If 2023 TLP is PvP TLE server

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  1. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    The anti pvp brigade is back, boys. They got us again! They want to sleep their way through a pug group in unrest for the 40th time.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You are free to show that there is demand by getting more players active on the current PvP server.
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  3. mark Augur

    pvp red 99 his dead there his not enough demand for pvp in the eq players population.
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  4. Maneuvre Elder

    TL;DR: Build a PVP TLP Agnarr ruleset. Players will subscribe longer than Miragul. Won’t lose subscribers instead DBG will gain subscribers.

    So what is everyone afraid of anyways? Do you not think that this game needs fresh revenue? Or would you rather recycle the same population hoping that they don’t slowly fade away to other forms of entertainment that have better graphics, fresher content? This game will not always sustain the annual roadmaps because eventually it will lead to a dried up dead end. You can only recreate the same TLP so many different times. Sooner or later the customers will grow tired of having their populations split… and they will choose to consume their entertainment elsewhere.

    But I know that if DBG launched PVP TLPs both on EQ and EQ2 simultaneously, they would see a profit. I know because I for one will subscribe again. As will others. There are dozens if not hundreds of us lurking these boards monthly. If you build it, they will come. I also know that DBG will not lose subscribers because no one will boycott them for trying a new server out. I mean look at Miragul TLP...

    That being said I think DBG wins in this scenario. They keep Live players happy and subscribed with the latest content. PVE TLP players are still subscribing to make Krono because at this point who hasn’t had their fill of nostalgia yet? Finally, DBG can scrape the barrel for that last bit of coin which has been missing in the form of former Tallon Zek, Sullon Zek, Vallos Zek, and Rallos Zek players. We want our nostalgia too.

    For the trolls: Imagine scouring these boards daily looking to add lies to the anti-pvp agenda. It’s the same 5 people spreading the same lie too as if they speak on behalf of the devs. The tactics are old and their efforts are cringe at best. Please stop. Plus, I don’t see anyone else sabotaging the next EverQuest expansion. All that you’re doing is misinforming potential interest for a fresh new rule set and scaring away new players (are there even any left at this point?) Do us all a favor and let the devs speak for themselves. Things change constantly so spare us from your links and quotes from the past as well. Thanks!
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  5. Lejaun Augur

    Guess you missed that the server no longer exists and the only pvp server that does exist is almost completely dead.
  6. Arclyte Augur

    i can only shake my head

    some people just like the taste of poo
  7. uberkingkong Augur

    Yep they are back
    Do you even play on TLP?
    Whats the ruleset? Zek ruleset, thats why.

    People don't listen, team PvP. Of course PvP has low population, kenmei has said it many times why PvP is in the state it is in. Need to listen rather than judge things in the state as it is in right now.

    If WoW had Zek ruleset that game would have been long dead. Alliance vs Horde, not FFA.
    Alliance vs Horde is team Alliance vs team Horde

    ESO, GW2, they have WvW modes, thats team based PvP. It's not FFA PvP world.

    If it's PvP mode, they need to listen to PvP community for feedback, not Live server players or people very anti PvP for PvP feedback. Like if you want feedback on why Vaniki is in state it's in, you ask people who played on Vaniki server, not Live server player about it.
    If they making a PvP FFA with Zek ruleset, of course its going to be dead on arrival, the dev's aren't even listening.

    Why you think on EQ2 they are saying, are they going to do it right or not listen, the PvP'ers are claiming dead on arrival if not done right?
    "So, the major question is this. Did they just copy and paste the failure previous PVP TLE servers or are they doing something new?"

    I for one, if its just another Rallos Zek PvP, don't waste your time.
    PvP works in other MMO's, but EQ. It's not just balance, its the ruleset, little things matter. Balance wouldn't make it popular.
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    People are worried that a TLP PvP server will be dead on arrival and it will waste developers time and money keeping the server running.
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There is no evidence that people want to play PvP in EQ anymore based on both the official PvP servers and the emulated ones having very little population. If there really was a demand for it you should be able to see it on the servers. Even the emulated ones don't have the numbers to make a new server with the rules that you want.
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  10. uberkingkong Augur

    Of course the numbers are not there.
    Thats the whole purpose of TLP, to bring people back, to bring the numbers back. Obtain interest.

    People wanting Team based PvP which is something EQ no longer has, are off playing on WoW and enjoying Horde vs Alliance team based PvP. The EQ PvP took a major blow because WoW did it better. And what does EQ do? Nothing, if anything they tried a different PvP approach that lead to failure, all the failure PvP .

    The numbers are off playing WoW Horde vs Alliance which is the highest populated MMORPG.
    Final Fantasy XIV, team based PvP.
    Teams! Not Rallos Zek failure ruleset, its no wonder why no one is playing PvP, EverQuest think tankers got it dead wrong. Look at Vaniki, is it failure because of the ruleset or was it because of the achievements, expectations? If you ask the people on Vaniki why people left you'll understand why people left Vaniki.
    You don't go ask some Mischief diehard, some Live server diehard why PvP died off, why Vaniki died off.

    Just like you don't go ask some WoW diehards why EQ is dying off. Ask an EQ player why game is dying off they have much better perspective.
  11. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    Please tell me how pvp in EQ would be popular? Just trying to PVE meaning travel from point A to B is a difficult task sometimes. How quick do you think people would rage quit after traveling 30 minutes and then some jerk dots you up or a group of people jump you and you pop back up in freeport or the tunnel and have to start over. The classes are just too imbalanced. This is coming from someone who LOVES pvp.
  12. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    Please tell me how pvp in EQ would be popular? Just trying to PVE meaning travel from point A to B is a difficult task sometimes. How quick do you think people would rage quit after traveling 30 minutes and then some jerk dots you up or a group of people jump you and you pop back up in freeport or the tunnel and have to start over. The classes are just too imbalanced. This is coming from someone who LOVES pvp.
  13. uberkingkong Augur

    Thats your problem there. PvP.
    Don't look at EQ, they went a route that failed.

    Look at similar design game. World of Warcraft.
    Main selling point? PvP Horde vs Alliance. This is open world design, not a WvW Allaince Wars design. Same design some of the older EQ PvP rulesets had that got merged into ruleset that caused the demise of PvP in EQ.

    To be frank, EQ decision making at that time was not in sync with what people were really wanting.
    They merged PvP around that time.
    They made EQ2 around that time.
    EQ started dying around that time.

    WoW was just better, it took majority of EQ PvP playerbase, its still doing good since they still there. They been top populated MMORPG since then. Taking EQ PvP playerbase, attracting others who want similar ruleset, Allaince vs Horde ruleset. Doing it better. Better think tanks at work coming up with better ruleset and ideas. Hence its more popular, more players.

    Go play WoW then? Thats what many of those EQ PvP'ers have done.
    So wheres the EQ PvP community? Playing WoW, and WoW has more players than EQ, even the Horde Alliance population servers thats way more than all servers EQ.

    The numbers are off playing a game doing it better because EQ is too afraid to compete again. Instead making up excuses like balance killed PvP, and numbers aren't there. Of course they not there, the numbers are on other games that meet their needs.

    EQ numbers?
    Well go play WoW.
    Go play GW2
    Go play Final Fantasy
    Go play ESO
    Thats where the EQ numbers are at.
    EQ cannot deliver? Those games have it? Go play there then!

    Believe me you go play any of those games, they'll tell you. Such and such OP, nerf them.
    They aint balanced either, balance isn't what killed PvP. Ask a PvP'er what killed it, not a Live player, not a Mischief player. Ask EQ player what killed EQ, not a WoW player, not a GW2 player.
    There is a cheating thief in WvW, unable to kill him, he 1 shots me. Nerf thieves. Do something to cheater. Same issues in other games, PvP still continues on. WvW still continues on. It didn't kill the game mode.
    WoW has cheaters, did it kill the Alliance vs Horde game mode? Nope still continues on.

    Ruleset is very nice, hence they continue to play. Notice none of those games are FFA rulesets. GW2 theres no PvP everyone vs everyone. PvP mode is 5v5 1v1 2v2 3v3. WvW is 80v80v80. Not no FFA. Other games same way.
    WoW horde vs alliance. All the hordes on one team, all the alliance on the other team. So 100+ vs 100+.

    EQ is the only oddball with FFA ruleset, and we all know how thats going.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There still needs to be evidence of demand for a TLP PvP server before they create one and as has been said many times they need to see evidence of demand on the existing PvP server. If there really was a demand for team PvP why has the group running the emulated PvP server created a team one? If it was what people wanted you think they would create one in order to attract more people.

    What you are forgetting is that EQ PvP and WoW PvP are nothing alike and WoW PvP doesn't suffer many of the problems that EQ PvP has. Not to mention the fact that there is not a single WoW server dedicated to PvP and it is something that players can opt into on every server and get rewarded for doing so. They get things such as increased xp, faction and currency when playing in areas that you can PvP. Not to mention they have the entire PvP match system where you get rewarded with quality gear among other things.
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  15. uberkingkong Augur

    Exactly why one is failure the other is not. Ruleset.
    Rallos Zek ruleset is not the answer. You wont see anything from that ruleset.
    Several people that been telling you
    Want more info, go reread and think without bias.
    Not going to convince anyone who already set with their ways.
    P99 Red they do Rallos Zek ruleset and failed. Gee wonder why. Proof that Rallos Zek ruleset is failure if you want proof and nothing but proof.
    Let me repeat this person,
    P99 Red,
    "Did they just copy and paste the failure previous PVP TLE servers or are they doing something new?"
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The people who do the servers could make that ruleset if they wanted to but they don't seem to want to do it. And either way there is nothing to suggest that any ruleset will gather people if they can't be bothered to log into an existing server for an event to show interest in a TLP PvP

    EQ had the rule set you wanted in the past but that server ended up getting merged into Zek which suggests that it was not as popular as you think.

    It needs to be restated that the devs have said what would be required for a TLP PvP server and the PvP community can't seem to get that done despite the claims about how much they want a TLP PvP server. And if they can't put in the effort on a server with no sub required how can they be trusted to put in the effort on a server that requires a paid sub.
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  17. filthytlpplayer Lorekeeper

    I assume this is at least partially directed at me. Someone had claimed that Brad McQuaid had some grand vision of EQ being a PvP game and Smedley crushed that vision. I posted quotes from both Smedley and Brad, along with sources from interviews they gave, to demonstrate that the assertions that person was making about these people were not accurate, and that the intent for EQ was always to make a PVE game. Quotes and interview links are simply facts, I'm sorry they don't align with your TLP vision and refute the fabricated history that the person I was responding to was trying to push as some argument for a new PvP server now.
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  18. Pictarous Augur

    I also wish there will be a PvP server that is EXACTLY what every PvP player wants, so we can at least have a chance of stopping the constant diarrhea from the 40 or so-odd people who want the game mode to be a main focus of development time and funds.

    As others have said, the PvP community was asked to show up and support the game mode on a Free to Play server. They did not show up.

    If you are upset about "but it wasn't my favorite xyz ruleset, I'll never support it!" congratulations, you are further marginalizing yourself and the already minuscule EQ PvP scene, and driving the nail even deeper into the coffin of long dead Everquest PvP.
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  19. Newpotato New Member

    I would resubscribe immediately if they added a pvp tlp server, but I doubt that will happen with all these people who feel the need to express how they know that nobody or barely anybody is interested in eq pvp, whenever someone expresses interest in a pvp tlp server.

    Vallon zek, as well as Zek (the first few years) was the best years of gaming for me personally
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  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    All anyone is asking for is the PvP players to actually show that there is a demand for a TLP PvP server by utilizing the existing PvP server. Sure there are players who will come back to the game if they create a TLP PvP server but is there enough to make it worth the time and taking the place of another ruleset?
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  21. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    When they started making TLP’s and trying new rule sets to keep it fresh every time people mentioned pvp they got told to go make a level one character on a dead server and level up and be stuck in limbo missing out on dozens of expansions to prove they want pvp ?

    And somehow this gets told over and over as if what some dev who can’t rub two brain cells together said a long time ago is gospel ?
    That person probably doesn’t even work here anymore…

    I would never go play on a live server for pvp or pve after coming back to the game for tlps and been here for 5 years now…

    I think we can show interest in PvP on the forums rather than be forced to play on a dead server and play catch-up for the next few years..
    good grief…

    Anyways a early expansion PvP locked server would definitely be amazing and attract a healthy population for years to come…

    On a side note, hearing blue players talk about how the game isn’t balanced is why they have literally no idea how to PvP…

    It’s not suppose to be balanced where any one class can take on any other class.
    When you group up however all the classes complement each other just like they do in pve…

    That whole argument is like saying pve isn’t balanced cause not all classes can tank or heal or dps or cc…
    No they can’t that’s why you group up, it’s a social game and working together compliments the group and individuals…