If 2023 TLP is PvP TLE server

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  1. mark Augur

    there his a way a tlp server will work with pvp allow people to turn pvp on and off in a town.
  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Do it.

    There will be 25 PvP enabled players MAX if every single one of them joins the server.
    Everyone else will not even bother turning it on even once.
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  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You can already do that on any server with the priest of discord but there just needs to be a way to toggle it off without a GM helping.
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  4. TheRealMuramx Elder

    I don't know why people think PvP in EQ is so great... Because it's not. It never has been. It's one of the worst games to PvP in. The early days of PvP you had a couple classes that would wreck everyone... And the rest were ok to terrible. It was a lot of people jousting back and forth hoping to hit the the other person 1 more time then they got hit. Or you into those toxic groups that would seek out people a couple levels lower and then go 1v6 and proceed to corpse camp them. Today's PvP is "who has the better connection" so they can fire up discs and do their 1 shot.
  5. uberkingkong Augur



    1.Triple xp while PvP. Triple rewards, triple loot.
    1.a. Mob loot from PvP kill cannot be looted by someone not PvP.
    1. b. Loot lockout is quick, 4 mins loot lockout. So raid guilds better sort it out quick. If you have someone to grab loot, better be ready to defend it if you want certain person to get it.
    1. c. if master looter is killed the loot lockout goes away

    Triple reward in AoC too. So turn on PvP, start running the to the AoC, hope no one is out to get you to prevent progress.

    PL'ers doing their PLing things in sol b?

    2. Some zones are designated automatic PvP zones. Sol B is one of them. Ocean of Tears is another. Lower Guk is another. Clan Crushbone is another. Rathe mountains is another. (plat/krono/PL/ and some other randoms farming zones are pvp enabled ones) Every other zone, your choice to turn on/off PvP. Who knows maybe they can randomly change.

    3. Faction based. So turning on/off PvP, you still have teams, whoever is your faction.
    3.a. Also, to turn off/on PvP, you have to be in the main city/ starting area you can do this too. Can't just turn off PvP if you see someone coming after you while your farming something.
    3. b. You can only group/raid with your faction.

    4. Weekly/Monthly PvP quests for rewards. Kill 3 other people of certain faction, you get reward at end of week.
    Ex. Roboboar mount for completing the monthly PvP quest.

    Incentives! Everyone loves incentives. Can't have something successful if there are no incentives to play and have fun.

    5. If PvP'er is attacking a mob and someone not PvP attacks the mob the PvP'er is fighting, the PvP'ers in the vicinity are can attack the PvE'ers. Those PvP'ers can choose to attack them or not, but the PvE'er has no choice.
    To prevent people from boxing PvP and PvE toons. PvE toon there to cleanup in case they get ganked, well have to worry about PvP if you trying to cleanup on the named kill now.

    (similar to Runescape, something with if someone attacks you they get something on their head makes them very vulnerable. Well if PvE'er tries to take your kill or something, they get that thing on their head or some aura around them appears and that means PvP'ers can attack them now)

    This server is not your play nice, "you attacked first thats your kill", this is a competitive server.
    Competitive TEAM based. Not guild, not group. TEAM/FACTION.

    6. Your account can only be one faction. Have to delete everyone and destroy all items including cleaning the bank to switch faction.

    7. PvP'ers cannot be grouped with PvE'ers.
    Same deal, they cannot get buffs, heals, etc. and vice versa.

    You either PvE or PvP, none of this half and half cheat code.

    8. You don't have to PvP 24/7, but your still on that faction/team even though your doing PvE. You just don't help your faction/team from not going PvP that is all.

    9. Heck if going further. Capture the zone PvP.
    Make a bunch mobs, guards, etc. and have a lord in some spot in the zone.
    This could be for a few zones like Highhold Pass.
    Cities. Say there is a main city which cannot be captured and the other cities capturable.
    Freeport, Neriak, Kelethin, not capturable.
    Bonuses from capturable cities/zones, they provide merchants daily, hourly items. Tradeskill, rares, ultra rares. Ex. Silk 50 quantity, limit 1 per player/account. Rare item shows 2 of them 1 per player. So whoever buys it first.
    Incentives to defend, because you want to see what the merchant is going to list.

    10. Betrayal system.
    10. a. Only if your grouped, you can right click on them and click betray.
    10 b. Makes you KoS for the people you betrayed if they choose to attack you for 6 hours stays with you even if not in game. The betrayer cannot engage in another fight with the people they betrayed, unless you get grouped and betray them again.
    10. c. If you group with the people you betrayed then that revenge timer is cleared.
    10. d. People that betrayed you can take 5% of your bank/carried combined plat if they are first to kill you, only happens on first time you killed if you get killed.
    So benefit of betrayal is loot stealing. Benefit of getting revenge on the person betraying you is taking 5% of their banked/carried plat.
    So if your going to betray, the way to go is kill the master looter then everyone else.

    Can be done the other the way too, but only from group leader, say you annoyed a group and they are fed up, the group leader betrays you which makes the group you was in, all of those players they all have the affect where if the person that was betrayed kills any of those members they can take 5% of their bank/carried combined plat.

    So say your grouped and you kill something that is nice, betray your group, kill em off or just the master looter and quick ninja loot, and loot. So just another thing to be wary about.
    Careful who you group with and who is the group leader.
    Don't get trolled by group leader tricks a bunch of people and betrays someone tough, and that someone tough can take those 4 peoples 5% of their bank plat.

    So its a game of, don't trust so and so. Those players are bad news. Come join us we don't fight that kind of way, we fight with justice not betrayals.

    Back is the game of EQ where you know people, you hear rumors and stories and everyone has their virtues. You know people by their virtues. Come across someone, yep you helped me. You betrayed me. You were with me when we got betrayed. etc. We took that objective together.

    You should be really twinked, wealthy from time invested on the server if you partake in everything. Should be easy to get items. Focus should be on PvP, and obectives, not so much the items/leveling anyways.
    Fun, Roleplaying, Competitive, Objectives, PvP, Player interaction server.
  6. Magician9001 Augur

    They "spend 8 months of the year" working on expansions when they've stated that half the revenue comes from TLPs.You're assuming things you shouldn't.

    Considering 80-90% of the TLP population is typically on one maybe two servers and TLP players don't need to buy yearly expansions it's pretty easy to concluded servers like Mischief and Phinny during their peaks had more active players then all live servers combined.
  7. Stagentti Augur

    They've never stated half their revenue comes from TLP. Someone claimed this a few days and was never able to back it up. There is a comment about TLP launch vs expac but nothing stating half their revenue comes from TLP.

    Mischief and Phinny had more active players than all servers combined? Lol what?

    There are currently 6 high population Live servers, and 6 medium. At least a few of the high pop have been that way for years.

    You want us to believe Mischief and Phinny during their peaks, when they didn't have a queue, had more than a few high pop live servers? Lulz.
  8. Triconx Augur

    Awful take. As usual.

    4 of the 5 highest population servers are Live. 4 of the 5 lowest population servers are...TLP.

    There are roughly 30-35k subscribed live players roughly as an estimated guess. Literally every single live server was hitting high population except for Zek and maybe Vox for the expansion launch. That means you're looking at a solid 2k minimum playing on each server x 10 is 20k right there. There is absolutely zero chance Mischief had that many subs. A server literally cannot hold that many players. You're sucking down copium at rapid rates if you believe the things you type.
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  9. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Time spent does not equal revenue, they can easily spend 8 months of the year on expansion work and that still only account for 50% revenue.
    Now who is assuming things they shouldn't?
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  10. Magician9001 Augur

    Holly said in an interview right before she left that TLPs are half their revenue. The also count expansion purchases towards Live even though TLP players often buy expansion bundles for bags/cosmetic items so more realistically TLP make them more then Live. If TLPs are half their revenue it's a safe assumption that the most popular TLPs get more players on launch then all live servers have combined. It only takes like 600 concurrent players for a server to hit "high" Servers are stable with well over 5k+ people online at the same time. Mischief was getting 7-8k players online near launch it why TB exists because the queue times for Mischief were multiple hours even days after the server launched.
  11. Captain Video Augur

    It takes 2K+ concurrent players to report as "high" population. It takes 1K+ concurrent population to report as "medium". 600 is "low".

    There is a hard limit of 4K simultaneous logins on all TLPs, this has been true for several cycles now. Yes, Thornblade was spun off because Mischief was queueing the first couple of days, but the server cutoff was 4K not 8K. Over 5K+ active players would crash these servers at five-minute intervals.
  12. Stagentti Augur

    Can you share that quote? Never seen it.

    Someone brought this up earlier and could only find a quote from J. Chan summarizing Holly's comment and it was expac launch vs new TLP server launch.
  13. Stagentti Augur

    That's launch numbers, not sustained. Launch numbers doesn't back up a claim that Mischief had more players than all Live servers. And using this logic it would only mean, if the #'s are even true, that it did at launch. After launch #'s always drop.
  14. Maneuvre Elder

    Lots of great ideas in here and I will subscribe for this experience. I wouldn’t be the only one either. I hope the devs seriously consider some of your ideas and create a hybrid TLP at least. Great write up.
  15. Stagentti Augur

    1a. How are you defining a mob kill? Does the PVP person have to do over 50% of the damage to lock it from PVE players?? Does a PVP person just have to attack it? Seems like a lot of issues if the latter and potentially a coding nightmare either way.

    1b. Is this rule based on the assumption that someone in the raid will screw everyone else over and snag the loot at 4 minutes 1 second? Seems like a good way to get yourself blacklisted from guilds but I guess someone could think 1 item is worth it.
    1c. Same as above. Great way to get blacklisted.

    2. Think it's a bad idea to make the most popular leveling zones PVP automatically. Especially if one faction gets an early lead. Just exacerbates their dominance. But agree to disagree.

    3a. Feel bad for races like barbarian who have a bad starting city location. That's a long run to level after going back to turn flag on/off.
    3b. If one faction gets ahead early or another faction has low #'s the power dynamic is going to be absurd. Also - feel bad for folks who can't ever get a single druid port but I guess part of the decision making process lol.

    4. Everyone will get rewards. Every week. Just make friends with someone of opposing faction on Discord and kill each other 3 times fast. Not really something special to incentive PVP.

    5. You'll get people just doing 1 damage to mobs or casting a spell to get on their hate list, then sitting back and waiting for a PVE player to unknowingly pull it, get flagged unknowingly, then go in for an easy troll gank.

    I'll simply box a PVE cleric and spam heal my PVP buddies. I'm not attacking the mob so not flagged.

    The similar to runescape part sounds like an intensive coding requirement = $$$.

    "This server is not your play nice, "you attacked first thats your kill", this is a competitive server."

    Literally not a single server has a "you attacked first that's your kill" policy, outside of some quest driven spawns. It's all DPS race.

    7. Good luck getting a port early on if you flag PVP and only PVE druids and wizards around. Better like a long run to your leveling zone every time you die and don't have an alive cleric around to rez you in time (and even then better hope you're not corpse camped so they can gank the cleric coming to rez you. Cleric isn't killing anyone solo).

    8. Good luck getting groups if your faction isn't popular!

    9. $$$ to implement. But hey - money well spent!!!!

    10. That isn't going to lead to any major issues. Not a single one! Also totally isn't going to take a ton of dev time to set up.

    These are fantastic ideas and $ well spent on a low pop server that dies fast due to the group/raid rules.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Sounds like another way for people to grief each other. Giving people more xp is great but restricting loot and limiting loot time is bad.

    That would remove the entire point of being able to turn PvP on and off and drive people away from the server

    This would also remove the entire point of the server as you would have guilds that have to exclude members because of the race/class they want to play.

    Another idea that would destroy the point of being able to toggle off PvP and it would allow people to grief others. It would be as simple as a PvP running around and attacking things so they could turn around and attack the group in a camp.

    People like to play a variety of characters and this would turn them off from the server

    That is already the case with people who get flagged for PvP on a non PvP server

    You seem to be making a suggestions that would force people to PvP when they don't want to

    Interesting idea but sounds easily abuseable

    Sounds like yet another way for some players to grief others.[/quote][/quote]
  17. Triconx Augur

    Now it's just make up numbers time I guess. If it only took 600 to hit high, Agnarr would be medium-high 24/7 lmao

    Aradune had the largest launch of all EQ TLPs and still was not even throwing distance of all live servers combined.
  18. code-zero Augur

    Curious, apparently the 4 previous PvP servers were all merged into Zek because
    Maybe I'm wrong but that doesn't sound much like PvP back in January 2005 was particularly strong
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  19. Magician9001 Augur

    Can't find the quote in a quick google search. It's a few years old now, before Mischief, which i think has to have surpassed Phinny and Agnarr. Realistically i'm underselling it.

    The claim wasn't that it was always above all live servers combined year round. Mischief had queues during primetime for like the first 5-6weeks. Mischief was getting over 5k online for every expo launch until like Omens, it pretty much always 2-3k online even in the lowest hours of the day. It still generally has like 3k people online during prime time in TSS. Using "high" server status as an indication of how popular live is when Mischief even nearly 2 years in has the same population as like the 5 most popular live servers combined is very misleading.
  20. Captain Video Augur

    Mischief has had zero queueing since they put out Thornblade, no more than 48 hours after the original launch. Everything else you've said is completely delusional. Nobody here is taking you seriously.

    I will give you that Mischief might be getting to 3K in prime time now, it is still a popular server with quite a few guilds raiding. I could say the exact same thing about any of several Live servers.
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