant nerf?

    The difference between what I'm proposing and what they're doing is that what I'm proposing is doable by a single dev in a day or two (or less) with little repercussions. What they're trying is almost guaranteed to backfire spectacularly with unforeseen consequences.
  9. ForumBoss Augur

    nerfing PBAE stun's also has unintended consequences. There are raid events designed around it, such as the Txevu baby stonemite swarms.

    The root-cause of the "issue" of AE PL'ing is that there is a large demand to bypass the tedium of grinding out experience and/or AA's to catch up. Some folks have jobs, families, or just simply don't enjoy the grinding experience for the 10th or 20th time and want to get to the end game to raid or play with friends. Yes, DPG sells experience pots, but solo XP in everquest is terrible, so those folks seek out PL services.

    If they want to cash in and/or bypass the PL services from in-game players, they should introduce level boost's, more heroic increments, or massively increase solo experience.
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  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And you are making an assumption that this change was put in place to deal with using enchanters to power level people. This change is very likely to deal with several issues and not just a way to stop power leveling.
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  11. Magneress Augur

    On a serious note. I definitely advocate for a LORE server where u can just hail to complete quests and get drops for secret and hidden quests. I am one of those people who factioned Runnyeye just to talk to the king goblin back in the day. Wish there where more quests involving siding with the dungeon mobs.
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  12. Tranced Elder

    I am curious how well that would play out in EQ1. I would definitely give it a shot.
    I never tried the EQ2 version since I was there for all of that content live: https://www.everquest2.com/news/eq2-lore-and-legend-server
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  13. Magneress Augur

    Oh cool! I didn't know about this server!

    I'm thinking more of a solo oriented experience..you go up and hail overlord matta muram and he gives you the relevant drops needed to complete quests and you can maybe target and /say What about discord ? Or /say What about general soandso from your army ?

    And he would maybe talk smack about his minions. Or go on a rant about why he's doing his thing.

    I do know that you could talk to the major city leaders in Sanctus seru about their compatriots and they would all have things to say. A few mobs in classic respond to general queries about other mobs or named aswell thats not already in [blue brackets] (updated for the task system. )

    They could list non quest lore related stuff in [green] brackets. It would be cool if you could /say list topics . To an npc and get a list of all text you could querie for responses.

    I did some research about kael drakkel. It failed because of scaling. I don't really want scaling. I would like EZ mode and the lore to be made accessible. Also some quests just went unfinished or remained bugged because people would just kill the named as soon as they popped and some of those named where ultra rare! This lasted even for expansions as late as PoP into the modern RoF era. There's definitely one confirmed plane of valor or honor quest like this that was only just solved a few years ago. I suspect a lot of classic-luclin quests particularly remain unsolved or undiscovered because of this kind of "Raid or die" ruin all faction mentality which basically pervades all of the post luclin mmo sphere. Named never stay up long enough to talk to or faction with lol.. It's sad kinda. Not to take away tho... because I did have dun raiding G.O.D. thru TSS back in the day some. Just that that's the only way people play.. making rares pop 100% of the time and every 30 mins instead of weekly like for some raid bosses would go a long way towards allowing us to discover if they are more than just loot pinata.

    Doing tradeskills and delivery quests would be a fun alternative to factioining for those hard to get monster factions or city factions aswell! On a server like this. Take the violence out of the game and open a trade rout between hostile factions! By being the middle man. (Or elf or whatever).

    A single alternative EZ/solo/lore server would not destroy the regular progression of the game. I'd have at least one character on the lore server and one on TLP/ progression. I still like achieving new power levels. A good compromise would be to end or keep the Lore or EZ server one or two expansions behind the current expansion so people don't use it to cheese the discovery-exploration process of current content.

    Just my 2cp and belongs in its own thread tbh. Rather than dying here amongst all the salty tears. Ill post it again in a few weeks once the hubbub has died down about FTE.
  14. Sabra Lorekeeper

    Imagine Unrest without trains. Groups that bit off more than they can chew actually die in the camp and have their camp stolen. Utopia...
  15. Vecsus New Member

    Why would you remain in a guild that dictated how you spend your game time?
  16. Tanar Lorekeeper

    FTE isn't going to help anything.
  17. Trident Elder

    Does fte root you in place preventing escape?
  18. Ragnoruk Augur

    Groups that pull more than they can handle can always go zone if they need to.

    Imagine being at MR and not being intentionally trained with FP/BM mobs and having your camp stolen... Utopia.
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  19. code-zero Augur

  20. Sweetkisses New Member

    That would also remove healer aggro.

    You’d just out of group the healers and have them setup to use extended targeting.

    This mechanic if done that way would break a lot of what makes EverQuest the game it is.

    I suspect it’s gonna be changed based on the player feedback and the last dev post related to Oakwynd. Notice how they now say “proposed ruleset” that may mean they are listening and they certainly should be.