Ideas for the next TLP server.

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    M you later alligator.
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    Velious is so popular, that's why Yelinak is thriving? That's why, at any given time, more people in this game are playing in content past Velious than are playing in any TLP server whose content is currently Classic-Velious? Aradune/Riz are in TSS right now. I will put 90% of all the stuff I own that those servers alone have a higher population than Yelinak right now. I always keep 10% as a reserve. And they are 2+ years old.
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  3. uberkingkong Augur

    This, too many people trying in the past.
    They want to kill snakes in freeport for weeks. And want others to be around doing the same.

    Everyone who does TLPs they all trying to get end game current expansions in the TLP. They not trying to relive unrest months and months of xping.

    1-2 days done gone. At end games, raids raids raids.
    Freeport is empty zone? Unrest is empty zone? Because only takes a day or 2 and gone. Not weeks months of it like how it was in 2001.

    Playerbase is too smart, they have little time, they not going to want to spend their time on time wasting content.

    Instead of living in the past and so much time being spent on "how to get old timers to come back and relive the past", should be focused on how we gonna get newplayers.

    I can tell you straight up, /oocing in Commanlands tunnel is not a thing this new generation of players want to be doing or find fun.
    Neither is killing snakes in freeport for weeks.

    What would be interesting is an EASYMODE server.
    Play 5 to 10 levels HIGHER than the expansion level cap. (On Velious? Everyone can level to 70 during this time period, levels higher than the cap, spells are autogranted to you)
    Time to do raids, well EASYMODE with 35 people lvl 70 doing a Yelinak raid, 72 players thats cakewalk, 99.99% chance success.
    12 weeks of the expansion, since its so easy, the achievements are based did you show up. Obviously its so easy you just show up and you win.

    New generation wants to have a fulfilling feeling for their time spent. Not 6 hours wasted and didn't even complete squat feeling.
    The TLPs your mentioning are for those old timers who wanna feel like the game is tough like back in the days. New generation doesn't want none of that. They want to beat everything, not feel like their wasting their time playing a 23 year old game.
  4. code-zero Augur

    Back when Velious was new and people didn't generally know too much there were zones that were packed with players who literally stayed till there was nothing to camp that would give any exp at all. That wasn't vibrant and alive, it was stagnation and rot. I did that myself, then I'd have to wander around until I found the next big camping spot. When I discovered "the Kunark express" leveling path I was astonished at how my previously lagging character was leveling.
  5. Treeconix Elder

    Era-locked TLP without the max level - 10 found in Vaniki.
    Double loot.
    Non Free Trade
    Standard exp progression (but with it being era locked you'll get exp ramp up much quicker)
    Relaxed truebox (with truebox going away entirely at level 75)

    Classic (level 50) - 4 weeks
    Kunark-Luclin (level 60) - 8 weeks
    PoP-GOD (level 65) - 12 weeks
    OOW-POR (level 70) - 12 weeks
    TSS-TBS (level 75) - 8 weeks
    SOF (level 80) - 8 weeks
    SOD-UF (level 85) - 12 weeks

    Keep going like that. Level increases that see a lot more total content/expansions should naturally be 12 weeks. Ones with less content/less expansions should be 8.
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  6. Brildon Elder

    I think Treeconix's is one of the better ideas I've seen suggested. You are looking at a similar cadence overall as selos for xpack unlocks though, so I think you likely would need a slightly higher xp rate (not necessarily as high as selos was), without it i imagine some would struggle to keep up with AAs.

    Additionally, I think some raids would need adjustment to their flagging, especially later on like House of Thule requires doing each raid multiple times to get everyone flagged.
  7. Ragnoruk Elder

    There are people that enjoy fast paced servers but there are also people that don't. I don't want to put your idea down but it would be a low population server. Going too fast or too slow will kill a server's population because many will either get bored or will fall behind. You need both hardcore and casual player types to have a healthy server.

    Personally, I find Yelinak to be a good compromise with 2 months per expansion. I believe Yelinak's population would be better had it not followed 2 unique ruleset servers (Aradune, Mischeif) and released along side a 3rd (Vaniki).
  8. Ddezul Journeyman

    You don't have to be at the current content to play EQ.
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  9. Treeconix Elder

    I mean, I didn't expect it to be a high population server so I agree. Furthermore, DPG normally makes two TLPs per cycle. They can make a more standardized cadence server. I would just prefer something like this? My reasoning(s):

    1. The Fast Early Era Period: The early eras of TLPs are a drag. I know it. You know it. DPG knows it. Everyone knows it. There's a reason they have been shortening the classic-velious time periods as of late. There isn't much to do and spending too much time in those eras is gonna led to boredom and population declines.

    2. The 70 Slog Period: One of the most talked about complaints is the 70s slog. This cuts it drastically, while still giving sufficient time in the era. Only two expansions worth of AAs to do in 12 weeks and you get the DoDh experience boost to help get through both OOW and DoDh AAs. That will drastically cut time needed to farm AAs. None of the progression of these expansions requires more than a week's worth of effort. A casual guild can easily be flagged for COA, Vish, DP, and DK within a 2 week period. 10 weeks farming of double loot is equivalent to 20 weeks of complete 70 era vs 36 weeks with 12 being only OOW loot. I'm too lazy to do math, but that's probably near or more total loot in 1/3 the time period. Any casual guild can clear CoA + Vish/Yarlir + DK in a single night. You can clear DP in a single night. Two nights of raiding 4 expansions. Not really much time investment.

    3. I'm fine with modifying the foundation. You can change the 8/12 to a 12/16 cadence if you want. You can boost exp if you want. I'm fine with lessening flagging restrictions. Removing these things entirely? No thanks. I also don't want things boosted so much that it feels effortless. I'm an advocate of some personal devotion to your character.
  10. Treeconix Elder

    I agree with this. This new wave of TLP mindset that every single person must be bleeding edge current content is kind of funny. Back when most of the popular expansions were live, you had guilds fighting in all different eras. Guilds were regularly farming potime while OOW was out. People were killing CoA during TSS. People were killing DP during TBS. Guilds were scattered all over. Why is this such a taboo now suddenly? Enjoy the game at your own pace. Find like-minded people. Who cares?
  11. code-zero Augur

    You do realize that a major reason that people quit TLP or jump to the new one is that they're behind, and sometimes not that far behind.
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  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    <insert name here> TLP

    Group gear is Random Loot / Free Trade but....
    All non-instanced "Dungeon zones" share a random loot pool
    All non-instanced "not-a-Dungeon zones" share a random loot pool
    Group Instances share a random loot pool
    These 3 pools are exclusive of each other
    Loot pools account for level range

    Raid gear doubled, not free trade or at most attunable.

    Relaxed Truebox of 2 at launch
    Relaxed Truebox of 3 at level 70 unlock
    Remove Truebox at level 85 unlock

    All expansions are unlocked - zones above the level cap are locked
    Defiant gear does not become available until level 75 unlocks
    Other itemisation which would be "unbalancing" will similarly be level locked to an appropriate era to approximate its historical introduction.
    Mercs unlock with Level 85 unlock.

    LDoN points doubled
    DoN currency doubled
    Merc AA Autogrant - follows a similar cadence as AA autogrant.
    Merc gear drop rate doubled (if not already doubled by Group Random loot)
    Type 5 aug currencies doubled

    Level 50 cap 4 weeks Progression XP
    Level 60 cap 12 weeks
    Level 65 cap 12 weeks GoD XP + OOC regen
    Level 70 cap 12 weeks DODH XP
    Level 75 cap 12 weeks LIVE XP
    Level 80 cap 8 weeks
    Level 85 cap 12 weeks 1.25 XP
    Level 90 cap 8 weeks
    Level 95 cap 8 weeks
    Level 100 & later cap 12 weeks 1.50 XP (reverts to 1.0 once at Live-status)

    Once Level 120 cap/ToL unlocks the Level 115 cap/ToV Experience per level requirement is reduced to a Pre-ToV amount roughly linear with how prior to ToV expansions increased exp required per level.
    This pattern then repeats so that while the *current" level cap/expansion unlock keeps the ToV+ style exp required per level amounts the prior expansion/level unlocks experience per level requirement is reduced.
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    This doesn't work on TLP like it did on live due to how the content releases much quicker on TLP.

    EDIT: Also the demographics of live vs TLP are wildly different, TLP is majority are Raiders, Live is minority are Raiders.
  14. Xanathol Augur

    Same old same old has run its course. Do something truly unique and one off, like all/all gear, duo-classing (two classes of same race and deity at once), or a 'build your own' race/class. Just something where its not the same exact thing yet again. Yelinak shows traditional TLP interest is dying / mostly dead and that 85 heroic server showed how little interest there is in later EQ. Going to need new ideas to keep people coming back.
  15. Treeconix Elder

    And again, the problem is all about this odd mentality now. It's almost a stigma to not want to be at the bleeding edge all the time. Fundamentally, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    The problem exists, never said it doesn't. All I'm saying is it doesn't have to.
    Why does launch speed affect this? There were guilds doing 2+ year old content on live. The modern TLP equivalent would be they are doing 6ish month old content? With power creep, I don't see how a casual cannot stay within a 4-6 month range of the current end game expansion on TLP. It's all about ratios.

    The only problem now is finding like-minded individuals. As I've repeated, there is this concensus that people on a TLP must be at the current expansion or else they are ostracized like a leper. I'm not surewhen or why this mentality became the norm, but it should really just die on a vine.

    It's a driving force for many of the TLP rerollers. For some reason they all believe that they've now "fallen behind" and the server is worthless to them and vice versa. Well, if these people said screw the stigma and just guilded up, they could remain on the server doing things at their own pace and there would be no need to get stuck in this revolving door of cycling servers and same expansions endlessly. They would finally, you know, progress.
  16. Numiko Augur

    A personal loot server would be interesting to try.

    Instead of a pool of loot dropping from rare's and bosses a chest would spawn and everyone in the group / raid would get to click it and get one or two items tailored for their class or an All/All item. This would eliminate all the bickering about .. "that is a *insert class here* item! why are you bidding / rolling on it!" conflicts.

    It would be a lot of work to set it up i'm sure and am not sure Daybreak would want to spend the money coding it for a single server to use, but its a thought!
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  17. Fenthen aka Rath

    The next TLP should start everyone at level 120 in ToL so that we don't have to backtrack and fix bugs that are 15-20 years old.
  18. Ddezul Journeyman

    It's a 20+ year old game and it's been dumbed down so far that I don't know how you could get behind now.
  19. Ddezul Journeyman

    But then the krono farmers couldn't take advantage of them in classic like they do every TLP launch
  20. kenmei Elder

    edit: waste of time and not worth giving good ideas to this game nor community.