If Daybreak wants to increase micro transactions, then...

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jiggs, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Jiggs Elder

    I have a few suggestions:

    1. Classes who get pets should ALL be able to have permanent illusion. I bought the black scorpion illusion for my beastlord pet and have never bought another one again. And here is the reason why....

    Each time I zone the pet returns to its original form. Having to recast and re-shrink a pet each and every time I zone is a royal pita. Not only does the pet return to its original form, it also is at its original size. Am not sure if code can support making pet size permanent also, but these two issues alone have kept me from ever buying another pet illusion. Currently if I use "tiny companion" aa or clicky, the pet remains shrunk even when I zone. But the moment you cast an illusion on the pet it becomes a royal pita.

    People often shrink themselves while playing. There are countless raids where shrinking is greatly encouraged if not mandatory. (arx 5 for example). The last thing most people want is a HUGE beastlord pet being summoned after getting a rez in the middle of 50+ shrunk people.

    So, some kind of perma illusion AND some way to keep a pet ALWAYS shrunk would go a long way in increasing micro transaction sales. I personally probably would have purchased a number of pet illusions from the marketplace.

    2. Developers need to separate the illusion and effects on beastlord Group Bestial Alignment AA. Currently, if you click off the "effect" you ALSO lose the benefit. It was an issue last time there was a level increase and it got fixed. Why they decided to not continue the "fix" is beyond me. It was brought up in beta and no doubt several times here of the forums and still the problem persists.

    Beastlords get "Pact of the Wolf" aa that has a separate illusion and effect. The illusion can be blocked while still getting the benefits of the AA. My necro has a Forgottenside spell that also has an illusion and an effect. That illusion can also be blocked while still getting the benefit of the spell.

    However, the Group Bestial Alignment aa has the same pitfall as the pet issue outlined above. If I use GBA it returns me to NORMAL size the moment it fades. I play my beastlord shrunk in almost every situation (groups and raids). Many people I play with also like to be shrunk most of the time. They too do not like having their form changed (as well as their size). People should be able to block Illusions without losing the benefit of an AA that was specifically designed to improve them in group play.

    This issue as also kept me from evert buying any player illusion items from the marketplace.

    So, if Daybreak wants to increase micro transaction sales they would probably see a noticeable increase if they made changes to these two issues.
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  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Although I hate having illusions on me and block the one on my gnoll totem I always felt the illusions should be the cost of getting the buff. But I can maybe see a difference when it comes to spells being cast. Have to think about that more.

    As for pet illusions on raids I think the focus should be on the raid not having an illusion on your pet. But that's just me. Any raids I have been on have not been spent looking at how cool someone's pet is.

    I don't think making illusions permanent would be a big sell point in the marketplace but I am not a big illusion guy in the first place. But if it can be done easily why not. Besides which when I use my nephews necro the pet noise is irritating so I keep casting illusions on him to stop the noise :)
  3. Axxius Augur

    Pet illusions definitely need to be permanent. Recasting it every time you zone is ridiculous.
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  4. Bigbear Augur

    permanent pet illusions and player illusions would be nice... would like to see my chanter be able to project permanent illusions too...seems only fair
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  5. Jiggs Elder

    My necro alt would like to see perma pet illusions as well.

    Necro's get several spells for pet illusions at lower levels. But I never use them even though I think just about every one of them is better than the stupid specter model.

    But having to recast an illusion constantly each and every time I zone keeps me from ever using them.
  6. Hayzeus Augur

    continuing to give necro pets the look of a spectre is just further proof that the devs hate necros.

    I've yet to meet a necro that said "yay a spectre pet" yet we keep on getting them.
  7. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Every class claims they're hated by the devs.

    However! Giving Nec the horrendous and awful in just about every way new model spec is cruel and unusual punishment. That model's like the epitome of why "updating" graphics in this game is a poor, poor idea. If that model could be purged from the game entirely, it'd be a great day in Everquest.
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  8. Kacman Augur

    I would love to see pet illusions be permanent, also.

    It would be really nice, if when the metamorph keyring is added, the Devs gave a choice of which illusion to have on all summoned pets, when you summon them. Instead of having to cast the illusion at all. Just let us set the default summoned pet model in the keyring window.

    I have a few metamorph totems that are worthless to me because I cannot keep a pet up for anything other than the buff. I have to use no pet in case I need to use charm.

    If they made pets automatically use your preset model type from all your possible pets/illusions, then when my charm lands and the mob becomes my pet, he could change to me preset model.
  9. Famka Elder

    I always thought necros should be able to turn into different undead forms and not have their form be an illusion. They should also be able to summon ghouls, zombies, whatever undead creatures as a pet.
    Mages should have the same thing with their elemental form, they change into something different then human or elf, not just put on a layer of make up to look like an elemental. Stonegrabbers, golems and whatever kind of elemental beings for pets. Fine if it would work the same as an illusion, just call it something else and have those forms be permanent.
    Druids and beastlords turning into different types of animals, and any kind of animal form for a pet.
    Other (pet) illusions, just that... illusions. Wouldn't mind if they lasted through zoning, but not be permanent.
  10. Elkay Augur

    If you're going to allow pet illusions to cross zone lines, then the same should be valid for player illusions. Just because zone lines are stuck in the game because of a non-streaming game engine doesn't mean illusions should drop in either case.

    But I caught a bunch of %$^& more than once for suggesting player illusions should persist. And this is coming from a Bard that even has the AA to himself to allow it.
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  11. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Permanent player illusions step on the toes of the classes that have them. So I can see a bit of push back on that.
  12. Silv Augur

    As soon as Enchanters can get spell turn in's for all the market place illusions I'll agree with giving anyone else whatever illusion junk they want. Otherwise, deal with it.

    You think it's stupid having to recast an illusion on your pet every time you zone. I think it's stupid everyone and their cousin has access to a bazillion illusions for 5$ or less.
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  13. Kellaer Augur

    I'd pay a macro-transaction to be able to zone into a fully functioning Best Freeport again.
  14. Zamiam Augur

    Here is a few things I would like to see ..

    1.. All /claim items heirloomable (can transfer items to any toon on same account) this includes LoN claims illusions, potions whether from /claim or from LoN .. 2 items in particular id like to see Heirloom'd is the CR clicky staff and the Brell's rest clicky .. I claimed both those on my main a long time ago and have sense retired him and am now playing a new main toon ..

    2. the Marketplace xp potion 75% increased to 4 hours you wanna charge 15 bucks for it ..I want it to last 4 hours..not 2.. i'll just keep buying the 50 and 25% ones..

    3. as stated above pet illusions that are permanent .. I play mostly pet classes and it is a nuisance to have to reclick pet illusions everytime i zone whether from death or just zone hoping doing missions/tasks/instance's.. I buy a ton of stuff from marketplace I dont think its too much to ask ..

    4. Player Illusions that persist thru zoning .. will Compromise they dont have to be permanent keep the timers on them but let them persist thru zones..

    5.. More items available via marketplace ie a clicky gate item (i heard a rumor that a gate item may be available in marketplace soon ) or clicky shrink .. there are a few items in game that are nice but some req a regeant others have timers of 20+ hours or like in the case of #1 from above are on a different toon so i cant give them to another toon ..

    6. I dont know why some peeps complain about dbl xp weekends.. must be toons that are max lvl and aa and have nothin todo ..( make another alt) .. id like to see a few more dbl xp weekends per year or heck even a week .. some of us work 10 12 hours a day and if we happen to make it on during a weekend we get maybe 3 or 4 hours 1 out of the 3 day weekend.. OR maybe make it a /claim item bottle of xp x4 given to everyone and each one lasts 4 hours then said person can use them when they have the time ..

    7. this may be wishful praying .. Id love to see a new class/race maybe another hybrid of some sort (another pet class :p )

    8. some more in-game Illusion masks all/all that are either questable or gained via completing a task .. a new look cyclops (roon or shroom ? ) or classic Hill Giant .. I like the anniv task with the sarnak .. mission was a bit difficult, but i see your changing it in tonights patch.. course it ends in 5 days .

    9. can you bring back the anniv task " War Games " for another week pls also extend the 16th anniv missions for another week or 2 would be nice.. there are alot of stuff i did not get done cause i was busy lvling 2 new alts. and working .:p pls oh pls .. especially sense you just now lowered dificulty on " korucust's royal pain" ..

    thats all i have to say for now .. I would like to see Roshen or someone respond to these ?'s .. thanks for all your work you guys/gals do..
  15. Silv Augur

    1. Sure. Good idea.

    2. Also great idea... it's a money sink in its current incarnation.They give so much DBL XP no reason NOT to let it last 4 hours.

    3. Permanent Pet illusions... okay, sure. Let me be able to illusion my charm pets too though? kk, thx!

    4. Allowing player illusions to persist through zoning - personally I think that's fine. Giving people permanent illusion that aren't one of the three classes that it's "special" for [lulz], no thanks!

    5. Do a google search. There are so many @#%# gate clickies that it should NEVER be some type of selling point in the marketplace.

    6. People will complain... about anything. What people fail to realize is that not everyone in the universe works the same 9 to 5 schedule as them so having several different types of XP bonus time periods = good. I'd honestly prefer to see *more* variation in the periods [Sat - Tue, Wed - Sat, Fri - Mon, Sun - Wed... you know, anything that would help people not on the stereotypical work/school schedule AKA the people who need it most].

    7. No.

    8. IMO all Illusions (even All/All) should have always remained in-game only [LON excluded - they are rare enough]. The Sarnak Mask was a *fantastic* idea. However, if they continue to do these types of illusion rewards I sincerely hope they are added to the "Legendary Enchanter Illusion" system.

    9. No. It's always been advertised as limited availability content. My Shaman is stuck with a hDex aug from PoWar cus I'm lazy as hell and I can't complain about it. There was enough notice on these forums AND in game [if you ignore those notification popups in game you *really* have NO excuse to ask for more time].

    My opinion which you did not ask for but servers are down so I have nothing better to do :D
  16. buttercup Journeyman

    if they really want to increase transactions they should just put in-game prostitutes in PoK that take SC to do naughty things to your toon in the library!
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  17. Warpeace Augur

    Fixing issues between current classes would be a much better use of resources, we already have 16 classes you can play in different races.

    Maybe allow some races to use previously prohibited classes would be better?
  18. Cicelee Augur

    It literally takes a second, if that, to shrink your pet via pet focus earring. This is the complaint, a second of your gaming experience being inconvenienced?

    Of all the things to help increase micro transactions, we are worried about a second? Wow. With a side of wow.

    I am a magician on raids, and if my pet dies I resummon and click my earring twice. And move on. I would expect the rest of pet classes to follow suit and not complain about a second ruining their parse.
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  19. Sinzz Augur

    funny I actually prefer new Freeport over the old, it feels more like a capitol city , just needs more wandering merchants/mobs to make it feel alive
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  20. segap Augur

    Honestly, the pet illusions and other immersion breaking stuff just needs to go and not be improved upon. Why should a mage or necro have a pet other than what they're able to conjure or summon? I would be ok with giving mages more elemental forms to choose from. They are the masters of conjuring the four elements. Likewise, giving necros options of different types of undead. That would fit within the character of those classes. I'm a little confused about what a beastlord should have. It is enchanters and bards that have the ability to charm and control the minds of anything.

    On player illusions, there is only one class that was given the title "illusionist". Illusions were a fun bonus for that class. Enchanters should remain unique in that regard. Bards and rogues were masters of disguise and given the ability to blend in with other races through using a mask for other playable races. It was a niche that fit with the class.

    Let's stop with the monetizing of things that take away from making classes unique and breaking immersion. It's so annoying to see people running around looking like all sorts of crap.