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  1. FrozenWater Augur

    So in the below picture ...


    We have:
    1. Tan Battleworn Sack (TBL Vendor Purchase)
    2. Restless Sack (ToV Named Rare)
    3. ???
    4. Hickory Battleworn Sack (TBL Named Rare)
    Does anyone know of a bag that uses the third graphic?

    I know it exists, I've seen it before, on a twitch stream actually, but I didn't think to ask at the time because I thought I could easily find it on Alla or something later. I was wrong.
    Any help (or additional info) appreciated.
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  4. demi Augur

    why would you want this bag , when there are a ton more 40+ slot bags you can either buy (and by buy I mean with in game currency from specific expansions) such as the TBL one .. ToV and iirc even CoV have a bag that can be bought with currency ..

    also completing hunter /ach's gives you multiple bags .. and master scavenger also (completing all the collects for a specific expansion) gives like a 40 to 42 slot bag .. ToV as an example gives the 42 slot frozen satchel if memory serves

    If you purchase expansions either the collection/premium version you also get 1 to 3 bags going back as far as Cotf or TDS .. cant remember .. I know i got 3 bags from buying the F&F ToV and got 2 bags from buying the CoV premium version .. I only buy the higher end expansions when they go on sale ..

    and I am not buying ToL till things change or next year when they go on sale :p
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    Maybe he's collecting icons. Don't judge.
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