If the real reason for FTE is to stop AoE PL...

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  1. Bewts Augur

    What’s to stop an out of raid toon from training trash away from a named while the raid runs past them and engages the target?
  2. Braelvenae Lorekeeper


    Just like FTE doesn't prevent an out of raid person bringing over Complete Heal NPCs over to a raid doing a target. Now they can't even prevent that. So you're up in hate doing Minis or Inny in classic Oakwynd - someone just drags over a few clerics that you didnt need to clear because they werent in the way. Now you cannot finish the named while they get kited around you without any problem whatsoever.
  3. Tranced Elder

    This never crossed my mind and it's exactly the kind of stuff I'm worried about. Players are going to find out so many ways to exploit this, and it wasn't tested at all. TLP's shouldn't be test server, use TEST for that.
  4. code-zero Augur

    If it doesn't work as planned or results in new and previously unavailable exploits FTE will go away. Coming up with silly notions in the forums isn't going to make the devs suddenly facepalm and say, "I didn't think of that!" Face facts, there was plenty of forum feedback about TrueBox on Miragul and they did that anyway. I'd encourage anyone and everyone with a TLP itch to play there and just see how badly they can break FTE
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  5. Vindar Augur

    Depends on how it's implemented. I don't like it, personally, but there are ways to implement it that prevent things like this.
  6. Tranced Elder

    I guarantee that is exactly what's happening right now or the devs would have explained FTE better, or responded to criticisms by now.

    Gotta be delusional to think they somehow implement this without exploits or game breaking bugs with the exactly ZERO testing they have done lol.
  7. Bewts Augur

    Law of unintended consequences.

    Kind of goes to the OP to just limit unlimited target spells be it DPS, control or both.
  8. Tranced Elder

    They did this to kill mage beam kiting, they removed bards ability to aoe dot kite, removed shakerpaging and riposte proc swarming from tanks... I don't see any reason to allow enchanters to continue stunning infinite targets.
  9. code-zero Augur

    The explanation is really simple:
    Once engaged the NPC locks onto the character, group or raid. No one else can do anything to generate aggro not even proximity or social aggro I suspect. No one else can do anything that will allow them to benefit from the NPC's death

    So if the puller gets so far away that the mob stops chasing, they fade, whatever, after a short period if they don't do something to get the NPC's attention it then

    1: Goes home; maybe it paths badly, maybe it gates, however it does it it's going to go home
    2: Resets; hate lists are cleared, health is restored and it returns to the condition it spawned in
    3: Unlocks so that it can be re-engaged.

    It's that simple in my reading, I play a Bard and I am somewhat familiar with how NPC aggro works. I will say this is a lot better than mobs that continue to remember you after you thought that you got rid of them
  10. Tranced Elder

    This is a good point, I really wish they would give us more perspective on wtf they are thinking. Kind of absurd that an entire team of people decided that was going to be enough information, and then take Friday off and just let the shitstorm brew for a weekend lol.
  11. code-zero Augur

    I'd have no problem with restoring Bard moving AoE, Shakerpaging and Beams back if FTE goes in
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  12. Braelvenae Lorekeeper

    I am pretty sure the only reason most of these got removed in the first place was due to the servers being unable to handle the lag introduced during the mass killing - the same for AoE Plvling in some places. It is a shame because they were all interesting and unique ways to play the game
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  13. Tranced Elder

    I agree. If the server could handle it, those type of things (beamkiting, shaker paging, etc) help level the playing field between skilled high geared characters and software assisted bot armies.
  14. TLP Addict Augur

    That's what a lot of TLP players do anyway, all talky talk no stabby stab.

    Players that could talk the ears off of an Elephant but can't dps their way out of a wet paper bag.
  15. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Good point. Training trash out of way for a raid party to run to chardok king would be one example of how broken this could be. Making use of out of raid pullers would really shorten pull times for a lot of aoc bosses and events
  16. Zrender Augur

    I doubt this will be enabled for instanced or AoC zones. Why would it? There's no respawn so they can't be used for mass PLing and the instance is exclusive to the group or raid so no training or KSing.
  17. Braelvenae Lorekeeper

    You expect them to code it differently for only OW targets and change how things work based on the mobs were spawned?

    Brave assumption.
  18. Zrender Augur

    It is going to be extremely complex to code for FTE for all scenarios so I can't refute the sentiment of your reply. I do think, though, that just setting it as a flag for instances is most likely relatively easy. The OW stuff is going to be a lot more complicated. Probably OW raid mobs and mobs related to raid mob spawn triggering could also be excluded, since, if you raid OW you already know that entails dps racing and that could be considered a fun mechanic for some and most AoC raiders could care less. For epic mobs/quest mobs/keying mobs, and the like, things that actually block content, I would actually prefer open tagging to FTE.

    The reason I support some aspects of FTE are elimination of afk PLing and intentional training. I really don't care how they crush those two things. I'm fine with other aspects of EQ but I think those two things severely limit the player base.
  19. Vindar Augur

    AFK wizard crew represent! 1 or 2 spells per hour ought to do.
  20. Go Take A Nap Augur

    True, but who knows if they considered all this in depth. The point is the skip possibilities will be pretty abused in OW if they are not careful